Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife 301 You Are A Dangerous Beauty

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife -

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Only the tip of Zhu Qingyue's c.o.c.k remained a solid, unmoving object inside of her, and to her relief, he stilled himself from flexing forward.

Instead, he fully concentrated on showering her with smoldering kisses. He softly kissed her cheeks, lightly nipped her chin, and slowly trailed b.u.t.terfly kisses down her neck. His tongue proceeded to circle the hypersensitive spot connecting her neck and shoulders.

Li Meirong's skin was tender and fragile, it was fairly easy to leave marks on it. Due to Zhu Qingyue's loving attention, a long line of red spots now graced the area of her collarbones and jade-like neck. 

s.h.i.+vers of delight engulfed her each time she felt his warm mouth and slippery tongue leaving their mark on her skin, and the silken strands of his long silvery hair sweeping over her were like an additional sensation of soft caresses. She writhed above him, unable to continue sitting still.

The sharp pain of his manhood's penetration dimmed and was slowly replaced with an evoked, addicting sort of pleasure, as she rubbed herself against him. Her core moistened in an instinctual invitation.

Her nipples began to harden, aching to be touched, and faster than she could even register, his wide palms were upon her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, cupping and kneading the puckered cherry buds.

Li Meirong's whole body began to ache with an unusual delight, and she let out an embarra.s.sing throaty moan, immediately stifling the shameful noise with the back of her hand as her bashfulness overcame her.

"Do not cover your mouth. I wish to hear you," Zhu Qingyue said in a low, steady tone. Despite his apparent calm, the feeling of the c.o.c.k pulsating inside her entrance betrayed the man's eagerness.

He gently pulled her hand away, and kissed her fingertips, licking each tip of her fingers as though they were a delicious treat to feast upon. 

By now, Li Meirong a.s.sumed that in all likelihood, Zhu Qingyue would kiss every inch of her body, if she'd allow it.

With her thighs still spread docilely atop Zhu Qingyue, her muscles adjusted to his shape and size, and the pain had all but disappeared. The same thrilling antic.i.p.ation wound her tight, and she cried out with the rising pleasure that filled her up.

Feeling more and more perverted with each pa.s.sing second, her core clenched and unclenched around the tip of his manhood as she regarded Zhu Qingyue. His face, stark with arousal, left her dazed.

"You are a dangerous beauty." she breathed in amazement, tracing the sharp line of Zhu Qingyue's jaw with her hand.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Entranced, she slowly moved her fingers over the sword-like shape of his eyebrows, and traced her fingertips down his high, finely chiselled nose befitting an aristocrat.

The tip of Zhu Qingyue's ears reddened. "This Husband is glad that his appearance pleases his wife, seeing as she is so easily attracted to pretty flowers."

"Hey, that's not true! I-"

Li Meirong's reply died in her throat as Zhu Qingyue ravished her mouth with his tongue, licking, sucking and nipping as if he couldn't ever get enough of her. He kissed her as if she was the last drop of water in the desert and he was a travelling man, dying of thirst. 

She felt his wide hands fastening on her waist once more as he slowly pushed his c.o.c.k past her entrance.

Li Meirong couldn't help but cry out with pain and pleasure as Zhu Qingyue drove himself into her, one slow, painfully agonizing inch at a time. 

Zhu Qingyue seemed to have purposefully kissed her to keep her distracted, consuming the whimpers right out from her swollen mouth with absolute relish.

Simply put, she thought she would not survive this. Li Meirong's panic intensified as Zhu Qingyue's c.o.c.k mercilessly ripped at her inner walls. 

It felt as if she was on the brink, the feel of his ma.s.sive girth was tearing her in two. 

Every bit of her body was on fire, and she, apparently, was suicidal, because all she kept wanting to do was ride him faster, and push him deeper into herself!

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