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Li Meirong faced Zhu Qingyue as he pulled her into his lap. Her legs slid around his waist as though he was a tree she planned to climb. 

Staying true to his word, Zhu Qingyue made no further move and allowed Li Meirong to take control of the circ.u.mstances. His eyes stayed closed at her command, yet a small crafty smile tugged at his lips. 

Zhu Qingyue's palms left a tingling sensation along Li Meirong's spine. She felt him kneading her backside, right before trailing his fingers up her back. Even through the thick fabric of the robe, she could feel the sensation as strongly as if he had touched her bare skin. 

Ultimately, the torturous fingers ceased their mind numbing ministrations once Zhu Qingyue gently grasped the back of her head and began to slowly stroke her hair. 

Gooseb.u.mps lined Li Meirong's skin. She felt a little ashamed of herself to admit that Zhu Qingyue's uneven breathing and tantalizing touch made her stiffen with nervousness. Worse yet, a wicked sort of expectation filled her, both dreading and antic.i.p.ating what was going to come next.

Feeling herself at his mercy again, Li Meirong gave him a pointed look. Seeing as he was unable to perceive her displeasure, she reached to smack Zhu Qingyue's troublemaking hand away. 

"I'm in charge," she sulked. "You stay put! You promised."

"As you wish," Zhu Qingyue obediently answered, grabbing hold of the back of her head once again. One hand stroked through her hair while the other settled heavily against her hips.

Li Meirong bit her lower lip, still feeling as though Zhu Qingyue had somehow managed to gain the upper hand in this, despite the apparent submissive att.i.tude he portrayed.

She began removing the sash securing Zhu Qingyue's robe, while adjusting herself here and there to reach behind his back.

As soon as she moved an inch, Zhu Qingyue groaned against her ear. His hold on her hair tightened into a nearly painful grip. 

At the same time, something hard, hot, and stiff pressed itself at the juncture between her legs, persistently demanding entrance into her.

"Wife sure knows how to torture her husband." Zhu Qingyue hoa.r.s.ely gritted out, peeking at her with one eye open, his lips drew into a resentful pout.

"I said to close your eyes!" Li Meirong flushed red and furiously admonished him.

 "As my wife demands." Zhu Qingyue grumbled but dutifully shut his eyes once more.

Suddenly, Li Meirong froze. She wasn't certain if this brazen decision could be considered a life-threatening mission! 

The rather large, stiff, hot stick poking her between the legs kept stirring her nervous spots, making her lose focus. But it felt a little too long, a little too wide for her small fragile body to take in.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

She took in a deep breath, trying to think things through. 'I've already done this with him before.' she thought, silently rea.s.suring herself. 'They say the first time hurts, but I didn't even feel anything from it. How difficult can a second time be?'

With this thought in mind, Li Meirong finally stripped Zhu Qingyue of his robe, revealing a lean, sculpted chest to her eyes that could easily shame the best looking male models of her time.

Li Meirong swallowed hard, feeling like a complete pervert as her eyes raked down his body. She could practically imagine the smug look of satisfaction on Zhu Qingyue's face if he saw her expression now. 

Every inch of his abdominal muscles left her breathless, and unable to look away.

Needless to say, she was definitely glad he had his eyes shut! 

The too long, too wide insistent monster poked at her again, and Li Meirong gazed at Zhu Qingyue through narrowed eyes. 

"I told you not to move," she slowly enunciated every word, chiding him. 

"I am not moving." Zhu Qingyue explained innocently, raising his eyebrows.

"You!" Li Meirong stammered. She knew he was lying, because it felt like he would tear straight into her underwear and shove himself right through! 

"Wife, how about you let this husband spoil you?" Zhu Qingyue spoke in a husky voice.

"W-we're not married just yet, so stop saying that. And also, I'm in charge." Li Meirong adamantly replied.

"Wife is on top of me like this, and still claims we aren't married?"

"It's not the same. I'm using you now. Since you keep running away, this is… this is revenge, ah!"

Li Meirong gasped aloud. She wasn't sure when it happened, but from one instant to the next, all of her clothes had been completely shredded through! By the time she found out, it was far too late, the shredded of fabric fluttered around her like blue petals floating in the room.

'All my precious clothes...' she silently lamented. 'Torn into smithereens...'

Zhu Qingyue's hand was no longer cupping the back of her head. Instead, he meticulously and seamlessly tore her clothes from her body without so much as even having her notice. 

"You owe me more clothes," Li Meirong grumbled distractedly.

She felt the troublemaking hands fiddling with her hair again, until they stopped, seemingly arriving at their intended destination, and successfully removing her headband. 

Midnight hair spread around her nude form as a dark cloak, draping over her shoulders like silken pieces of cloth.

"I'd rather you be less dressed," remarked Zhu Qingyue, squinting his golden eyes open for but a moment, his voice carrying a particular hint of satisfaction.

Li Meirong's hands clenched into fists, holding herself back from acting on the growing urge to punch the audacious man. The sensation of their lower parts rubbing together made her s.h.i.+ft her attention to a more pressing matter, eliciting a strange, eager sound out of her lips.

She distractedly cast her gaze downwards and inspected Zhu Qingyue's pulsating c.o.c.k grinding against her most sensitive spot. Her cheeks became beet red as she saw the shaft standing tall and straight between her thighs, arising arrogantly from a nest of white curls that spread from a partly uncovered robe.

"Ahh… mmm…" A feeble moan escaped Li Meirong's lips as she nervously squirmed away once the heat of the thick, reddened member began to rub vigorously against her core. It was a stimulating, foreign sensation of velvet steel. 

However, the too long, too wide monster ended up pressing against her belly instead!

"Wife…" a low, compelling growl rumbled forth from Zhu Qingyue throat.

At that moment, Li Meirong dazedly thought that Zhu Qingyue was really unfair. Was everything about this man a tool of seduction? Even his voice, his deep voice became increasingly seductive when he lowered his tone to a husky whisper.

She shook her head, trying to regain control of her senses. Wanting to be the one in charge, a force of determination built inside her.

'I can do this. I can do this.' Li Meirong kept mentally chanting. She indecisively reached to grab ahold of Zhu Qingyue's stiff manhood, unable to fully grasp it in her hand. 

She could practically feel the c.o.c.k pulsating under her touch, its veins thickening in constraint.

"Everything is going to be fine, don't worry. I got this all under control." Li Meirong said, unsure if to herself, or to Zhu Qingyue.

"..." Zhu Qingyue grew speechless, one side of his lips twitched at her response. His eyelashes fluttered as though he desperately wished to take another peek.

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