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Chapter 55: Sufficient Funding

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Even though treating the white man would delay him, Di Jiu still helped him join back his disconnected hand. The medicinal powder that he made himself played just as big a role as his superb medical skills.

Di Jiu was able to join a long-disconnected hand and complete two surgeries in under 30 minutes. Everyone present was convinced that his medical expertise was indeed the best in the world.

“Sir, I come from Southeast Asia, but I’m here with my bodyguard. If you need any help, I will certainly do my best to help you.” As soon as Di Jiu joined the white man’s disconnected hand, Pu Tai stood up and balled his fist as a sign of respect.

“Enough talking. Where is your registration fee?” Di Jiu had made his intentions clear. Even though the man had a respectful tone and att.i.tude, he was trying to hint that he had a bodyguard, so Di Jiu should not push him too far.

Di Jiu did not care if the man really had protection. Back in the Ji Nation, the Di Family had controlled most of the Ji Nation’s army. Why would he care if this man had one bodyguard? Could he summon him there now to disarm him?

“I have 100,000,000 yuan here…”

Before Pu Tai could finish his sentence, Di Jiu had already interrupted him by turning to the white man whose hand he had just fixed and asking, “What line of business is Pu Tai in?”

The white man did not dare hesitate after having his hand cut off by Di Jiu. As soon as Di Jiu asked him about Pu Tai, he immediately stood up and said, “He is involved in guns, drugs, and human trafficking in Southeast Asia. He is currently helping small countries quell civil wars. His nickname is Handsome Tai…”

Di Jiu nodded before telling Pu Tai, “Come over here.”

Although Pu Tai had a bad feeling about this, he did not know how to react. All he could do was follow Di Jiu’s order and step forward.

As soon as he did, Di Jiu threw a fireball directly at him. He had already used the thin man to warn everyone. However, Pu Tai did not only seem unwilling to part with his money, but he had also dared to threaten him. There was no chance that he would let someone like him live.

Although Di Jiu knew how to create fireb.a.l.l.s, he did not know how to hide noise.

When the fireball landed on Pu Tai’s body, a blood-curdling scream was heard. Pu Tai was suddenly engulfed in flames. Even if he wanted to plead and offer a higher registration fee, he would not be able to utter a word.

Soon, Pu Tai’s body was completely charred and a strange smell filled the air.

Before Pu Tai could explain himself, he had been burned to ashes by Di Jiu. Everyone else finally realized that Di Jiu was not a mere doctor, but a deadly G.o.d.

The thin man, whose hand had been cut off after he had offered Di Jiu a few million dollars, was extremely thankful that he had survived. He now knew clearly that Di Jiu had spared his life because he had not threatened him. Pu Tai had relied on his experience on cross-border rampage and threatened the deadly G.o.d.

“Sir, I have 400,000,000 here. I would like to get a queue number from you.” Before Di Jiu could speak again, someone stood up and asked for a queue number.

Things only got easier afterwards. Within a short span of time, almost everyone had handed over their alliance dollars in exchange for a queue number. Some people even thanked Di Jiu for his work ethic, as he did not exploit them by asking for more money. Given their status, they could easily pool together a few hundred million in no time.

“Sir, I do not keep my money at the Starry Sky Bank. Although I have 200,000,000 alliance dollars, I will not be able to transfer it all at once…” a fit man said as he stood up. Even though his voice was calm, the thin layer of sweat on his forehead betrayed how nervous he felt.

The person in front of him was not someone that was easy to talk to. If he were unhappy, he could just throw a fireball at him.

Before Di Jiu could speak, a long-haired man standing in the corner said, “Sir, it is mandatory now for all cross-border transactions involving billions of alliance dollars to go through the Starry Sky Bank. The Starry Sky Bank was established after the emergence of the Fairy Planet to help along the transfer of funds at the Fairy Planet Auction without the hindrance of government policies. However, it is difficult to open an account at the Starry Sky Bank. It’s true that Yi Hu does not have an account there. Although it is easy to transfer money out of the Starry Sky Bank, the request must be evaluated first. It is only at the Fairy Planet Auction that such requests are not evaluated.”

“If that’s the case, then you can write down my bank account number. When you leave this place, you will have to think of a way to transfer the money into my account,” Di Jiu said indifferently before waving his hand and asking the man to go back.

The man, who had come out of his conversation with Di Jiu unscathed, unconsciously wiped off the sweat on his forehead and immediately wrote down Di Jiu’s bank account number.

There were about 20 people who had asked for a queue number, so there were already around eight billion alliance dollars in his account. The largest amount transferred to him had been 700,000,000. This money must have belonged to someone who had really wanted to live and did not want to face the same consequences as Pu Tai for provoking Di Jiu.

Eight billion alliance dollars was a large sum indeed. However, Di Jiu knew that it would not be considered a lot at the auction.

His eyes landed on the lady who had worked for Jia Qian. “You have not paid me yet.”

“I do not have any money. I’m just a secretary…” As the lady stood up anxiously, her legs were trembling in fear.

She knew all about the numerous bad deeds that Jia Qian had done in secret and the countless lives he had taken. Even though she knew all this, she had never witnessed any of these crimes with her own eyes. She had only witnessed Di Jiu’s actions. If she could not find that money, the person in front of her would hurt her. Pu Tai’s fate proved as much.

“If you don’t have the money, you shall face the same consequences as Pu Tai,” Di Jiu said coldly.

He had no intention of killing this woman. He had been a master once, so he knew that it would be unwise to kill a person with such a close working relation with someone like Jia Qian.

The lady had to be a close confidant of Jia Qian’s. Otherwise, she would not have been authorized to enter this place to report to him. She had to know all about Jia Qian’s bank transactions.

“I only know the pa.s.swords to Jia Qian’s two Starry Sky Bank accounts. However, I do not know how much money there is in them…” The lady trembled as she spoke.

She was indeed only responsible for Jia Qian’s monetary transfers, so she did not know how much money there was in his accounts.

“Transfer all of Jia Qian’s money into my account!” Di Jiu said callously.

Jia Qian’s secretary carefully removed her boss’ watch and placed it in front of her before she entered the account transfer. Soon, Jia Qian’s watch received a message. Di Jiu could see clearly the one-use pa.s.sword for the account transfer.

A few minutes later, the lady finally stopped and told Di Jiu respectfully, “A total of 2.8 billion alliance dollars has been credited to your account.”

As soon as he heard the amount, Di Jiu was elated. “You did well. I will make sure you are safe,” he said with satisfaction.

His eyes swept across everyone around him before he said sternly, “I hope that everyone here will do their part in protecting her and helping her manage Jia Qian’s business. If anything were to happen to her, I would get angry and seek revenge.”

He had lied about her managing Jia Qian’s business, but her life would really be protected. Many people would fight over these advantageous zones when they found out that he had killed Jia Qian. Amid those fights, Jia Qian’s personal secretary would naturally be the focus of everyone’s attention.

After hearing Di Jiu’s threat, everyone stood up and gave their word. No one dared refuse under the circ.u.mstances. They only wished for this meeting to be over soon so that they could leave that place. Jia Qian’s suggestion to send forces to the Fairy Planet was no longer an obligation, so they could just go.

Although Di Jiu was already frightening enough, there were probably many people on the Fairy Planet who were more powerful than him. Why would they go to the Fairy Planet and court death? In their opinion, Jia Qian had deserved to die, so they were glad that he was finally dead.

If he had still been alive, they would probably have died on the Fairy Planet.

Di Jiu took out a short dagger and struck a bladeless saber repeatedly. Soon, the saber was split into 20 pieces.

Di Jiu pointed to the pile of broken saber pieces and said, “Everyone will collect these tokens based on the registration fee that they paid. Those who paid a larger sum will get a bigger piece, while those who paid a smaller sum will get a smaller piece. If you find me again in the future, you may use these saber pieces to ask me for one medical treatment.”

All everyone wanted was to leave. However, as soon as they heard Di Jiu’s words, every person in the room immediately stepped forward and took a piece of saber before leaving the meeting room hurriedly.

No one planned on ever approaching Di Jiu for medical treatment.

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