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When Su Qianxun saw how Long Sijue destroyed the evidence she tried so hard to retrieve just like that, she jumped off the bed, feeling extremely emotional. "What are you doing? That's evidence, evidence that proves my innocence, and that the director killed Professor Yao! I retrieved it with my utmost effort!"

After Su Qianxun was done yelling, she dashed towards Long Sijue and tried to s.n.a.t.c.h the broken voice recorder from him.

Long Sijue raised his hand and tossed it out of the window.

"You're too much!"

The moment Su Qianxun finished speaking, Long Sijue clutched his face. "How dare you speak to me like that!" The man's voice was extremely cold.

"Long Sijue, you're a demon, a tyrant! Are you even human?" Su Qianxun stared at him with widened eyes. She was going all out against him. At most, she would just die!

"You're right. I'm not human, I'm a demon! Today, I'll show you what a true demon's like!" Long Sijue suddenly bent down and lifted her up. He then tossed her onto the large bed, which was not far away.

That was when Su Qianxun sensed danger. She inched backward non-stop and stared anxiously at the man who was walking towards her. She noticed that the man's eyes were emanating a faint blue light again...

Even though she was very frightened, she could not bring herself to beg for mercy. What he did this time was really too much!

Long Sijue walked step by step towards her. Su Qianxun's back was already up against the wall, and she could no longer inch back. She was so terrified that there was a thin layer of sweat on her forehead.

Just as Su Qianxun thought that she was definitely going to die, she suddenly felt an immense gripping pain in her lower belly.

The young woman's pale and small face immediately became twisted, and she pressed her lower belly with her hand. She was originally supporting her body with one arm so that she could sit upright. But she was no longer able to do so and collapsed onto the bed.

Long Sijue's immense fury dissipated a little when he saw the changes in the young woman's demeanor. He furrowed his beautiful eyebrows a little and quickly went towards the bed. He hugged her and asked, "What's going on?"

"Pain!" Su Qianxun fainted after she uttered that word.

Long Sijue's expression instantly changed. He raised his hand and was about to tap the young woman's face when he realized that his hand was covered in blood.

He immediately lifted Su Qianxun up and swiftly walked out of the room. He quickened his pace when he saw that her face was still twisted from the pain even after she had lost consciousness.

Tang Zui had not left the place yet because he was worried that there would be an altercation between Su Qianxun and Long Sijue. He was standing in the corridor and tossing a coin to decide whether he should go and take a look at the situation.

The moment he tossed the coin upward, he saw Long Sijue walking out of the room with Su Qianxun in his arms.

"Jue, what happened to the chick?" Tang Zui immediately followed Long Sijue. The coin fell on the floor, making a loud and clear sound.

"She suddenly fainted and started bleeding," Long Sijue answered coldly.

"Jue, seriously? It's not like this chick did anything wrong. She's a girl. How could you have beaten her up so badly?" Tang Zui felt an immense ache in his heart. He truly pitied the young woman.

He started to imagine the way Long Sijue beat Su Qianxun up.

"Shut up!" Long Sijue growled. It frightened Tang Zui, and he obediently stopped talking.

Long Sijue carried Su Qianxun in his arms all the way, and by the time they arrived at the hospital, half of Su Qianxun's pajama pants were already stained with blood. There was also quite a lot of blood on Long Sijue's body.

When Tang Zui got off the other car, he was also shocked when he saw so much blood. 'What happened to the young woman, to the point that she bled so much?'

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