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Chapter 286: Accede to All Requests

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The Ogre army retreated.

After seven to eight days of bitter battle, the Ogres didn’t defeat the gamers who defended the Orc village.

The gamers didn’t destroy the Ogres. When the Ogres discovered something was amiss, they tried to reduce their casualties. Besides the Bladder Bombs, which were lethal, only the large gamer unit could inflict damage on the Ogres.

For the past seven to eight days, the gamers attrited the Ogres like ants chewing up a huge elephant. The damage was limited due to the short period of time.

This continued until the Ogres started retreating one day.

Dragonborn didn’t know what happened. He saw the Ogres retreat like floodwater after a wave of attack. Before long, a group of Beetlemons, Hades Horses, Darting Birds, and strange rides arrived at the Orc village with Gnomes, Orcs, Vampires, and Werewolves.

They wore s.h.i.+ny Winterfell standard armor and held Pikes. They formed into phalanxes quickly.

The phalanxes advanced under the leaders.h.i.+p of a Werewolf General. Next to the phalanxes was a group of Gnome and Orc reporters. They were busy snapping photographs. When the storage capacity of an Adamantine rock was full, they would swap to new ones and continue snapping pictures.

The Werewolf General and a group of Orcs, Werewolves, and Gnomes walked over. A Gnome came forward and shouted at the low fortified walls, “Listen up, you have been surrounded…”

Before he finished speaking, he was slapped by an Orc leader.

“What nonsense are you saying?”

“Apologies, it was a slip of the tongue,” the Gnome quickly explained, but the reporters had recorded down the information.

“Warriors on the fortified walls, thank you for defending the Merchant Alliance’s land and for your excellent contributions. We’re here to reinforce you.”

They waited for the gamers’ response, while the gamers on the walls also waited.

What were the gamers waiting for? Plot Animation!

The Ogres suddenly retreated, and the Winterfell troops and reporters were here. Were they here to shout a few lines? What about the Plot Animation? And the rewards?

The gamers on the walls shouted as well.

“Are you from Winterfell? Are there any missions for us? We defended the village for seven days.”

“Yes, are there any rewards?”

“Winterfell is generous. We received generous rewards the previous time. You must be fakes!”

The gamers shouted nonsense. They didn’t have the intention to let strangers in.

The well-dressed Dungeon Lord Andrew walked to the front and shouted, “Is Lord Sherlock here? I’m Winterfell Dungeon Lord Andrew. We drove the Ogres away. You are now safe. Please inform Lord Sherlock that the Winterfell troops are here to safeguard the Merchant Alliance’s land.”

There was a round of discussion held by the gamers, but n.o.body opened the gates.

Andrew frowned. He had an ominous feeling. His plan was in tatters, and the location of Michelangelo’s relic was occupied by Sherlock for a long time. Andrew didn’t believe that Sherlock didn’t discover anything. What he didn’t know was the amount of information that Sherlock had and whether the Ogres divulged any secrets.

Andrew had to take control of Michelangelo’s relic location as soon as possible. As for how he was going to bring out the relic under the noses of the Winterfell troops and the reporters, Andrew had already formulated his plan.

He had to bypa.s.s the fortified walls first.

He noticed a portion of the walls had collapsed and knew he could launch a desperate attack. However, with the presence of that many reporters, he was unable to attack Eternal Kingdom’s servants, especially when they helped to defend the Orc village.

He had to use his wits.

“Do you have any requests?” Andrew asked cordially.

“You are the heroes of the Merchant Alliance. We’ll accede to all of your requests.”

The gamers shouted, “It’s your word. Write a written pledge!”

Andrew was furious.

He received thousands of requests ranging from Magic Stones to Reputation Points, equipment, and even a shop in Winterfell.

Andrew had no choice but to give a standard reward.

Every Eternal Kingdom warrior was ent.i.tled to 100 Magic Stones and two sets of high-quality equipment.

The Magic Stones could be given on the spot, but the equipment had to be claimed in Winterfell.

The representative of the gamers said, “No, we don’t and will never agree.”

No equipment? That was a lame excuse! The gamers thought that they could take the equipment of the Winterfell troops.

What? Andrew felt it was absurd for the high and mighty Winterfell troops to strip their equipment for the gamers.

Since when did the Winterfell Garrison Guard suffer such humiliation?

Andrew ordered his troops, “Everyone, strip your equipment.”

After giving up the Magic Stones and equipment, the gates slowly opened.

Andrew clenched his fists, while a group of reporters snapped pictures and recorded down information behind him.

He was going to ma.s.sacre the gamers when the reporters were gone.

Andrew fumed. The most important goal was to take over the relic location and restart the excavation. He had to find Michelangelo’s relic at all costs!

Andrew took over the Orc village. When he arrived at the large pit at the excavation site, he was stunned.

Wait a moment. When Andrew was there last, the pit wasn’t so large, deep, and neat.

Andrew turned his head and looked at the green-skinned creatures who were smiling merrily. His heart started thumping.

What did these green-skinned creatures find?

If they found it, where was the item?

In a dark tunnel, three Beetlemons were controlled by Orc drivers as they hauled a large rock and a mysterious metal chest. They emitted dragging sounds as they moved.

Sherlock was at the front of the convoy. Apple, who was at the side, asked, “Are you lost?”

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