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Chapter 686: Hurry up and Leave! There's No Need to Care About Me Anymore!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Long Sijue fixed his gaze on Su Qianxun. As he looked at her swollen cheeks, the aura he emanated became more and more chilly. He clenched his palms, which rested on both sides of his body, into fists.

 Su Qianxun was also looking at Long Sijue. She was really frightened right now, but she was glad that she had the chance to see him one last time before she died.

 “Dad, mum, I'm sorry for being an unfilial daughter. Please take care of yourself well. After I die, please go overseas immediately to look for my younger brother. Don't stay here anymore!” Lan Yingying had thought of a way out for her parents.

 “Yingying!” Her mother let out a shrill and devastated scream.

 “Dad, mum, please remember what I said!” Lan Yingying muttered. She was reluctant to leave too. She was reluctant to leave her parents and this beautiful world.

 But she knew that it was too late. There was no turning back.

 “Lan Yingying, I can see that you're a filial daughter. If you let me go, you would get to reunite with your family! Please don't be stupid!” Su Qianxun said to her.

 “Shut up! Another word from you, and I'll detonate the bombs right now!” Lan Yingying growled furiously. At the same time, she shoved Su Qianxun onto the ground.

 Long Sijue and the others were fully focused on the two young women. Meanwhile, Ye Gu had already appeared on the balcony on the first floor of the mansion.

 When Lan Yingying's father saw the person on the balcony, he immediately wanted to tell her daughter about it. Si Mancheng immediately grabbed something and stuffed it into his mouth so that he could not speak.

 While Lan Yingying was shoving Su Qianxun away, Ye Gu leaped down from the balcony and kicked Lan Yingying. She immediately fainted, and her frail and weak body flew off and crashed onto the ground. The remote she was holding that was used to detonate the bombs fell too.

 Long Sijue and the others immediately rushed over. Long Sijue helped Su Qianxun up, and everyone realized the bombs tied to Su Qianxun's body were time bombs.

 The timer was already running…

 There was only one minute left!

 Su Qianxun saw the timer too. She knew nothing about bombs, but growing up, she had watched plenty of action movies. She knew that the numbers on the timer indicated the number of seconds left before the bombs would detonate.

 There were sixty seconds left. And then, there was only around forty seconds left. Everybody was fl.u.s.tered.

 “Leave! All of you, hurry up and leave! There's no need to care about me anymore!” Su Qianxun immediately screamed. At the same time, she started moving backwards to keep a distance from them.

 'Xun'er!” Long Sijue immediately hugged her. He then growled at Tang Zui and the rest of his friends. “Leave immediately! The further the better!”

 “Young master, please leave. I'll stay here!” Ye Gu immediately said.

 “Leave! I'll never forgive whoever doesn't leave!” Long Sijue growled loudly.

 “Please leave too! Let go, let go of me!” As if she was having a mental breakdown, Su Qianxun screamed loudly. She tried to shove Long Sijue away, but he was hugging her tightly.

 “Jue, we'll leave first. Please calm down and remove the bombs!”

 Tang Zui and Si Mancheng dragged Ye Gu along with them as they moved away. Both of them knew Long Sijue very well. If they were to disregard what he was saying right now, it would just distract him, and he would not be able to focus on removing the bombs.

 By the time Long Sijue let go of Su Qianxun, her legs had already gone so limp that she plopped onto the floor. There were thirty seconds left before the bombs would detonate. Long Sijue anxiously studied the structure of the bombs, and his hands were trembling.

 But he soon realized that the bombs were not tightly tied to Su Qianxun's body, and it was possible for him to remove it!

 Long Sijue had to admit that he was very nervous right now. He tried his best to calm himself down, and quickly started removing the bombs.

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