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Chapter 1442: It’s Not Too Late To Retract Your Offer Now

Gu Mengmeng lowered her head as she gave a helpless smile. “Your understanding of selfishness is too one-sided.”

Gregory continued holding out his feather as he watched Gu Mengmeng quietly.

Gu Mengmeng looked up and met Gregory’s eyes. “I told you all that not to scare you off but to let myself accept you with good conscience. No matter how much you suffer in future, I can frankly say ‘see, I told you so. You were a willing party to all this so you can’t blame me’.”

Gu Mengmeng didn’t accept Gregory’s feather but just continued looking into his eyes. “It’s not too late to retract your offer now…”

Gregory chuckled and took one step forward. He tucked the feather above Gu Mengmeng’s right ear and smiled. “You are once again emphasizing how selfish you are and how heartless you will be in future… you are not scaring me, but you are afraid. You are afraid of seeing me suffer and afraid that you will feel guilt and blame yourself. Your facade is too rudimentary and cannot hide the truth from my eyes.”

Gregory took one step back and smiled. “Don’t worry. I won’t purposely behave in a miserable and wretched manner just to make you feel bad. On the contrary, I will show you my merits and have you like me, accept me and become my partner because you feel that I am good enough. We, bird beasts have our own pride. I love you, but I won’t stoop so low.”

Lea harrumphed as he fed Gu Mengmeng a piece of meat. “You can’t just make anyone fall in love with you. If her heart never ached for you in the first place, it never will in the future.”

Gu Mengmeng held her forehead. Gregory had touched a sore spot of Lea’s.

In order to win her heart, Lea had done all sorts of miserable actions. In the end, he had even nearly jumped into a pot of fire to burn himself to death.

Gu Mengmeng wisely kept silent. She just quietly ate her food.

Gregory didn’t retort Lea. After all, Lea was a partner while he was just a guardian beast. There was a distinct difference in their status.

After taking two bites, Gregory put down his bowl and then looked at Gu Mengmeng. “One more thing. I think I should be frank about this upfront.”

Gu Mengmeng looked up at Gregory and waited for him to continue.

Gregory took a deep breath. “The Fox King has sought me out several times. He hopes that I can arrange a bird beast to bring him up to the Motou mountains.”

“He also wishes to get the Love of the Sky?” Gu Mengmeng asked.

Gregory shook his head. “It doesn’t look like it. From what he said, it sounded like he wants to stay on the Motou mountains for a while.”

Gu Mengmeng frowned. He was not after the Love of the Sky but wished to stay on the Motou mountains for a while?

Cole was not the type of person who would have the inclination to go on a leisurely holiday.

Gu Mengmeng leaned her cheek against her palm and thought for a second before asking, “Did he ask you if there are other treasures in the Motou mountains?”

Gregory shook his head. “He just said he wanted to go up the Motou mountains. He didn’t mention about anything else.”

“What were his terms?” Gu Mengmeng knew Cole all too well. He must have offered a bribe or issued a threat if he asked for Gregory’s help.

Gregory smiled at Gu Mengmeng. “You.”

“Me?” Gu Mengmeng asked.

Gregory nodded. “He said that as long as he can successfully ascend the Motou mountains, he can help me get you.”

“How?” Gu Mengmeng probed.

Gregory shook his head. “I was very tempted by his offer, but… relying on someone else’s tricks to obtain a female I desire—I disdain such behavior. I know you don’t like him so I just left without saying much to him. If you wish to know, I can try approaching him again…”

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