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Chapter 828: A City of Homebodies

Di Jiu launched his nomological escape technique and his Spiritual Force covered the entire range he could reach.

In just one day, Di Jiu was puzzled. There was actually no one in this place. It was no wonder that there was no life-force aura and the place looked dead. Although this was a huge place, there were no people, animals, or plants. At least, he hadn’t seen a living plant so far, let alone an animal.

On the contrary, he had seen many low-level blacksmithing materials.

No, that was not right. Di Jiu suddenly stopped and bent down to pick up a piece of debris.

A faint Dao rune aura reached him. This was actually the Dharma treasure fragment of a supreme-grade divine weapon. However, this fragment had existed there for many years. Thus, when Di Jiu used a bit of strength, it turned into a fine powder.

Immediately, Di Jiu found out that the more he moved forward, the more Dharma treasure fragments appeared under his feet. The vast majority were fragments of a supreme-grade divine weapon, while there were a few fragments of a high-grade divine weapon.

Di Jiu gasped. What kind of place was this? Was it an ancient battlefield? This was not the case. If it had been an ancient battlefield, the Heaven Earth Law there wouldn’t have been so clear and perfect or lacked any external filth.

Just as Di Jiu started guessing exactly where this place was, a figure appeared in his Spiritual Force and quickly pa.s.sed its edge. Apparently, it hadn’t seen him.

Di Jiu did not hesitate to follow the figure. After more than a few hours, a vast, boundless True Cultivation city appeared in his line of sight.

The cultivator that he had chased also entered this city.

There was even a True Cultivation city there? Why was life-force disappearing everywhere? Di Jiu was a little confused. When he was about to rush to the True Cultivation city, his heart suddenly moved.

Immediately, he took a few steps back and set up a Teleportation Array.

After setting up this Teleportation Array, he headed to this tall True Cultivation city. This city looked extremely tall, but it seemed to have experienced a lot of great changes as though it had gone through endless years.

Theoretically, the cultivators coming in and out of the True Cultivation city should be very lively. However, Di Jiu didn’t see any cultivators come out when he approached the city.

Three huge characters floated above the extremely tall city: Lost Dao City.

What left Di Jiu speechless was that there were no guards, Defense Arrays, or any cultivators guarding the city gate of this True Cultivation city.

Without a Defense Array, he didn’t have to set up the previous Teleportation Array. Given his nomological escape technique, he wouldn’t be afraid of even a third-step expert. He had set up a Teleportation Array because he was worried that there would be a Defense Array there that would prevent him from leaving.

His Teleportation Array could break through a Divine Defense Array of level nine or below. Even if there was a Defense Array there, he could flee at any time.

After Di Jiu walked into the wide-open gate, he stopped immediately. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the wide street in front of him. The main street of this city was hundreds of feet wide, but he only saw two cultivators.

He had followed one of these two cultivators a while ago.

Unlike this place, there were shops on both sides of the street in a general True Cultivation City. There were also all kinds of closed cave abodes with their own restrictions. What made his eyes light up was the sight of a flower bed in the middle of this street.

There was nothing in the flower bed except for a full bloom of fresh flowers. This flower bed was in the middle of the city’s main street, like spring water flowing in a pool of stagnant water with a kind of life-force aura.

Judging by this pot of flowers, Di Jiu could tell that the people there were also yearning for life-force.

As soon as he saw this, he saw dozens of cultivators rus.h.i.+ng out of the shops on both sides. However, that was not the end. After these dozens of cultivators, hundreds of more cultivators rushed out, followed by a steady stream of cultivators that rushed in from all directions.

Evidently, these people knew that there was a newcomer.

Di Jiu was not surprised that there were so many cultivators in this city. To his surprise, the cultivators there were homebodies. If a newcomer like him had not come, he was afraid that these people would have stayed in their cave abodes all year.

Someone had already reached his side. Upon scanning the people with his Spiritual Force, Di Jiu was surprised.

There was a late-stage Dao Integration expert, a mid-stage Dao Integration expert, a late-stage Dao Integration expert…

There were even people who had surpa.s.sed the Dao Integration Realm…

Di Jiu’s expression finally changed. He found out that, except for a few Primordial Chaos cultivators, most of the cultivators who had rushed out were Dao Integration cultivators. Some of the cultivators had also surpa.s.sed the Dao Integration Realm. His cultivation level there was at the bottom.

What kind of place was this Lost Dao City? Why were there so many Dao Integration experts?

“Newcomer?” A man with kiwi-like skin had approached Di Jiu. When he asked Di Jiu this question, the excitement in his eyes could not be concealed. If he didn’t know that he would still be blocked if he took away Di Jiu, he might have done so.

At that moment, dozens of cultivators reached Di Jiu’s side. A few of them went behind Di Jiu. Based on this formation, Di Jiu was completely surrounded.

He said with cupped fists, “I entered this place by mistake not too long ago. May I ask where this place is, fellow Daoists?”

“Ha ha… Where is this place?” A late-stage Dao Integration cultivator laughed and suddenly raised his hand to grab Di Jiu.

However, he was stopped by a late-stage Dao Integration cultivator next to him. “Brother Pen, don’t be so anxious. There was a woman before, and there is now a young man. It is evident that we will finally have a way out of the Lost Dao World.”

“Yes, yes. We can’t hurry. Don’t scare this little brother. It isn’t easy for him to cultivate to the Primordial Chaos Realm,” said another Dao Integration cultivator.

Di Jiu silently sighed. He cultivated the Nomological Qi Circulation, and almost n.o.body could see his cultivation level. Even if someone could, they would guess based on his Dao runes. However, the person before him seemed to know that he was in the Primordial Chaos Realm.

“Brother Peng is here. Listen to him,” someone said next.

The cultivators crowding on the main street dispersed naturally and a thin, weak man walked through.

Di Jiu watched thousands of people staring at him as cultivators kept constantly coming. He felt like he was putting on a monkey show.

“You just came to the Dao World?” The thin, weak man had already arrived before Di Jiu and his domain had bound Di Jiu up.

What a powerful domain… Di Jiu was shocked to sense the other party’s domain. However, he had simulated his Spiritual Force long ago. Although this domain was powerful, it had a decaying aura. If he wanted to do anything, he could completely tear the opponent’s domain.

“Yes, I just came here. Is this called the Lost Dao World?” When Di Jiu answered, he also sized up the thin, weak man before his eyes.

This man was very thin and had extremely long eyebrows. His cultivation level must have surpa.s.sed the Dao Integration Realm. What surprised Di Jiu the most were the two ears of this guy, which were like two palm-leaf fans hanging down on either side of his face.

“You have some guts, n.o.body. You should kneel and answer when Big Brother Peng asks you a question. How dare you b.u.t.t in!” Upon hearing Di Jiu’s words, a mid-stage Dao Integration cultivator suddenly bellowed before he slapped the area between Di Jiu’s eyebrows.

Even if Di Jiu did not reach the perfected Primordial Chaos Realm, his strength would not be comparable to a mid-stage Dao Integration cultivator’s strength. Even though this Dao Integration cultivator was unlike any ordinary Dao Integration cultivator, Di Jiu still sensed what the other party meant. This guy actually wanted to crush his Purple Palace.

Furious, Di Jiu drew his Heavenly Aqua Saber without hesitation and slashed out. The domain locking Di Jiu instantly split open and his Heavenly Aqua Saber’s saber screen locked this mid-stage Dao Integration cultivator in place.

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