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Chapter 527 Gaudy Gift (2)

In that instant, Su Miaolan seemed to be able to hear the quiet snickers of everyone!

Just when she was so embarra.s.sed that she didn’t know what to do, a eunuch raised his voice to make an announcement.

“King of Qi has arrived—”

The King of Qi!

The eyes of many n.o.blewomen lit up, while the ladies were both expectant and afraid…

When he bared his claws and teeth back then at Wentian Terrace, they could only feel his power when they watched him. However, his lightly spoken words left four families in tatters, especially when their former friends have been sent to the Jiaofang Department. They admired Gong Jue’s looks and dominance, but at the same time, they feared his ruthlessness and mercilessness.

But no matter what they thought, Gong Jue is only here to look for his Imperial Sister!

Gong Jue is too wary, so as soon as he received news of Gong Che’s return, he immediately rushed back from the outskirts. He wouldn’t give Gong Jue any opportunities.

When Gong Che heard that Gong Jue had come, his smile also froze. Wasn’t he training the forbidden army in the wilderness? How did he get the news so quickly?

Gong Yimo was happy at first, then, remembering what the Emperor said, her smile sank again.

As soon as Gong Jue arrived, he first glanced over at Gong Yimo before bowing to the empress.

Upon seeing Gong Che, he wasn’t surprised and also bowed very coldly to him before pulling Gong Yimo, wanting to leave with her.

At this moment, Gong Che suddenly got up and subconsciously pulled Gong Yimo’s other hand as he looked at the unconcealed chill emanating from Gong Jue’s body.

“What are you doing?”

Gong Jue’s eyes suddenly turned cold. Looking at Gong Che’s hand, he narrowed his eyes.

“Father Emperor has ordered an important matter but it requires the help of Imperial Sister. Do you have any objections, Brother?”

Gong Yimo also looked at Gong Jue somewhat strangely. Then, as if he had woken from a dream, Gong Che let her go reluctantly.

“It shouldn’t be that urgent, is it? It’s almost time for dinner.”

“Well, I apologize, but all of Father Emperor’s commands are urgent.”

Gong Che could not help but mock him. “What, can’t you finish the tasks set by Father Emperor without Mo’er?”

“Exactly so!”

Gong Jue answered without hesitation, directly forcing Gong Che to the point of speechlessness!

In that instant, sparks seemed to fly between their eyes! The atmosphere pressed down on everyone instantly, causing the empress’s expression to turn grave as well, but she did not speak.

After taking a deep breath, Gong Che finally calmed himself down…

With so many people present, it was really no good for him to dwell on this matter too much…

So, with a sneer, Gong Jue pulled Gong Yimo away, completely ignoring the strange looks of the people present.

Gong Che watched as Gong Jue took Gong Yimo away and was unable to stop her. This feeling of helplessness made him experience the strongest burning desire to kill in his life!

Gong Jue!

Gong Yimo was dragged off all the way and she was a bit confused.

“Gong Jue, where are you taking me?”

When she asked this, the two had already arrived at a garden. Gong Jue suddenly stopped, causing her to almost into him.

At this moment, he turned around and looked deeply into the eyes of the person in front of him. With complicated emotions, he asked in a low voice…

“Imperial Sister, I heard that Father Emperor had sought you out urgently today. What did he need you for?”

As soon as he brought up this matter, Gong Yimo felt a little unhappy. She shook off Gong Jue’s hand and muttered.

“You’re hurting me!”

Gong Jue saw her emotions dampen but he scoffed instead and said in a soft voice.

“Father wants you to persuade me to marry, doesn’t he?”

Gong Yimo glared at him.

“Why are you still asking if you know?”

Gong Jue looked at her, and for some reason, a hint of affection suddenly appeared in his ink-black eyes, and his tone became gentle.

“It’s nothing…I just want to know, were you happy or sad when Father asked you to do that?”

Gong Yimo froze. She did not expect Gong Jue to ask her this.

He continued to press her, not allowing her to evade the question.

“…Are you happy that you can finally get rid of me, or is there still the slightest bit of hurt in your heart?”

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