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Chapter 56: Trustworthy’s Things

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“You have given the most money, so you should take this token. You can ask me for one favor in the future. The others will only be allowed to seek medical treatment from me, but you may ask for anything you want,” Di Jiu said. He looked at the lady who had stayed until the end and pointed at the piece of saber that had been left behind.

“I, Wu Jinhai, am very grateful to you for saving my life.” The lady bowed quickly in an effort to express her grat.i.tude. She knew how miserable her life would be after Di Jiu had killed Jia Qian. Even though she was still in danger, she would be a lot safer now that Di Jiu had vouched to protect her life in front of such a large congregation. If she treasured and took full advantage of this fact, it might even save her life.

“You have a nice name,” Di Jiu said casually. As soon as he raised his hand, a fireball landed on Jia Qian’s body. Then, he stood up, picked up his big backpack and left. He had only said that her name was nice because Wu Jinhai had helped him get tons of money from Jia Qian.

As she watched Di Jiu leave, Wu Jinhai unconsciously wiped the sweat off her forehead. She had thought that she would die that day. It had never crossed her mind that she would actually survive.

When Di Jiu reached the entrance, he suddenly remembered something. “Did you know that there is an upcoming Fairy Planet auction?” he asked as he turned around.

“Yes, I know,” Wu Jinhai replied with a quick bow.

Di Jiu rejoiced silently. He had guessed that Wu Jinhai would know about this auction. “Do you know where the auction will be held?”

“The location is written on the auction ticket. I have Jia Qian’s ticket right here…”

It was written on the ticket? Di Jiu had a ticket, so he wondered why he had not seen it.

“Let me see it,” he said with a frown.

“Yes, of course…” When Wu Jinhai lifted the lower hem of her dress, Di Jiu saw a delicate small cyan purse hanging from her belt buckle.

Wu Jinhai opened the purse and took out a ticket. Actually, it was not a ticket, but a door card.

Di Jiu reached out and took the card out of Wu Jinhai’s hands. The door card was a little smaller than an ident.i.ty card. Above the auction date, the location and room number were stated clearly.

It turned out that the auction would be held in a room. The paper ticket that Ceng Beizi had handed to him had listed the date of the auction, but not its location.

“Why was the location not listed on my previous ticket?” Di Jiu asked casually.

Wu Jinhai knew more about this auction than Di Jiu. “The auction tickets are divided into three categories. Room tickets and ordinary tickets both list the location of the auction. The third category, which are called additional tickets, can only allow the owner entrance along with a room ticket or ordinary ticket. One can’t enter the venue alone with an additional ticket. That’s why there is no address listed on it.”

Di Jiu, who realized that he had been tricked by that woman, felt very upset. This meant that, even if he refused to teach Ceng Beizi the second saber move, he would still have to rely on her to take him to the auction, as his ticket was only an additional ticket. He could not enter the auction alone.

This was inconceivable! Even if he could enter the auction venue with his ticket, he would still have to sit next to Ceng Beizi.

This type of auction ticket was not what he had wanted by any means.

“Sir, this auction ticket could be used by anyone. You could go to Switzerland and catch a flight to the Fairy Planet Auction Intermittent Station, Ren Hai Island. Someone will come pick you up from there. You could also go directly by taking Fairy No.7 from the Xiangjiang North Bay Pier. However, travelling by s.h.i.+p would take longer and you’d have to leave right now.” Wu Jinhai saw that Di Jiu was not in a good mood, so she knew that he would need the auction ticket.

“Well, thank you. I owe you a favor. If you present this saber handle to me in the future, I promise to help you regardless of the circ.u.mstances.” Di Jiu left the conference room quickly as soon as he had spoken.

If he had not asked this question casually, his fate and ability to go to the auction would still have been in the hands of others and the money he had would have been useless.

Di Jiu had been born into a wealthy family, so he was not worried about money. If it had not been for this auction, he would not have asked anyone for registration fees.

Even though everyone had felt compelled to register, Di Jiu would keep his word. If someone with a queue number were to come to him, he would definitely help them.

The trip from Daicheng to Xiangjiang was quite convenient. It was actually just a flight away. Two days later, Di Jiu had already reached the Xiangjiang North Bay Pier. As soon as he arrived at the pier, he saw the ma.s.sive Fairy No.7.

It was clearly stated on the auction door card that one had to take Fairy No.7 to go to the Fairy Planet Auction.

Di Jiu walked towards Fairy No.7 with determination.

Even though his backpack was a bit worn-out, he still looked very clean and refreshed on the whole. When he took out the auction ticket, he was immediately greeted respectfully and led to a seaview room in Fairy No.7.

Di Jiu was satisfied with how s.p.a.cious his bedroom was. As soon as the porter left, the first thing he did was check whether there was a camera in the room.

After a round of inspection, he did not find anything. It seemed like this s.h.i.+p could be trusted.

Di Jiu set his big backpack down and took out four boxes, two larger ones and two smaller ones.

Back when the boxes had been hurriedly placed in the bag, Di Jiu had not paid attention. However, now that all four of them had been taken out, he discovered that they were all made of jade. How much wealthier could that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Trustworthy have gotten? Just these four boxes alone were worth a big amount of money.

Di Jiu opened the smallest box first. As soon as the box was open, he saw a soft red glow. A stone bigger than a quail egg was resting in the middle of the box.

“That’s a pink diamond…” Di Jiu picked up the diamond in surprise. He was no rookie, so he knew that this diamond was a treasure that countless people had been fighting over back in the Ji Nation.

This diamond symbolized status, wealth and luxury.

Even though Di Jiu did not care much about diamonds, he knew that this was a valuable item. The value of this diamond most likely exceeded one billion alliance dollars.

He put the diamond back in the first box again before he opened the second one.

A brilliant blue ray was suddenly reflected all around him. Now that he had opened the first box and seen the first diamond, Di Jiu knew right away that this was a blue diamond.

This diamond, which was bigger than the red one, was the size of a small egg. As he held it in his hand, Di Jiu estimated that it weighed more than 100 grams.

It was no wonder that Trustworthy would want to stay in Daicheng City. These two diamonds alone were an infinite source of income.

If two such large diamonds had fallen into Trustworthy’s hands, then countless blood must have been spilled behind the scenes.

Unless the diamonds had come from Trustworthy’s own diamond mine, there must have been a lot of bloodshed over them. Ever since Daicheng City had discovered the diamond mine, countless businessmen had been mining there. Di Jiu found it hard to believe that these two diamonds had both come from Jia Qian’s mine.

However, no matter their origin, they were both worth a lot of money.

Di Jiu packed the blue diamond back into the box and opened the third and slightly larger jade box. Suddenly, a soft white light spread out. There were at least 10 egg-sized items inside.

Were all 10 of them white diamonds? Di Jiu felt overjoyed. How much money could he sell these white diamonds for? How had this guy collected them?

Di Jiu soon realized that he was wrong. These were not white diamonds. Although they emitted a soft light, they also gave off a very comfortable aura. Yes, it was indeed an aura…

Di Jiu quickly grabbed one in the palm of his hand. The Spirit Qi made him feel so comfortable that he sang as it entered through his palm and permeated his body. Di Jiu had practised the Major Conduit Internal Records a bit, so he could immediately feel the quick formation of a heavenly cycle.

Wasn’t this dozens of times faster than his usual practice?

Was this the Spirit Stone? Di Jiu reacted quickly. The Major Conduit Internal Records had not introduced him to the Spirit Stone. It was the Secrets of a Martial King that had introduced him to it. According to his ancestor Di Yue, the Spirit Stone was an extremely rare and precious treasure, so he had not expected to get 10 in one go.

This was the right time to go to Daicheng City. To Di Jiu, the Spirit Stone was way more precious than the diamonds.

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