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Chapter 1366: May I Help?

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

As for other things which had no relations.h.i.+p with magical power about Gu Ning, Baili Zongyang had no interest in learning them.

He had even slipped into Colaine’s factory once to check its medicines. He felt magical power from them, but failed to find its source. He was confused.

“Mr. Baili, nice to see you too.” Gu Ning smiled at him. She didn’t know that Baili Zongyang had done an investigation on her, so her att.i.tude towards him stayed the same.

Actually, even if she was aware of it, she wouldn’t mind, because Baili Zongyang had no intention to hurt her. In addition, Gu Ning kept in touch with Baili Zongyang because she wanted to learn more about the cultivation world.

“Miss Gu, I’ve always wanted to invite you to share a meal together, but don’t have the chance to see you. Would you mind dining with us today?” Baili Zongyang said politely.

If he wanted to know more secrets about Gu Ning, he had to interact with her more often.

Gu Ning understood that Baili Zongyang was sincere and she also wanted to spend more time with him, so she agreed.

“Well, I see your friends are here with you. Is it appropriate?” she asked.

“it’s fine, we’re just hanging out together. It’s nothing serious,” Baili Zongyang said.

“Right,” said Baili Zongyang’s two friends.

“Great, let’s go now,” Gu Ning said.

After that, they went to the private room that Baili Zongyang booked. Baili Zongyang handed Gu Ning the menu and invited her to order first. Gu Ning didn’t hesitate and ordered some seafood she liked.

Baili Zongyang noticed her preference for seafood, so he ordered a seafood hotpot.

During the meal, Baili Zongyang casually asked Gu Ning why she was so excellent at stone-gambling.

“I’ve studied stone-gambling, and learned a lot about it. I’m also very lucky, so it’s more likely for me to cut out a piece of jade,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Baili Zongyang c.o.c.ked his eyebrow. He couldn’t believe that Gu Ning relied on her luck to play stone-gambling.

Although he didn’t know whether it was a lie or not, he chose to accept this explanation. There were many unbelievable things and people in this world after all.

He came from the cultivation world, and he knew a lot more about strange things than mortals. As a result, he agreed that Gu Ning was very different from other people.

To prevent Gu Ning from becoming suspicious, Baili Zongyang dropped this topic.

At 6:30 pm, Xu Qinyin finished cooking the meal.

Once Xu Qinyin invited them to sit by the dining table, Jiang Ruiqin ran towards her.

“May I help?” Tang Qingyang asked Xu Qinyin again after he watched her being busy in the kitchen for nearly an hour.

Jiang Ruiqin gave Tang Qingyang a glance, but said nothing. He knew that Tang Qingyang didn’t want to talk about his feelings towards Xu Qinyin right now.

“It’s fine, you can just sit,” Xu Qinyin said, then turned to get the other dishes in the kitchen.

Since Xu Qinyin said that, Tang Qingyang sat down at the table.

After a short while, Xu Qinyin placed the nutritious soup before Tang Qingyang and said, “Qingyang, thank you so much for your help last night.”

“My pleasure, Miss Xu,” Tang Qingyang said.

“If it hadn’t been for you, my face could have been disfigured,” Xu Qinyin said with a serious expression. Xu Qinyin still felt scared of it in retrospect.

Afterwards, they began to enjoy the meal.

Gu Ning left the restaurant alone after having dinner with Baili Zongyang.

Baili Zongyang planned to hang out with his friends in a bar tonight, and they invited Gu Ning to have fun together, but Gu Ning said that she wanted to go home.

When Chang Bingjian was arrested by the police, those who had bribed him also got into big trouble.

Some officials had bribed Chang Bingjian for promotions, so they were going to be punished too.

Five officials were arrested that afternoon. Two of them worked in the capital, while the other three came from other cities. Although they didn’t hold high positions in the government, they were still guilty. And although they had a close relations.h.i.+p with Chang Bingjian, they weren’t the Chang family’s people. It wasn’t easy for an official to choose a faction to side with after all.

Because of Chang Bingjian, other corrupt officials stayed alert. Most of them didn’t have a notebook of bribery, but some of them did, and they destroyed it right away.

Corrupt officials could never be completely eliminated, because the desire for wealth or power always got the better of them.

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