Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 607 - Without Being Too High Profile but Still Winning Money, She Played Very Happily

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Chapter 607: Without Being Too High Profile but Still Winning Money, She Played Very Happily

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Taking a surprising look at Xiao Luye who sat beside Ji Nuan, the man laughed. “CEO Xiao, what do you mean?”

With a cigarette in his mouth, Xiao Luye narrowed his eyes, put his hand casually on the table, and glanced at him with a smile. “Playing Mahjong. What do you think I mean?”

“There is another table here, isn’t it? We’ve just persuaded CEO Ji to play Mahjong with us. How can you s.n.a.t.c.h my seat? That’s unfair. Are you in love with CEO Ji?”

“Why shall I accompany those drunkards but not the beauty I took here with me?” Xiao Luye puffed a smoke ring at him. “That table needs one more player. Just go over there.”

“…” The man went speechless. He wanted to fawn on CEO Rong, but CEO Xiao was not someone who he could mess with. Hesitating for a while, he turned to the other table.

Not expecting Xiao Luye who never played Mahjong with women would sit at this table, the woman and the other man exchanged a surprised glance and then both looked at Ji Nuan.

As if nothing happened, Ji Nuan pressed the b.u.t.ton on the table. “How should I operate this table?”

The woman pressed the b.u.t.ton for her and glanced at her calm face. Thinking how hatefully CEO Rong looked at her just now, she decided to give her a hard time.

However, Xiao Luye sitting at the same table with them foiled their plan.

For example, if the woman and the man discarded a tile and Ji Nuan didn’t pong or chow, then Xiao Luye would get it. For successive two times, Xiao Luye won them, but when he could win Ji Nuan, he just ignored it. The other three all found that he was openly helping Ji Nuan, but no one dared to blame him.

Ji Nuan certainly wouldn’t say anything. Although she didn’t win, she got some money via pong and kong. Without being too high profile but still winning money, she played very happily.

Then the next round started.

This time, her tiles were not very good. When there were finally several tiles left, urged by the woman beside her, she discarded a character six.

Xiao Luye coldly glanced at the tile she discarded and didn’t say anything.

Then when someone else discarded a tile, he won again.

The woman sitting opposite to him took a look at his tiles at the shuffle and immediately shouted with anger, “CEO Xiao, you had three characters six! Why didn’t you kong just now?”

“Then it’s not easy for me to win,” Xiao Luye said placidly.

“It is easy! You can win with all triplets!” The woman had lost hundreds of thousands of yuan and was fuming with anger.

Seeing her so angry, the man frowned. After all, although they wanted to fawn on CEO Rong, they shouldn’t offend CEO Xiao. He stopped her. “All right. Stop it. I didn’t see you win much. How can you teach CEO Xiao how to play Mahjong?”

Realizing the man was warning and reminding her, the woman paused, then kept quiet and continued to play Mahjong.

But she was still angry. Xiao Luye was openly helping Ji Nuan. They were literally robbing her!

CEO Xiao never missed a single tile they discarded, but ignored all the tiles Ji Nuan discarded, even though he could have a kong!

They continued to play several rounds. Ji Nuan was actually not good at playing Mahjong and only slightly knew how to play it. The woman sitting beside her was so p.i.s.sed off that she targeted Ji Nuan and finally won her.

There were only a hundred chips in front of Ji Nuan and the woman won eighty of them in this round.

After two more rounds, Ji Nuan looked at the only two chips left, saying, “Shall I call someone else to play with you? I’m really not good at playing Mahjong. Look, I’m going to lose all my chips.”

Xiao Luye threw two dozen chips to her. “Take these.”

Ji Nuan looked incredulously at the chips piled up in front of her.

The woman. “…”

The man. “…”

CEO Xiao had just randomly thrown over a million to her! The heir of Ling Xiao Group really had money to burn.

The woman said crossly. “CEO Xiao, one chip for ten thousand yuan. You have just given her so much money. What if she loses all again…”

The woman was so angry that she pushed the stack of tiles in front of her down. She took a deep breath to suppress her inner anger before she continued to play Mahjong.

In the next round, Ji Nuan had got good tiles. With Xiao Luye’s help, she got several pongs. Finding that CEO Xiao seemed to really care about Ji Nuan, the man no longer picked on Ji Nuan and let her win with all triplets.

“CEO Ji, you were really being modest. You’re good at playing Mahjong!” the man said with a smile.

Ji Nuan just smiled. Nothing that happened had escaped her eyes. She didn’t bother to respond to the man’s flattery.

In the next round, Ji Nuan won again.

This time, she won Xiao Luye. She glanced at him with a smile. “Sorry, CEO Xiao, I won again~”

Xiao Luye just smiled and seemed not to mind it all. He randomly threw a handful of chips to her again. “Just take what you win.”

At shuffle, the woman shouted again when she saw Xiao Luye’s tiles: “CEO Xiao, your tiles were good. Why did you separate the triplets?! You gave CEO Ji so many pongs!”

Ji Nuan also took a glance at Xiao Luye’s tiles. Yes, what the woman said was true.

However, Ji Nuan still took the chips she won and winked at Xiao Luye as if thanking him for helping her winning in the game.

Was this the way the little girl thanked him?

Xiao Luye simply ignored her. After two rounds, with the help of the two men, Ji Nuan had won a lot of money. The woman bit the bullet but had still lost seven or eight million yuan and most of her money was won by Ji Nuan. She jumped to her feet and shouted angrily, “I quit! It’s no fun! I’m going to drink!”

With that, she turned to go back to Rong Cheng, but the latter just looked on coldly. He didn’t send them to do anything, so he certainly wouldn’t comfort this woman.

Ji Nuan didn’t expect she would suddenly win several million yuan by playing Mahjong. She collected the chips on the table and looked at Xiao Luye with a smile. “No wonder you insisted on me coming here. Are they here to give me money? If there is such a good thing again, remember invite me.”

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Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 607 - Without Being Too High Profile but Still Winning Money, She Played Very Happily summary

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