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Chapter 1443: First Day Of His New Marriage

Gu Mengmeng thought about it before shaking her head. “No need. Cole is very dangerous. Avoid him in future.”

Lea stroked Gu Mengmeng’s brow. “Stop worrying. Just leave everything concerning Cole to me.”

Gu Mengmeng nodded without another word.

Gregory noted Lea’s gaze and didn’t say anything either. He just quietly took up his chopsticks and continued eating.

There was no way he could compete with the level of capability and trustworthiness that Lea stood in Gu Mengmeng’s heart. He still had a long way to go before he could cultivate a good impression of himself in her eyes.

After lunch, Gu Mengmeng asked Elvis for a wolf bristle, before getting Lea to pierce a hole in her earlobe with a fish bone needle. Thereafter, she fas.h.i.+oned a feather earring by using the bristle to penetrate the base of Gregory’s feather, and then looping it through her own ear hole and tying a knot.

Elvis and Lea glared viciously at Gregory when Gu Mengmeng frowned during the piercing of her earlobe.

Gregory’s heart also ached when Lea used that fish bone to perforate her earlobe. It was as if the needle hadn’t penetrated Gu Mengmeng’s ear but his own heart. But he felt a warm current spread throughout his body after that sharp pain. It was hard to describe but it felt like the sudden melting of a body frozen by the harsh winds and snows of the Motou mountains. Bit by bit, the ice cold blood started to circulate, further melting all the frost acc.u.mulated on the body.

Gregory suddenly understood what the word “warmth” was about.

His life, which had been as cold and white as snow, started to bloom and appear much more colorful.

Mmm, Gregory understood that drop of blood from Gu Mengmeng’s earlobe had nourished his entire world and gifted him with a new life.

His life only started for real the moment Gu Mengmeng put on that feather earring in her right ear.

“Stop glaring at him. I can’t offer him a mating mark, so this… is a form of compensation.” Gu Mengmeng tugged at Lea’s and Elvis’ hands. She smiled. “Anyway, it’s not painful. Look, I am fine.”

At that, Gu Mengmeng shook her head and the feather swayed, making her neck look even more elegant and lovely.

Gregory cleared his throat before handing Gu Mengmeng something.

“This is…” The item was carefully enfolded in an animal skin. Gu Mengmeng unwrapped it and was momentarily stunned, before a smile spread across her face. “I never thought that this will be eventually returned to me.”

“Mmm, you said it can be used to woo a bride. I thought about it… apart from you, I am unwilling to give it to anyone else.” Gregory didn’t have the right to hug Gu Mengmeng but he was now ent.i.tled to openly look into her eyes with deep devotion. There was no need to worry about being rejected by her for gazing at her too blatantly. There was also no need to worry about anyone uncovering his inner emotions from the look in his eyes.

Gu Mengmeng waved the Melotti feather fan and chuckled. “Although I was the one who made this, it belonged to you. So, thank you for your present. I like it very much.”

“Mmm.” Gregory was somewhat at a loss for what to do. Although he had a marriage contract, he never gave thought about how his life would be like after becoming a partner.

Yesterday, he was still worried about being chased off by her. Today, he was already a member of her family.

That dazzling smile might have nothing to do with love, but it was nonetheless a smile for him. It was just the first day of his new marriage and Gregory already felt very blissful.

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