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Chapter 1785: Good Connections Are Never Enough

The girl was about 1.7m tall and slim. She had a great build and was very pretty, but wasn’t as attractive as Gu Ning and Chu Peihan. She was only slightly taller than them. Therefore, she looked at Gu Ning and Chu Peihan with jealousy and hatred for no reason.

“Shuyan, they just swore at me. My hand is really painful now.” The girl told on Chu Peihan at once.

“She laughed at us first. It’s her fault,” said Chu Peihan.

“Am I wrong? You said the seafood is very expensive here. If you can’t afford it, don’t embarra.s.s yourself by coming inside!” The girl argued. She honestly didn’t think she had said anything wrong.

“Let me ask you again. Who told you we can’t afford it? We said the seafood is expensive simply because we are unwilling to spend too much of our boss’s money,” Chu Peihan said with a serious expression, which scared the girl. The girl suddenly found it hard to breathe.

At this time, a waitress walked over at once. “Please don’t fight here. May I know what has happened?”

“Sorry, my friend didn’t mean it. Please forgive her,” said Yuan Shuyan. She knew it was her friend’s fault, and didn’t want to make it a big problem.

“She didn’t mean it? She said it twice! We’re not dumb, so don’t a.s.sume that other people are idiots,” said Chu Peihan, but she was reluctant to argue with them.

Afterwards, she threw the girl’s hand away. Because she used a little force, the girl almost fell. Luckily, Yuan Shuyan supported her right away.

“You…” The girl was angry when she was treated like that. She wanted to criticize them again, but Yuan Shuyan interrupted her. “Shut your mouth!”

Hearing that, the girl was scared and closed her mouth.

Yuan Shuyan was very dissatisfied with what Chu Peihan just said, because she knew that Chu Peihan was saying that she was the idiot here. However, it was her friend’s fault anyway, so she said nothing further about it.

“Excuse me, we need a red king crab, an Australian lobster, four abalones…” Gu Ning began to order. She purposely said it in front of Yuan Shuyan and her friend. After that, she said to Chu Peihan and her other friends, “You can order whatever you want to eat. It’s a good thing not to waste any food. Being economic is a virtue, but enjoying ourselves is also the meaning of life!”

“They’re just pretending to be rich.” The girl refused to change her att.i.tude towards Gu Ning and her friends.

“Shut up!” Yuan Shuyan was mad and snapped at Feng Jiajia.

Feng Jiajia was really annoying. Actually, Gu Ning and her friends couldn’t be poor because their clothes were expensive. In addition, since they ordered so much seafood, it meant they could afford it.

A meal of seafood couldn’t be super expensive, and many people could afford it.

“I’m curious why you insist on saying that we’re poor?” Gu Ning asked Feng Jiajia with a fake smile.

Gu Ning didn’t show her anger on her face like what Chu Peihan usually did, but she was dissatisfied with Feng Jiajia’s att.i.tude too.

Feng Jiajia opened her mouth, but Yuan Shuyan gave her a glance of warning before she could say anything.

“I’m sorry.” Yuan Shuyan apologized to Gu Ning again, then pulled Feng Jiajia away, in case it became big trouble.

Although she disliked Gu Ning and Gu Ning’s friends and she was actually unwilling to apologize, she felt embarra.s.sed in public. Besides, it was obviously Feng Jiajia’s fault, so they should stop arguing over that.

“They’re indeed crazy!” Chu Peihan complained once they walked away.

“They seem to be born in rich families too. People who were born in rich families are quite different from each other. Some are well-bred and outstanding among peers, while some are spoiled, arrogant, and terrible at socializing,” said Mu Ke.

It was true that there were great differences among people who were born in rich families.

Some of them could receive great education because of their family background so that they maintained good behavior and had great skills. On the other hand, there were also some who were extremely arrogant and self-centered.

In fact, their parents had great effects on them.

Gu Ning and her friends weren’t affected by the argument, and kept on ordering seafood.

After ordering, they went to their seats and waited for the dishes to be placed on the table.

They left together once they finished having the night snacks. As they walked out, they met Yuan Shuyan and her friends again. They left for the parking lot at the same time.

The second Yuan Shuyan and her friends saw Gu Ning’s Hummer which cost over a million yuan, they realized that Gu Ning wasn’t poor at all.

They didn’t know how rich Gu Ning was, because it was hard to make the judgment from a car.

For example, Gu Ning was already a billionaire, but her car only cost over a million yuan.

Some people only had dozens of million yuan in wealth, but they still drove cars which cost over a million yuan.

Because Mu Ke had checked out of the hotel, he went back to Century City along with Gu Ning and other girls.

There were three girls and he was the only boy, but it wasn’t a problem. Gu Ning arranged for him to stay on the first floor.

The next morning, they had breakfast at home. After having breakfast, they went to the Capital University together.

Although Gu Ning wouldn’t live in the dorm all the time, she still needed to stay there sometimes. Therefore, she prepared some daily necessities and clothes.

She didn’t need to go to work in the company every day, so she could enjoy normal university life.

The Capital University was the top university in their country, so there were all kinds of talented people. Gu Ning planned to make friends with some and let them work for her.

In addition, many offspring of powerful families were studying in the Capital University as well, so it was a great chance to draw them over to Gu Ning’s side. After all, good connections were never enough.

Connections were different from friends.

In Gu Ning’s eyes, friends were more precious than connections.

Although it was the second day for enrollment, there was still a lot of traffic on the roads near the school.

In the school, it was even more crowded.

Because all the students from other cities directly lived on campus after the enrollment and they walked around in the school, there were more people everywhere once more freshmen came today.

Right when Gu Ning and her friends arrived outside the Capital University, she felt the air of a cultivator. She thought it was Baili Zongxue at the beginning, because Baili Zongxue came to enroll at this time as well.

She turned her head to the direction, but found she was wrong and the cultivator was the man who had been following her for the Jade with Dragon Phoenix Cloud Pattern.

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