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Chapter 54: Registration Numbers For Everyone

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Had he deliberately allowed Shang Sha to injure him? Although Di Jiu was stupefied, he managed to quickly snap out of it. Jia Qian must not have expected his ability to improve so quickly within two months.

If he’d used normal cultivation techniques, he could not have possibly reached a level that would have allowed him to kill Jia Qian within a period of two months. It seemed that the speed of his improvement was connected to his qualifications, as well as the Major Conduit Internal Records.

If he hadn’t cultivated the Major Conduit Internal Records, Di Jiu speculated that it would have been impossible for him to defeat Jia Qian.

If he had not cultivated the Major Conduit Internal Records, he could not have cultivated the third saber move either. After all, he had never met a Di Clan disciple who could cultivate the Di Clan’s third saber move as powerfully as he had. However, mastering the fourth saber move was even more of an impossibility.

Di Jiu knew clearly that, if he had not cultivated the Di Clan’s Seven Sabers and depended solely on the second-stage Qi Refinement realm he had cultivated through the Major Conduit Internal Records, he would have been easily killed by Jia Qian.

The other small spells that he knew, such as the Fireball Spell and the Wind-Rustling Move, would have been useful for sneak attacks, but they would not have been able to kill Jia Qian.

“If you spare my life, then I…” Before Jia Qian could finish speaking, Di Jiu’s long saber had pierced through his eyebrows.

Everyone in the conference room had witnessed Jia Qian’s powers. However, despite his powers, he had still been easily defeated by Di Jiu. Even though there was currently a large crowd in the conference room, the room was completely silent. Everyone was staring at Di Jiu.

Di Jiu had initially planned on asking Jia Qian for some capital for the auction before killing him. However, he had not bothered, as there were a lot of other available wallets in the conference room.

In Di Jiu’s opinion, everyone in the conference hall was just a wallet.

“Friend, even though we attended this meeting with Jia Qian, we are not in any way related to him,” a bald man said as he balled his fist into a sign of respect for Di Jiu.

It was blatantly obvious that Di Jiu had gone there to seek revenge on Jia Qian.

“Let us all sit down. I would like to do business with you,” Di Jiu said calmly.

When he was done speaking, he took the initiative to sit down first.

As soon as they saw Di Jiu sit, the others had no choice but to sit down, even if they had not planned on it.

“You should sit down as well.” Jia Qian’s a.s.sistant looked pale. She could not decide whether she should sit or remain standing.

However, now that Di Jiu had asked her to sit, she had to obey him.

“I need some money. It is a shame that, apart from my pa.s.sable medical expertise, I only know how to bully others. However, if I claimed to be the second best doctor in the world, no one would dare claim that they were the best. My only weakness is my willingness to help others without expecting anything in return. I will give each of you a queue number. This number will allow you to seek one treatment from me in the future. I will, of course, collect some registration fees. Who wants to go first?” Di Jiu’s eyes swept over the crowd of over 20 people.

The thin man that Di Jiu had prevented from leaving was the first to stand up. He was holding a bank card in his hand. “I have 8,000,000 alliance dollars in this card, sir. I would like to get a queue number…” he said.

As he was about to finish his sentence, he felt a cold breeze surround his hand. Suddenly, his wrist was disconnected from the rest of his hand, and the bank card and his disconnected wrist fell onto the conference table.

This was exactly what had happened to the gun-carrying white man, whose wrist had been disconnected before he, his hand and the item he had been holding had fallen down. Everyone had seen Di Jiu do this with a mere stroke of his hand. The atmosphere in the conference room was very tense.

Di Jiu laughed coldly as he said, “I asked for a small registration fee, yet you were not even willing to part with such a small amount of money. Are you looking down on my medical expertise, or are you just trying to take advantage of my bad habit of helping others?”

“No, I was wrong. I meant to offer you 180,000,000 alliance dollars…” The thin man was as pale as a sheet as he grabbed a card out of a bag beside him hurriedly with his other hand. There was already a layer of sweat on his forehead.

The maximum amount of cash he had was indeed 180,000,000 alliance dollars. Otherwise, he would have taken out even more money. He had finally realized that if he dared negotiate any further, he would end up just like Jia Qian.

He only wished that Di Jiu would accept his money and let him go. He had to rush to the hospital to fix his hand.

Di Jiu nodded and said, “Not bad. You finally made a reasonable offer. Although this is a negligible amount, I have a very soft heart. Bring your disconnected wrist over here.”

This time, Di Jiu knew that this was the maximum amount of money that the fellow could withdraw.

“Yes, yes…” The thin man did not dare speak any slowler or ask why Di Jiu wanted to see his disconnected wrist.

Di Jiu waited for him to walk over. Then, he placed the disconnected hand onto the thin man’s wrist and struck his wrist area continuously with his fingers.

Even though Di Jiu had been able to join disconnected limbs even before cultivating the Major Conduit Internal Records, it would have been impossible for him to operate under such circ.u.mstances. He would have needed an operating room and the help of certain medical equipment.

However, now that Di Jiu had reached the second-stage Qi Refinement realm, his eyesight and steady hand movements could no longer be compared to common medical expertise. The cultivation of the Di Clan’s Seven Sabers and the Major Conduit Internal Records had also given him an extremely clear understanding of the human choroid structure.

The thin man no longer felt any sharp pain in his disconnected wrist. Instead, he could feel small sparks of flame travel along the wound.

Everyone was staring at Di Jiu in disbelief. Was Di Jiu really a doctor? Even if he was a doctor, how was he able to join a disconnected limb under those circ.u.mstances?

About 20 minutes later, Di Jiu grabbed a bottle out of his bag and poured a round of medicinal powder onto the thin man’s disconnected wrist. Then, he raised his hand to grab the long saber beside him. With a few strokes, he cut out several thin pieces of wood out of a wooden chair.

Di Jiu placed the narrow pieces of wood securely on the reattached hand and told Jia Qian’s a.s.sistant, “Help him tie this and hang it around his neck.”

“Okay!” The woman immediately stepped forward to help.

“Your hand will recover in a month’s time. You can sit down for now. You may leave once I’m finished with the registration queue,” Di Jiu said casually.

“Yes, yes… Thank you, sir. Thank you…” the thin man said hurriedly. His tone was full of respect, as well as a hint of agitation.

He realized that he was able to feel his fingers again as soon as Di Jiu had joined the disconnected hand back to his wrist. This proved that Di Jiu’s medical expertise was indeed just as ridiculously good as he had claimed. He no longer cared whether it had been Di Jiu who had cut off his hand in the first place.

Anyone who attended such a meeting was involved in some kind of illegitimate business. A disconnected hand was nothing. Even if Di Jiu had killed him, he would only have blamed it on his luck.

Di Jiu took out a card and threw it on the table before saying, “You can just transfer the registration fee to my card.”

Di Jiu did not have his own bank card. This card had been given to him by Shen Ziyu.

“Sir, I would like to register for a queue number too…” The white man, whose hand had been cut off by Di Jiu’s saber after he had pointed his gun at Di Jiu, stepped forward hurriedly.

He had lost his hand for quite some time already, so if he was denied treatment for much longer, his hand would soon start to decompose.

Di Jiu’s eyes landed briefly on the white man before he said coldly, “You pointed a gun at me. I might be a doctor, but I’m not in the mood to treat you…”

“Sir, I have 360,000,000 alliance dollars. If you could wait a little, I could also sell some of my stocks and property…” the white man said quickly.

Di Jiu secretly admired the man’s physical prowess and ability. Even though his hand had been cut off for a long time, he was still able to persist, despite only taking some simple hemostatic measures.

“300,000,000 alliance dollars will be sufficient. I have a soft heart after all.” Di Jiu was too lazy to continue talking or wait around for the man to sell his stocks.

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