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Published at 27th of September 2019 06:30:12 AM Chapter 39

Doctor Oh sighs . "You are better than other children around your age . "

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"You are a bad doctor . " Fu Mian yells at him, "I know that you will take blood from me again . "

Advertis.e.m.e.ntLast time, they made a cut on her fingers to take blood before the rogue vampires abducted her from the hunters and ran away .

"You are right about that . " Doctor Oh feels sorry . The girl is small and young . She resembles his dead daughter a bit . He needs to do this . His family was murdered by vampires before the apocalypse began . That's why he came to the hunters .

The woman has been keeping watch on the creature . They have tried everything from maiming to poisons . But, the creature doesn't die at all . Fu Mian's blood is the last option . They don't know how to deal with these new vampires if her blood doesn't work either .

Last time, they got the sample of her blood . They used it to clone it and other experiments . It failed miserably . Whatever it is in Fu Mian's blood, it can only work if it is directly used on the vampires . Her blood can't be cloned . They ever tried to create a clone of her body . That also failed . The clones didn't have the same ability . Since they were useless, the clones were discarded .

After getting Doctor Oh's signal, the woman comes to hold her still in the chair . Fu Mian cries for her father when Doctor Oh injects the needle on her forearm . He doesn't need much blood . It's difficult for him to continue when he hears her bawling . He takes some blood and removes the needle from her arm . He walks to the creature thras.h.i.+ng on the bed and injects the same blood in that creature's neck .

As soon as the blood is emptied from the syringe, the vampire's eyes bulge out . They couldn't hear his screams because his mouth is strapped . In a second, there are only black ashes on the bed .

"It works . " The woman is exhilarated . "Fu Mian is medicine . "

Doctor Oh looks at the crying girl with pity . It would have been better if the blood didn't work .


Outside the HQ, Fu Sheng is shaking with uncontrollable rage when he hears the faint crying sounds of Fu Mian . She is crying for him . The scent of blood is also there . They are hurting her again .

Aiken can also hear it . The younger ones' senses are not sharp enough to hear her cryings or smell the blood . Aiken walks to his king . "We are trying to find a weakness in the spell, your majesty . We will save her soon . "

He can't wait that long . Fu Sheng's eyes become red as he makes a decision . "I will perform blood retribution . "

"You cannot do that . " Aiken protests right away . Fu Sheng is their only king . In this time, he is needed the most . If something happens to him, what will they do? "This world is different . That spell needs strong blood . "

"I will break it . " Fu Sheng eyes him calmly . "If anything happens to me, you must do everything in power to save Fu Mian and protect her at all cost . "

If he dies, Huang Qiuyan will also die . He doesn't want to do it, but his daughter is suffering inside . Huang Qiuyan isn't strong enough to fight all the vampire hunters . She might be caught already . The hunters would never let go of Fu Mian if her blood is useful against the new vampires . He wouldn't let his daughter go through the torment waiting for her . The barrier must be broken even if it costs his life .

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