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Chapter 340: A Hint of Undetectable Tenderness

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Xue Rui had been treating Bai Weimi exceptionally well lately and it pleased her immensely. She introduced the three young women to him.

“Mimi, I'm buying you dinner tonight. Why don't you invite your cla.s.smates as well? They can keep you company,” Xue Rui said as he turned to look at his girlfriend, but he kept watching Su Qianxun from the corner of his eye.

“We should get going now and leave you guys to it. Nice to meet you,” Su Qianxun said and prepared to leave with Gu Mian.

“Qianxun, wait a minute. My boyfriend is paying for dinner tonight, and he wants you guys to join us. It has been a while since we hung out, so let's have dinner tonight!”

“I'm sorry, but we…” Su Qianxun did not want to accept the invitation at all, but Bai Weimi interrupted her before she could finish the sentence.

“Qianxun, do you want to embarra.s.s me by turning me down twice? Are you looking down on me?” Bai Weimi believed that if she could not convince her roommates to come along, she would feel humiliated in front of Xue Rui.

“Of course this wasn't what Qianxun meant. We're all going tonight.” When Ke Ran saw that Bai Weimi's eyes had turned red, she quickly interjected. She did not want the relations.h.i.+p between them to turn sour.

“Awesome. Alright then, I'll come to fetch you at night.” Xue Rui smiled contentedly. He then turned and left.

The four young women headed to the lecture hall. Su Qianxun and Gu Mian exchanged glances, and they both wore a look of resignation.

Ke Ran told them that a big brand was behind the audition for the advertis.e.m.e.nt and that it was reported that a lot of celebrities were fighting over the role. However, the director wanted to hire a new actress. Hence, they came to the university to advertise the audition. They would update the students about the time of the audition when the date was fixed.

At noon, Su Qianxun hesitated for a moment before giving Long Sijue a call to tell him about her dinner plans.

Even though she was reluctant to have dinner with Bai Weimi's boyfriend, she had to go with them. After all, they were roommates, and they still had to spend more than two years in the same room. She did not want to ruin their relations.h.i.+p.

Long Sijue's cell phone rang when he was having a meeting with managers from various departments. He saw the caller display on the phone screen and immediately lifted his hand to stop the finance manager as the latter was presenting his report.

Long Sijue had always been very responsible and proper at work. He never answered phone calls during meetings. This must be the first time he had done that. Therefore, all his subordinates were very surprised.

“That's it for today's meeting,” Long Sijue said, picked up his cell phone and left the room.

Everyone in the meeting room was too shocked to react.

Long Sijue answered her call. “h.e.l.lo, what is it?”

His voice still sounded cold and indifferent, yet there was a hint of undetectable tenderness.

“Can I go out to have dinner with my roommates tonight?”

Long Sijue listened to the young woman's soft and gentle voice. After a moment of silence, just as Su Qianxun a.s.sumed that he was going to say no, he suddenly said, “Be back early.”

Su Qianxun did not expect this, and she let out a giggle. “Understood. I'll be home early.”

Long Sijue smiled a little. Once he ended the call, he raised his head and saw Tang Zui and Si Mancheng standing in front of him. Both of them were baffled by his smile.

Long Sijue looked at them and his expression darkened instantly. “You guys seem very free lately. Should I divide my tasks between both of you?”

Tang Zui and Si Mancheng quickly shook their heads. They turned and was about to flee, but the two of them had turned in each other's direction and collided with a bang.

Su Qianxun and Gu Mian were having lunch in the cafeteria. Su Qianxun saw that Gu Mian appeared as if she did not have much of an appet.i.te. She asked, “Are you alright? You don't seem like you're in the mood to eat.”

The moment Su Qianxun finished speaking, Gu Mian felt the urge to vomit. She did not even manage to reply before getting up and das.h.i.+ng out of the cafeteria…

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