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Chapter 1346: Tang Qingyang Is Injured

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

When Gu Ning was back in the hall of the bar, she saw a group of people fighting against each other at the table next to theirs.

Xu Qinyin and Gu Anna were scared, and Tang Qingyang along with Jiang Ruiqin moved at once and helped the two girls to leave safely.

However, right at this moment, a bottle flew straight towards Xu Qinyin. Gu Ning was afraid and ran to her right away, trying to stop the bottle. Unfortunately, there were too many people in her way, and Gu Ning could barely move.

Tang Qingyang pressed Xu Qinyin to his chest and protected her from being hit by the bottle with his own body.

The flying beer bottle directly hit the back of Tang Qingyang’s head. Tang Qingyang moaned in pain and felt something warm flowing down his neck.

He was bleeding.

However, there was no time for Tang Qingyang to deal with his injury right now, so he focused on moving Xu Qinyin out of danger.

Xu Qinyin was struck dumb, so she didn’t know that Tang Qingyang was injured because of her.

Gu Ning took out a power crystal at once and said to Tang Qingyang, “Take it, now.”

However, Tang Qingyang was protecting Xu Qinyin with his arms, so it wasn’t convenient for him to take the pill with his own hand.

Although he didn’t know how effective Gu Ning’s pill was, he didn’t hesitate to take it.

After that, Gu Ning ran to the group of people in affray. She grabbed the hand of a man who wanted to hit someone with a beer bottle and used great force to dislocate his wrist.

“F*ck…” The man was furious, and wanted to hit Gu Ning with his other hand, but Gu Ning kicked him to the sofa.

When he fell, he knocked two men over.

Gu Ning injured him, but not seriously.

Although many people ran away in the mess, some still stayed and watched the fight from the side, and were all amazed by Gu Ning’s strength.

“Jesus, she just kicked a man away!”

“She could be stronger than the man.”


People were complimenting Gu Ning with admiration.

Jiang Ruiqin and the others were already out of this chaotic place, but Gu Ning was still left in the hall.

They knew that Gu Ning wasn’t weak at all, but they were still worried about her safety. Nevertheless, they couldn’t go to help her right now, because they would probably only burden Gu Ning in such a situation.

Song Nan wanted to go over, but was stopped by others.

Gu Ning also stopped the security guards of the bar from coming, because she could handle it alone.

Those security guards listened to Gu Ning and stayed outside.

“Oh, no, you’re bleeding!” Song Nan was shocked when his sight fell on Tang Qingyang’s wound. “Go to the hospital now!”

“What? You’re bleeding?” Xu Qinyin didn’t realize that Tang Qingyang was injured because of her until now.

“It’s fine,” Tang Qingyang said.

“Let’s go to the nearby clinic now,” Xu Qinyin said.

“How about Gu Ning…” Tang Qingyang didn’t want to leave right now.

“She’ll be fine!” Xu Qinyin raised her voice in anxiety. She believed that Gu Ning was able to beat all of those men on her own.

“Qingyang, you can go, and we’ll stay here,” Jiang Ruiqin said.

Tang Qingyang nodded, then left with Xu Qinyin.

Gu Ning, at the same time, beat those men up within a minute, one by one.

They shouted in pain while lying on the table, sofa, and the ground. Some were injured by Gu Ning, but some were injured by their companions.

Gu Ning’s fighting skills and unbelievable strength completely shocked all the onlookers.

“No way!”

“She’s so cool.”


Song Nan walked to Gu Ning when it came to an end.

Leng Shaojia was full of disappointment, seeing the scene.

This group of men who caused trouble here had nothing to do with her, but she hated to see that Gu Ning was so strong.

“Who the f*ck are you? How dare you to interfere in our personal grudge,” a man shouted at Gu Ning.

“This is my friend’s bar, and you just injured my other friend,” Gu Ning coldly said.

The man was struck dumb for a second, then closed his mouth. He was completely drunk at the beginning, but now sobered up a bit because of the pain.

Nevertheless, someone wasn’t clear-headed.

“F*ck you! Who the d.a.m.n is your friend? I don’t f**king care!” Another man was quite aggressive. He was too drunk to be reasonable, so Gu Ning directly ignored him.

“Did you call the police?” Gu Ning asked Song Nan.

“Yeah, the police will be here soon,” Song Nan said.

Before the police arrived, Gu Ning figured out the cause of the affray first.

The group of men sat together at the large table next to Gu Ning and her friends.

Not every one of them knew each other, and some were friends of friends. They were all drunk, and began to argue loudly. All of them were impulsive young men, so they soon began to fight.

Before long, the police came and took them away.

As for the loss of the bar, the police told Song Nan to calculate the damages before he went to negotiate with the bunch of young men.

Although the bunch of young men had just caused trouble in the bar, other people weren’t involved in it, so they continued to have fun inside. Therefore, Song Nan broadcast that each table could have a box of beer for free if they stayed.

In fact, it wasn’t an uncommon thing to see people fighting in a bar. So even if they couldn’t have a free box of beer, most people would still be willing to stay.

As a result, they all stayed.

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