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Chapter 295: Statue

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“You entered the world of Michelangelo’s memories and wandered for more than ten days. Is it that simple?”

Eggface stared wide-eyed in shock.

“It wasn’t really wandering. Most of the time, I was… learning.”

Sherlock had already explained his experiences over the past ten days to them. It was simple. He just took a look at Michelangelo’s memories.

Sherlock wasn’t concerned with whether they believed him.

Evelynn went back to the Adventurer’s Guild at the old district to work. Brainiac returned to work. Lilo left with the three Hamsters after she was sure Sherlock was alright. She couldn’t stand the chattering of the gamers. She couldn’t kill them or use other methods to shut them up.

Before she left, she reminded Sherlock of their plan to conquer the Heavenly Kingdom.

As for what Sherlock had learned in Michelangelo’s memories, Sherlock didn’t explain, and they didn’t ask about it.

Though he cleared everyone’s doubts, he didn’t explain the details.

As for whether Sherlock planned to give the statue and chest to Dungeon Lord Andrew, Sherlock answered firmly, “Yes. Don’t ask. This is the first step of my plan.”

After Sherlock returned, his first order to Bru was…

“Prepare to conquer Winterfell.”

The large statue was transported horizontally through Winterfell’s gate under the applause of the excited Underworld residents.

The statue was placed in the courtyard of the Dungeon Lord. Dungeon Lord Andrew even gave a spirited speech and obtained the thunderous applause of the Underworld residents.

Everyone was examining the statue. Who paid attention to Andrew’s speech?

Andrew wasn’t bothered. He was just putting up a show for these fools. Michelangelo’s relic was in his hands, so what if the statue was placed in the courtyard?

The real mystery was the chest, which had a Rune Mana Formation, though it had faded.

Why did Sherlock disappear? Of course, it was due to the foolish Sherlock, who triggered the relic’s protection trap and was killed!

No, it was best not to kill him. Let him live a miserable life. Then, once Andrew obtained Michelangelo’s relic, he could destroy Eternal Kingdom in front of Sherlock. He would then show the world that Andrew was the most powerful and popular superior Devil!

As for the Devil Management Committee’s concern about Dungeons in conflict, Andrew wasn’t worried. If he had Michelangelo’s relic, why would he be worried about the committee?

When Michelangelo conquered the Underworld, did he care about the Devil Management Committee?

Andrew looked at the residents that were examining the statue and felt pleased. He felt himself becoming the second Michelangelo.

While Andrew was letting his imagination run wild, the statue emitted the brilliance of Mana. Mana Runes started appearing from the head of the statue all the way to the Dungeon Core Main Hall!

The crowd started to panic, spreading out like waves. Even if the Garrison Guards wanted to maintain order, it was no use.

Andrew looked at the chaotic situation and the Mana Runes that appeared on the statue. He panicked. What was happening? What was going on with the statue? There was no indication of Mana, so why did it happen?

What was it? Was it a scheme of Sherlock’s?

While Andrew was having wild thoughts, an Orc ran over and shouted nervously, “Lord Andrew, bad news! Please take a look!”

Andrew left the speech platform and followed the Orc to a room with a crystal ball.

In the crystal ball was a dirty Gnome who was wearing goggles on his head. He shouted in panic, “Dungeon Lord! The Dungeon Core is losing power rapidly! Mana Runes appeared and covered the Dungeon Core! The Rune Mana Formation is absorbing the energy of the Dungeon Core!”


Andrew couldn’t believe it. The statue was absorbing the Dungeon Core’s power? Rune Mana Formation? The Rune Mana Formation on the statue?

Andrew picked up the crystal ball and aimed it at the statue and the chaotic crowd as he said, “Are these the Mana Runes?”

“That’s right, Dungeon Lord! Those are the Mana Runes! We have to find the Mana Team to handle this situation. Within three days, the Dungeon Core’s power will be exhausted!” the Gnome in the crystal ball shouted worriedly.

“What? Exhausting the Dungeon Core within three days?”

Andrew was scared stiff. His mind came up with various possibilities. His Orc a.s.sistant quickly suggested, “Lord Andrew, I’ll find the Mana Team to handle this.”

“Wait a moment!”

Andrew stopped the Orc and pondered for a while. Then he said, “Don’t call for the Mana Team. Seal the Dungeon Core Main Hall, arrest all the workers, and arrange for our creatures to take over.”

“Wait for a moment, Lord Andrew?”

The Orc didn’t understand Andrew’s strange order, but Andrew shouted at him, “Make haste and act according to my instructions! Seal all the news regarding the Dungeon Core! Don’t let anyone know, and don’t let anyone close to the Dungeon Core Main Hall or the Dungeon Lord Main Hall!”

“I understand, Lord Andrew!”

The Orc nodded and carried out Andrew’s order.

Andrew looked at the panicking crowd and the statue that was s.h.i.+mmering with Mana. He felt agitated and thought, It’s coming! Exhausting the power of the Dungeon Core within three days? How could Lord Sherlock do such a thing? This must be Michelangelo’s Mana! This is the key to accessing Michelangelo’s relic! It must be this. Yes, this is it!

A Dungeon Core could be bought using money, but this was Michelangelo’s relic!

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