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Hailey was checking her business. It wasn't under Lawson's but since she want to expand—Gabriel helped her with it. She's got money, beauty and fame but what she doesn't have is a real boyfriend. But she has a lover. 

"Hailey!" Sabrina waved at her. She smiled and walk to her cousin in law. Her labor is in few days. "I am so bored at home and Gabriel is too busy with everything." She said. 

"I will accompany you." She glance at her body guards and then at Jason at the corner playing games on his phone. 

He's been accompanying her for a while now. Her stalker hasn't been found yet. Someone has been sending her gifts, portraits of her naked, portraits of her face look so seductive. She feel gooseb.u.mps but Tyler is out of the country. Even though Tyler is out of the country, its still possible that he sent men to send her gifts. They don't have a strong evidence yet. 

"J," Hailey calls. He glance at them and goes back to his game. 

"Busy right now." 

"We are going." He stopped and look up at them. He didn't say anything and went back to playing his game then after a while he stood and was about to accompany them but his phone chimes and it was an email. He was about to ignore it but he got a call. 

"Fck." He mutter and check who was calling. It said that the name of the caller was Shadow but then it became untraceable. 

Sabrina tilt her head looking towards his direction. 

"Why are you frowning like crazy?" Sabrina asked. 

"Nothing Big Boss, just some stupid guy called me. Then he open the email." 

Good day Whiskey! 

It's not your day to go shopping with them but to finish your mission. 

By the way, I am Shadow and I am the Dark Lords command while the Dark Lord is well—taking a break. Anyway, please proceed to your room in EPUA to pick up the files that was delivered to you. Its a highly restricted file for your eyes only. 

So what are you waiting for? Let the girls have their way to go shopping without your laziness around them. Got it? 

Best Regards,


For a while, Jason was puzzled and he doesn't know what he just read. 

"What the fck?" He said a little loud. 

"Hey! Words." Hailey warned him. He look at her and then to innocent Sabrina. How can there be a Shadow? Sabrina has a d.a.m.n Shadow? 

"Hail, I have to go to my place ASAP. You guys have fun." Then he look at Lawson's guards. "Dude, protect these beauties." He kiss Hailey on the lips that makes her puzzled and then he even kiss Sabrina on the cheek and wave goodbye quickly. 

"What just happened?" Sabrina asked. Hailey shrugged off. 

"He's stupid and dumb sometimes. Let's go." Hailey took her bag as she told her people that she's leaving. Sabrina smiled at her and they went to the mall. Sabrina has to walk around since she will be due soon. 

"Why haven't you bought things?" She suddenly asked. 

"Gabby promised to let me buy stuffs." She said with her hand on her arm. "He bought few from abroad but I want to buy clothes for my princess. I mean, we women like picking up clothes for our little baby dolls, right?" 

Hailey smile. She want to have one. A girl and a boy. However, she's not married only a f.u.c.king friend. Anyways, they went to the baby section to find lots of baby stuffs. Sabrina's eyes widens and she starts picking, the sales lady gave them tips on what to use for baby's diapers and so on and forth.

"These are so cute." Sabrina said as she take a set of pink baby gloves and tiny socks. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Aww." Hailey can't help but to admire it as well. 

"I'm gonna buy few of it." 

After buying stuff for an hour, it's like Sabrina wasn't tired at all. How can she be this strong and energetic? Now, she wonder how hyper she was around Gabriel. She saw them multiple times, Sabrina was so clingy toward Gabriel that even Gabriel was enjoying it and she would nag him about things she wanted. 

"Let's go to the bubble tea stand." They went to the ground floor and Sabrina asked for her Creamy Matcha tea with bobba pearls. Their body guards are just few steps from them and one was behind her to protect her if anything else happens. There are three of them and two was to protect Sabrina and the baby. 

She fall in line and bought what Sabrina wanted. She took the buzzer and sat down with her. Sabrina was smiling as she lovingly caress her stomach. She reach her hand and put it on her stomach. Hailey's eyes widens when the baby moved. 

"Wow." Hailey mutters. Its amazing to be a mother. She want to be a mom too. Her mother died early and her father remarried. 

The buzzer vibrates and Hailey took their tea to them. Sabrina was happy as she sipped on it and she said how much she love it. Sabrina is an introvert but she's close to her. She's kind, lively and cheerful and she makes her feel better. 

"So how are you and Jason?" Sabrina suddenly asked as she sipped on the tea and lean on her seat. 

"Well, just the same. Best friends and he is protecting me well." 

"If I found that stalker of yours—how are you going to torture him?" She asked. "I mean—I got a quote from our Mondragon Clan. 'No one will ever hurt a Mondragon and those who hurt us will pay a thousand folds. Torture is better than killing.'" She said. 

Hailey was surprised. 

"I learnt that from my Grandpa when I was ten. I was getting bullied at school and people said that I was gay because I look like my brothers. I got home crying and Grandpa was there to visit. He told me about Mondragon's motto." 

"Your grandpa was surely highly. I mean, your family is from a family of soldiers." 

"Yes." She said. "I want my baby to learn defense so if someone betray her—she could defend herself." She said as she rubbed her stomach. "No one should hurt an Alvarez and a Lawson." 

"I am so sure that Gabby will not let anything happened to both of you." She said. "Gabriel is crazy in love with you. Even his friends would throw women at him—no one can reach your level." She told her. Sabrina was satisfied. Then she thought of how her husband was secretive over some messages. 

What if he's cheating on her and no one knows? She choose to trust Gabriel but the betrayal she felt inside her—the betrayal that she didn't remember was all she felt. What if she have her memories and those betrayal come up in her mind? Just thinking that Gabriel would betray her, she didn't know what she's going to do. She might break into pieces and will not be able to live anymore. 

She just love Gabriel so much that it hurts. 

"Let's go."

Their body guards took their things and automatically their driver was outside waiting. One of the body guards open the door for them at the back. Their body guard closes the door and when he was about to open the other one the shotgun seat, it was locked. He knock on the door but the driver drove away fast. 

Hailey look at the rear mirror and hold unto Sabrina. He was wearing a and then he grins at them. Sabrina bit her lips. 

"You are not my driver. Who are you?"

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