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Chapter 897: The Pa.s.sageway that Di Jiu Had Constructed

Several days flew by. Di Jiu, who was sitting in the middle of the square, did not budge at all.

n.o.body was anxious, as several days were akin to the blink of an eye for them.

Even though the rest were not anxious, Di Jiu was. He had a premonition that it would be disadvantageous for him if he stayed in the Dao Abyss longer.

However, he still couldn’t find the way out, even though his Nomological Dao had been deduced to its maximum. Was his deduction wrong? Was there no other way out of this place except for the Mountain Gaze?

If he went out through the Mountain Gaze, Di Jiu would have to consider it. He could clearly sense that the Mountain Gaze Peak was not the place he should be going. If he still went there, he was afraid that would be suicide.

No, that was not right. Di Jiu suddenly recalled what Du Zihen had said before leaving.

Since he had already integrated his Dao, why was he still using the nomological cultivation technique of the Five-Element Universe to perform the Qi Circulation? Why was he even using all the laws of the Five-Element Universe to deduce the way out of this place?

Di Jiu immediately started setting up his Foundation Orders. At the same time, he slowly sensed the difference in the surrounding s.p.a.ce using the laws that had been set up. Perhaps, he could figure out the difference in the surrounding spatial law.

Dozens of days pa.s.sed before Di Jiu felt pleasantly surprised. He had sensed an indistinct pa.s.sageway in the void. This pa.s.sageway was not found by the law of the Five-Element Universe. He had set up enough Foundation Orders that belonged to him, as well as his own laws of the universe by using these Foundation Orders, before he found a different spatial pa.s.sageway from the laws of the universe.

Even though he could not step into his own void pa.s.sageway, Di Jiu had now understood how he could leave the Dao Abyss. He had to set up his own laws in the Dao Abyss before he set up a new void pa.s.sageway with those laws. He did not need to use the original void of the Dao Abyss to leave the place.

This understanding made Di Jiu have a vague feeling of the memories he used to have on Earth. Earth was a mortal planet, but there was a debate when it came to his knowledge of the universe. After all, the s.p.a.ce in the universe was multidimensional.

After cultivating, he understood what this multidimensionality meant. If he tore the void in the same place, he could reach countless different realms.

However, Di Jiu had a new-found understanding that day. This multidimensionality could also exist in the same s.p.a.ce, but the laws of the universe in this s.p.a.ce were different.

He had his own laws of the universe and had set up a brand new void pa.s.sageway in the Dao Abyss. As long as the laws of the universe were different, even another void would have a different void pa.s.sageway.

The more laws Di Jiu set up, the more condensed his Dao Integration runes were. At the same time, the void pa.s.sageway before his eyes was finally substantial.

Di Jiu stood up and took a step out. At the same time, he used the laws of the universe to envelop the other people.

Therefore, when Di Jiu stepped onto the void pa.s.sageway and the others saw the void pa.s.sageway he had set up, they followed him to the pa.s.sageway, feeling pleasantly surprised.

All the cultivators on the square of the Dao Abyss watched Di Jiu and the rest disappear from the void above the square. Even the third-step experts were somewhat stunned. Had they not discovered the spatial restriction in this place? That was unlikely. Even if they had not discovered the spatial restriction, they should have been able to sense it when the others had been fighting.

A third-step expert couldn’t help but step out through the place where Di Jiu had disappeared. A moment later, he was crushed down by the terrifying Creation Dao Runes and he landed on the square.

The third-step expert was startled but he immediately sent a punch out.

The sound of Divine Essence exploding was heard in the void. However, his Spiritual Force still couldn’t sense anything, and his Dao runes didn’t sense anything different either. The void was still the same as ever. There were no changes.

“So formidable…” After the third-step expert said this, his figure suddenly turned and rapidly disappeared from the Dao trading square.

He had understood why Di Jiu was so formidable. Di Jiu had definitely set up his own void pa.s.sageway. Such a method was not a divine power, as he had set up the Heaven Earth Law. This was similar to a third-step cultivator setting up his own world.

However, Di Jiu had a much more difficult time setting up his own world than a third-step expert. The third-step experts that he knew were setting up their own worlds in the Five-Element Universe and would not exceed that universe. In other words, if a perfected Dao Integration cultivator wanted to reach the third step and set up their own world, they would have to gain insight into the Heaven Earth Law of the Five-Element Universe before setting up the laws of their own world through the laws set up by the Five-Element Universe. In short, this was related to the Five-Element Universe.

Due to this relations.h.i.+p, after many third-step cultivators perished, their worlds would be obtained by other people.

Di Jiu had definitely set up a law of the universe that was completely different from the Five-Element Universe so he could open a pa.s.sageway that belonged to him. Because he knew how terrifying this was, he wanted to go back to enter seclusion. When Ye Zifeng returned in the future, he would not be a.s.sociated with Ye Zifeng no matter what.

He was sure that Du Zihen would definitely be like Du Bu in the future. As for Du Zihen, who had become friends with Di Jiu, he was definitely inferior to Di Jiu. He had to be crazy to become enemies with such a person.

Meanwhile, the Great Ultimate Realm seemed to have disappeared from the void and a huge Sealing Array had locked the array door of the Great Ultimate Realm. Apart from that, an offensive array kept bombarding the Great Ultimate Realm’s Protection Array. A young cultivator commanded this offensive array.

Outside the Sealing Array sat a square-eyed, black-robed old man with his eyes closed and a Half-Moon Wheel floating above his head. Every time, this Half-Moon Wheel would blast the Great Ultimate Realm’s Defense Array door along with the offensive array, causing the array door to produce a squeaking sound.

This was Bei Yiyu, who came from the Supreme Bei Celestial Ocean. The person commanding the offensive array to attack the Great Ultimate Realm’s Defense Array was the Bei Family’s perfected Dao Integration expert, Bei Yifei.

After realizing that the Great Ultimate Realm’s Defense Array flags conformed with the Five-Element Flags, Bei Yiyu decided that he would not rest until he broke the Great Ultimate Realm’s Defense Array and obtained the Five-Element Flags.

Each time the Defense Array outside the Great Ultimate Realm was attacked, the entire Great Ultimate Realm would tremble once.

Ren Jisha and Fang Jianxi led a group of people and sat down in the conference hall of the Starry Sky Saber Sect. They all had a solemn expression. Every time the explosion produced by the attack of the Great Ultimate Realm’s Defense Array was heard, it seemed as if a huge hammer had hit their hearts.

The conference hall was filled with silence. Perhaps because she couldn’t withstand this silence anymore, the Winter Valley’s Su Qianqian said first, “Based on these attacks, I’m afraid the Great Ultimate Realm’s Defense Array will be turned into fine powder in less than 100 years.”

“If Bei Jie hadn’t been killed, things would have been fine.” A young Foreign Affairs Elder suddenly sighed.

Ren Jisha raised his eyebrows but looked at the young Foreign Affairs Elder, unable to keep silent. This was the Foreign Affairs Elder of the Divine Corral River Sacred Dao Sect, Guan Long. When he spoke, Fang Jianxi’s expression turned ugly.

“Shut up!” Fang Jianxi bellowed. He stared at Guan Long and said coldly, “Dao Lord Di has done well by killing Bei Jie. Do you think that the people of the Supreme Bei Celestial Ocean kept attacking the Great Ultimate Realm because of Bei Jie?”

“I think if we concede defeat first and compensate them for some losses, we might be able to avoid this calamity.” Guan Long hesitated for a while before he explained in a low voice.

Fang Jianxi smiled angrily. “That’s utter rubbis.h.!.+ What is the Supreme Bei Celestial Ocean? Have you never heard of them? Where did Heaven’s Beyond go? Heaven’s Beyond had many more cultivators than the Great Ultimate Realm. Weren’t they also killed by the people of the Supreme Bei Celestial Ocean and then refined? If you mention taking the initiative to concede defeat again when the people of the Supreme Bei Celestial Ocean are not breaking the Great Ultimate Realm to kill you, I, Fang Jianxi, will kill you first.”

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