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Half an hour later, Su Qianxun had changed into clean clothes, and she was now lying on the hospital bed. Tang Zui stood and stared at the man who had been standing motionlessly by the bed. Tang Zui's shoulders were moving up and down as he tried to contain his laughter.

Long Sijue was in such a rage that he almost tore down the hospital, when in fact the young woman was merely having her period.

"Jue, this chick's only having her period, you don't have to be this anxious anymore." After much effort, Tang Zui stopped laughing and stared at him with a solemn expression.

Long Sijue turned and glared at him. He then turned around and left the ward. 

Tang Zui instructed the nurse to take care of Su Qianxun before following Long Sijue out of the ward.

Long Sijue stood outside the ward and took out a cigarette. He lit the cigarette and started to smoke slowly. 

"Jue, seriously, she's just having her period, and look how panicked you are." When the doctor examined the young woman just now, Tang Zui could tell that Long Sijue was truly nervous.

"If you knew what was going on, why didn't you tell me?" Long Sijue glanced flatly at him.

"I… At that time, I was extremely scared of you, okay? You made it seem like that chick was about to die…"

Tang Zui could feel the man's ice cold gaze on him, so he immediately corrected himself. "Just pretend that I didn't say anything… Anyway, the day after tomorrow will be the first day of the month."

Tang Zui truly felt that he had jinxed things. Before this, in order to annoy Long Sijue, he deliberately said that Su Qianxun might have her period when Long Sijue is having an attack. Who knew that it would actually come true…

When Tang Zui brought up that topic, Long Sijue furrowed his eyebrows too.

"Miss Su, you're awake."

The nurse's voice rang out from the hospital room. Tang Zui immediately turned around and was about to go in. Before he opened the door, he stopped and asked, "Do you want to go in together?" 

Long Sijue ignored him. He continued to smoke the half-finished cigarette in his hand. 

Upon seeing that, Tang Zui walked into the ward. 

When Long Sijue walked in, Su Qianxun was staring blankly at the ceiling. If the nurse did not tell her about it, she would not even believe that she had fainted due to period pain.

She had suffered from period pain prior to this, but it had never been this serious. At that moment, the pain was so immense that it was as if she had been stabbed by a knife.

When Long Sijue came in, Su Qianxun immediately sat up. She lowered her small head and did not look at him. She was completely terrified of him now.

Tang Zui had told her just now that the content of the voice recorder had already been copied, and that the university had also cleared her reputation,

Even so, Su Qianxun took what Long Sijue did to heart very much.

Long Sijue walked over. Without saying anything, he flicked the blanket aside and carried her off the bed. Su Qianxun immediately hugged his neck to prevent herself from falling down.

"Aren't you very capable? You already dare to talk back to me!" Long Sijue stared at her small face, and his voice was extremely cold.

"I thought that the recording was really gone," Su Qianxun said weakly. She was really exhausted now, and the pain in her lower abdomen was still intense. 

"Are you still in pain?" Long Sijue furrowed his eyebrows.

Su Qianxun really found the pain unbearable. She nodded.

Long Sijue placed her on the bed again and instructed the nurse to call the doctor over. 

Very soon after, a few heads of the gynecology department gathered in the ward to examine Su Qianxun.

"Sir Jue, period pain is considered a rather common condition during a woman's menstruation. This doesn't count as an illness, and Western medicine can only cure the symptoms but not the underlying cause. She's experiencing so much pain because her body is weak in general, and this problem will be gone if she takes good care of her body."

After discussing among themselves, the doctors reported to Long Sijue in a serious manner.

"Are you sure that it is normal to experience this amount of pain?" Long Sijue's voice was devoid of any emotion, but this only increased the sense of oppression the others felt around him.

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