Beauty And The Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO Chapter 1051 - Shouldn’t You Express Your Gratitude Towards Me?

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Chapter 1051: Shouldn’t You Express Your Grat.i.tude Towards Me?

Actually, Gu Mengmeng wanted to retort Cole.

She wanted to say that Oakley was not that kind of person, he would not do those kind of things.

She wanted to say that she originally dug a well in Saint Nazaire, many people knew about this, how could he say that Oakley was the one who spread this news?

She wanted to say that many people knew about him using Chixuan to threaten her, it was not unexpected if someone followed what was done in order to obtain a water source!

She wanted to say that it was a coincidence for all strong males from the nearby 16 tribes to gather here today…..

But, would she even believe her own words?

Many people knew about Saint Nazaire’s water well but majority of them thought that it was the arrival of the Messenger of the Beast Deity that allowed the Beast Deity to bestow a hope for life into the world.

And the people who knew that Gu Mengmeng dug a water well…….were from Saint Nazaire.

Cole was a stray beast, he did not expose himself too much to the outside world and was just hiding in the dark, devising his plan. The only time he stood openly beside her was when he used a deceptive trick and pretended to be Lea.

Furthermore, Chixuan followed Cole before his evolution. Many people only knew that Cole had a little wolf cub beside him, n.o.body knew that the little wolf cub was the second son of the Messenger of the Beast Deity.

“d.a.m.n it.” Gu Mengmeng looked at Oakley’s and Bloom’s corpses, scolding them with sore eyes, “Why did you apologize? If you don’t apologize, I could still debate a few words for you….now are you satisfied seeing me being forced to a corner by him? You still said we’re friends….is there any friend like you?”

If Oakley could put on his pretense to the very end and not gain back his rationality because of guilt, he would not be so coward to avoid Gu Mengmeng’s eyes and even apologize to her.

Then, since Gu Mengmeng treated Cole like her most-hated enemy, she would definitely stand firmly on her decision of ‘not believing a single word’ he said. Regardless how logical and reasonable his deduction sounded, even if he laid out all the evidence on her face, she would still not believe him because he was Cole.


Oakley and Bloom apologized to her before they breathed their last.

“Ah Gu, I protected your friend.” Cole grinned and asked, “So, shouldn’t you express your grat.i.tude towards me?”

“Thank you……ha, if you don’t have Chixuan in your hands, I really want to express my ‘grat.i.tude’ to you properly.”

Obviously, Cole could not understand what the word ‘grat.i.tude’ meant when Gu Mengmeng p.r.o.nounced it so specifically so he shrugged his shoulders casually and said, “Ah Gu, I still can’t die now…..just hold it in and hate me a while more. When I push you to where you belong, I’ll break off ties with Chixuan and you can do whatever you want to me then, alright?”

This sounded like he was appeasing his girlfriend who lost her temper.

So d.a.m.n disgusting!

“Ah Gu, I saved Sandy entirely for you…..if you don’t express your grat.i.tude towards me, I’ll just have to demand for a gift from Sandy. You know that I don’t like it when others owe me something. I just don’t know whether Sandy can pay off the reward to the stray beasts for saving her…….after all, she just gave birth not long ago…….”

Gu Mengmeng’s mind exploded.

Natalie told her previously how the stray beasts treated females.

Gu Mengmeng took a large step forward and slapped Cole’s face harshly. Cole could almost felt his neck dislocating, if Chixuan was not in his hands, he would suspect that Gu Mengmeng might just directly slap his head off his neck. The next second, a teeth of his was pulled out from its place.

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Beauty And The Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO Chapter 1051 - Shouldn’t You Express Your Gratitude Towards Me? summary

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