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Chapter 16: The First Combat Training

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Hearing that he was a Gnome from Winterfell, the gamers perked up. Because of NotWearingPants’ post on Winterfell, it had become the most mysterious place in their hearts. With the presence of a Winterfell NPC, did it indicate the opening of Winterfell? Perhaps the Gnome was responsible for starting off the pre-mission for Winterfell!”

When the gamers surrounded and questioned the teleported Gnome, Sherlock walked over. The Gnome exclaimed in astonishment. When he saw Sherlock, he knelt down on one knee respectfully and bowed before saying, “The great Eternal Kingdom Dungeon Lord! I am Moroes, Winterfell’s Gnome Captain! I accepted your recruitment, and I’m willing to train your servants. So my students are all these…” Moroes looked at the surrounding curious Goblins who were wearing armor, half naked or wearing tattered clothing. “… strong, courageous Goblins with bright futures?”

“Is he talking about us?”

“Is he the Skills Trainer in the public announcement?”

“Yeah, we can learn skills!”

“Make haste, make haste!”

The gamers started their noisy chattering again.

Sherlock walked to the front of the Gnome and sized him up before saying, “I’m looking for a special talent to train my Goblins into warriors. Are you the security guard at the Teleport Portal Reception Hall?”

Sherlock did not trust Moroes. He had to pay Moroes twenty Magic Stones every month. It was unacceptable for Sherlock if Moroes was a good-for-nothing.

“Dungeon Lord, I’m aware of your concern. Please believe me, I’m able to train them!” Moroes said as he took out a medal and said excitedly, “When I was young, I obtained the gold medal and fifty Magic Stones while taking part in the Gladiator’s tournament. Do not be deceived, Dungeon Lord. I was a legendary Gladiator during my prime. I have served other Lords too and fought against Dragons, Sirens and Grand Priests, till I got married…”

Moroes could not help feel depressed. “It’s a long, long story…”

“Enough, I can guess as much what happened after your marriage.” Sherlock lifted his hand to cut off Moroes. “You can start with a week of probation, and the pay will be ten Magic Stones for a Gnome. If you can train the Goblins to fight the Spiders, I’ll formally employ you.”

Moroes was excited and knelt on one of his knees. “I, Moroes, am willing to serve Lord Sherlock!”

“Our contract is sealed.” Sherlock extended his finger and a Magic Contract appeared in his hands. He signed and pa.s.sed it to Moroes who imprinted his fingerprint.

“Our contract is sealed!”

After they sealed their contract, the Magic Contract vanished and Moroes stood up excitedly as he asked, “Dungeon Lord, where is my Rest Chamber?”

“Did you bring your bed and blanket?” Sherlock asked instead of answering.

“Because I left home in a haste… I can also stay in a shared Rest Chamber!” Moroes said earnestly.

“Moroes is officially your Skills Trainer. Construct a bed for Moroes now!” Sherlock ordered the gamers.

The gamers were watching their conversation as though it was a cut-scene animation. When Sherlock abruptly gave them orders, the gamers immediately started working.

The gamers constructed a bed made of mud and rhizomes not far from the Fairy’s bed.

Moroes looked awkwardly at the newly built bed. Then, he looked at the little Fairy who was curled up.

“Moroes, as you can see, the Dungeon is newly developed, and other facilities take precedence over Rest Chambers. The Goblins are sleeping on the ground. As you are a special talent, you won’t be sleeping on the ground. This bed belongs to you.” Sherlock pointed to the new bed and said, “If you don’t have questions, the newly excavated s.p.a.ce will be your Training Ground. I’ll arrange for the Goblins to pave the Training Ground with stone slabs. The Goblins are now in your care.”

Moroes was uncomfortable without a Rest Chamber. On seeing the newly developed Dungeon with a hundred Goblins, he felt that Sherlock was a rare and generous Dungeon Lord! Though Sherlock did not look rich and the Goblins did not have proper Rest Chambers, Moroes was sure the benefits were extremely good for the Goblins to work that hard!

Moroes looked forward to the end of probation so that he could enjoy the same benefits!

“Yes, Dungeon Lord!” Moroes became enthusiastic.

“If there are no more questions, follow me while I explain the job requirements.”

He brought Moroes to the Dungeon Core Main Hall. After closing the door, they were both alone in the hall.

Though Sherlock employed the Skills Trainer for the gamers, the Dungeon development depended on the gamers. There was only one free training session lasting two hours. If they wanted more training, they had to pay fees. If they trained everyday, who was going to work?

The fees were metal coins instead of Magic Stones.

Next was the training schedule. Besides sleeping time, Moroes would train the Goblins for two hours followed by half an hour of rest. The schedule was rather humane.

“I’m good with the training schedule. But, Lord Sherlock, why are they paying with bronze coins? Isn’t the bronze coin a Surface World’s currency? It is not valuable to us.” Moroes expressed his opinion. He was puzzled about charging Goblins for the training. Becoming a warrior was a tough endeavor, and most Goblins were unwilling to train. When in a fight, Goblins charged with their eyes closed as they screamed, “Waaaa!!” Some avoided the fight altogether.

If the Goblins had to pay to undergo tough training, would they not use it as an excuse to avoid training? Moroes had intended to give them mandatory training, but the Goblins could give the reason that they had no money to train! Moroes could no longer guarantee he could train the Goblins to become warriors.

“Don’t worry about this. This is part of our reward system in Eternal Kingdom to reward them for their hard work. Whether they will avoid training is not an issue. Once you start training, you’ll know. The first training session is free.” After his explanation, Sherlock dismissed Moroes so that he could prepare to start work.

Moroes kept quiet and walked to the Training Ground.

The Training Ground was full of Goblins who were staring wide-eyed with antic.i.p.ation as Moroes approached from the Dungeon Core Main Hall.

“He’s here! We can finally train!”

“Keep quiet, keep quiet. Concentrate on your training. Focus!”

The Goblins who were chit-chatting became quiet when Moroes came near. They waited eagerly for Moroes to train them in combat skills.

Moroes had thought that he would have to use great effort or even threaten one of the Goblins to warn the rest to keep quiet. But, they kept quiet once he stood close. They looked intently at him as though they were afraid of missing out.

The Goblins were unexpectedly obedient.

“According to the Dungeon Lord’s instruction, everyone can receive two hours of free training. Thereafter, it costs a hundred bronze coins for subsequent two hour sessions. There will be a rest period of half an hour between training sessions. You are to obey my instructions during training. Do you understand?” Moroes shouted to the Goblins.

“Understood!” The gamers shouted in unison.

They started on the Sword and Magic game world’s first training…

Sherlock observed that the gamers were training their const.i.tution and then their combat skills. However, he noticed a gamer who did not partic.i.p.ate in the training. This gamer with the name Raintea was at the flowerbed planting flowers…

“Bru, didn’t you say that gamers love fighting and adventure? Why isn’t that gamer training?” Sherlock asked.

“Let me see…” Bru pondered for a while and said, “That Goblin is a life connoisseur gamer and sightseer!”

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