Beauty And The Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO Chapter 1444 - It Won't Be Long Before You Can Activate Your Beast King Bloodline.

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Chapter 1444: It Won’t Be Long Before You Can Activate Your Beast King Bloodline.

It was major news to the Beast World that the family of the Messenger of the Beast Deity took in a new male.

And since accepting Gregory was meant for everyone to see, there was naturally no reason to keep things quiet.

Therefore, Lea organized a huge bonfire party three days later, the official reason of which was to see off the Messenger of the Beast Deity on her journey.

Generally speaking, Gu Mengmeng would spend winter in Sauder and then preside over the first hunt before returning to Saint Nazaire, Zacharias or the Snake King valley. Anyway, she would never stay in Sauder for two consecutive seasons. But Gu Mengmeng stayed on for a longer period this year as they would be heading to the Motou mountains during the drought season, and also because of Elvis’ new status as the Wolf King—there were still many wolf beasts who did not manage to reach Sauder before winter began.

It was already halfway through the monsoon season now, so Gu Mengmeng and gang were embarking on their journey to the Motou mountains.

As Auretin and little s.h.i.+t wanted to tag along, it wasn’t feasible to have Gregory carry them all through the air. Going by foot would take a longer time, after all… they couldn’t travel in a straight line through the lands.

Apart from being a farewell party for Gu Mengmeng, the bonfire event was also a chance to introduce Gregory to everyone. To tell everyone that a new male had been accepted to the Messenger of the Beast Deity’s family this year. A male who had wings and could fly.

However, when everyone had settled by the bonfire, only Elvis and Lea were sitting at the presiding seats. The middle seat, reserved for Gu Mengmeng, was empty.

By the side of the presiding seats was Sandy’s entire family all present and accounted for. But Gu Mengmeng was absent.

As a result, everyone started whispering. This bonfire was organized to see the Messenger of the Beast Deity off on her journey, so where was the guest-of-honor?

Just as everyone were puzzling over this, the cries of a bird resonated through the night air. The crowd looked up and saw a huge vulture circling the sky. The vulture then morphed into a man and then followed two steps behind Gu Mengmeng, heading toward the presiding seats.

Gu Mengmeng sat between Elvis and Lea. Auretin sat on the other side of Lea, while the vulture Gregory sat beside Elvis.


Even the rustling of the wind and flames sounded especially clear.

The first person to react turned out to be Cole.

Stepping forward, he looked at Gu Mengmeng, before placing his right hand over his left chest and bowing. “Congratulations mistress, on getting another wonderful partner.”

Gu Mengmeng really wished to throw his congratulations back in his face with a: “What business is it of yours?!” But she kept silent. Firstly, she could not be bothered to talk to him. Secondly, she had promised Lea to let him handle everything to do with Cole.

Hence, Gu Mengmeng just nestled into Elvis’ arms, not even bothering to roll her eyes at Cole.

Lea was satisfied with Gu Mengmeng ignoring Cole. But he put on a rebuking expression and shook his head in mock exasperation. He stood up to face Cole and gestured respectfully. “Thank you great Fox King. He’s just a guardian beast and not some wonderful partner.”

Cole narrowed his eyes and stared at Lea with dangerous eyes. Even his breath felt icy-cold, while his smile could not mask the malevolence behind it. “Ninth brother, you got promoted? Ha, congratulations on attaining fifth-level. With Ah Gu’s help, I think it won’t be long before you can activate your Beast King bloodline.”

Lea smiled without answering. He just gazed fondly at Gu Mengmeng.

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Beauty And The Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO Chapter 1444 - It Won't Be Long Before You Can Activate Your Beast King Bloodline. summary

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