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Chapter 463: Mengmeng, Can’t You Be A Little Selfish For Me Too?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Gu Mengmeng lowered her head and looked at the mark on her collarbone, chuckling, “Actually, I’m very apologetic that this marking wasn’t imprinted on my chest, because it proved my selfishness…”

Elvis frowned, not angry, but heart aching. He did not like the expression Gu Mengmeng had on her face in that moment, clearly smiling yet so upset.

Gu Mengmeng said, “When I agreed to mate with you back then, it was partly because the atmosphere back then was too confusing, and also… because I no longer wanted to be lonely. I believed you, that you wouldn’t betray nor abandon me, so… that selfish me wanted to have you, grab onto you, but… was not yet deeply in love with you. If we mated now, I believe your marking would definitely be on my chest.”

Elvis gazed into Gu Mengmeng’s eyes lovingly, his mystic blue pupils making it seem as if all the deep sentiments of the night had gathered on her. He slowly opened his mouth, his voice as smooth and low as a cello, “Xiao Meng, thank you for being selfish. Because it granted me a lifetime of bliss.”

“Don’t you blame me? The marking…” Gu Mengmeng looked at Elvis and stopped speaking.

Elvis shook his head, “Being able to leave my marking on your body is the luckiest thing that has happened to me in the past three lifetimes. How can I blame you if it is so close to your chest?”

Lea stayed silent for a moment, before finally speaking up, “Mengmeng, I’m sorry.”

Gu Mengmeng was stunned, and recalled what she had said to Elvis. Lea probably thought that he was being criticized for the lie he made up for her to accept Elvis.

She wanted to explain, but Lea spoke up first, “After that thing happened, I tried many times to salvage the situation. However… I still owe you a complete apology. I thought too much of myself, always thinking that everything was well-planned, neglecting your feelings and making you hurt once again.”

Lea’s expression was so solemn that it tore Gu Mengmeng’s heart violently.

He was injured all over, devastation filled his eyes. How was she going to plead him, who was in that state, to consider past, present and future for someone he once did not know?

Suddenly, Gu Mengmeng laughed, patting Lea’s shoulder, “Rather than an apology… I would like to hear you confess.”

Lea looked up, with an unbelievably bright spark in his eyes, but he saw Gu Mengmeng’s sneaky grin and knew he certainly thought too much.

Gu Mengmeng, “Because, confessions can be rejected, but I doubt apologies can…”

True enough…

Lea took a deep breath, and went back to looking affectionate as he once did, leaning beside Elvis, hanging his chin on Elvis’ shoulder, big tail wagging in front of Gu Mengmeng, “You clearly enjoy my presence by your side? Hmm?”

Gu Mengmeng snorted, “How is that possible? I can’t wait to find an eminent monk to take you, an evildoer, in.”

Lea did not believe her, “Then why did you call me to “roll back”? You even said that if I didn’t return to your side, you would make Elvis beat my legs till they broke.”

Gu Mengmeng seriously felt worried for her own intellect, regretting the 10086th time that she should not have been rash, falling into the fox’s trap.

Grinding her teeth, she replied, “I was afraid you, a sneaky fox, would take away Auretin’s big cabbage!”

Lea suddenly went silent, pulling Gu Mengmeng’s arm, brooding, “Mengmeng, can’t you… be a little selfish for me too?”

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Beauty And The Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO Chapter 463 - Mengmeng, Can’t You Be A Little Selfish For Me Too? summary

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