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Chapter 308: Things to Note About Victoria

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Greetings, my name is Untouchable. I’m a vegetarian and a protector of the animals and the environment. I’m Victoria’s new Botanist Trainer.”

A dark-skinned Elf in underwear made of withered plants was half-naked. The Elf’s skin was coated with oil and looked s.h.i.+ny.

“I’m called Hill, a steam-powered Engineer. I’m in charge of Victoria’s steam-powered machines.” It was a Dwarf with a long beard. He looked the most normal amongst the rest.

“I’m The King. Hill is my brother. I’m Victoria’s Blacksmith. Do you want to play a round of cards?” It was another Dwarf who looked like the Dwarf called Hill.

The last person was bald and sat cross-legged on the ground. He was dressed like a monk, and his beard was braided. He had the look of a Grand Priest.

“Would you like to listen to the Gospel of the Lord? I have a question booklet. It will let you touch the Heavens.”

Lancelot introduced himself to them and then found an empty spot and sat down.

He asked about them. The four of them, an Elf, two Dwarves, and a strangely garbed Human Grand Priest, were recruited by Sherlock.

They had the same recruitment contract for a year, and the contracts all had a strong Mana-binding.

As for the monthly salary…

“Bro, don’t you think you’ve asked too much? I came from afar to work here to enjoy the diversification of the city. I respect your strange tendencies. I hope your steel boots don’t have leather. Why don’t you respect my privacy? I don’t think you take meat, do you?” The vegetarian and protector of animals and the environment, the Elf, spoke very bluntly.

“Salary? I’m an ambitious Dwarf. Why do you mention such an uncouth matter?”

“Before talking about salary, do you want to play a round of cards?”

“You don’t fancy doing the question booklet?”

Lancelot felt that their salaries weren’t high because his salary was pitiful.

Though he was regretful, the contract was sealed. Besides Victoria, he didn’t know where he could go. Was this really a city?

“Seems like everyone is here.”

While Lancelot was full of questions, the mysterious Sherlock appeared before him.

“Welcome to Victoria. Though it’s only a forest, it will soon become a great Freedom City.”

Lancelot wanted to say something, but Sherlock extended a finger and interrupted him. “Don’t ask. If you ask, it means the construction workers are on their way.”

“I won’t explain the details to you. You only need to do your jobs well.”

Sherlock took off his hat as a gesture of goodwill and said, “I may not be able to interact with you in the future. d.u.c.h.ess Victoria will be managing Victoria. I hope that you will work well with her.”

Sherlock hailed the green-skinned kid. Then he said to them, “There will be a batch of residents coming tomorrow. Please work according to the contract requirement. Farewell.”

“Wait, what contract requirement?”

Lancelot was taken aback. He took out his contract while the Dwarf Hill asked, “Didn’t you read the contract?”

“Isn’t it sufficient just to glance through it?” Lancelot was panicking. He knew that the contract was binding, but on seeing the dense words, he didn’t read them in detail.

Lancelot flipped the contract to the relevant pages and started reading:

1: The Victorian residents can be blunt. If they provoke you, please do not be bothered as they will not change.

2: The Victorian residents will not harm you. Do not use your weapons against them as they are of no threat.

3: Compared to food, they may prefer clay. Do not be surprised, they came from a culture of eating clay. Gradually, they will eat normal food. More or less.

4: I have not recruited a suitable chef. Please provide your own meals. Do not worry about the Victorian residents, they will provide their own meals.

5: If a resident falls to the ground dead, it can be starvation, exhaustion, or blood loss, please do not s.h.i.+ft or bury their corpse.

6: Try not to interact with them. You will not understand what they are saying.

7: Billy is in charge of healing. Do not doubt him. He is the best healing Grand Priest. If you are injured, do not approach the Victorian residents for help as they may worsen your condition. Look for Billy directly. The bald Grand Priest is Billy.

Lancelot lifted his head to glance at the bald Grand Priest. He was holding an exercise book and smiling cordially at Lancelot.

There was a lot more that was related to his work and the things to take note of.

Lancelot was curious about the coming residents. What were these fellows up to?

In Eternal Kingdom Dungeon…

“There are ten minutes before the game shuts down for the Third Beta Test upgrade. Put your things down and go offline!” a kind-hearted gamer stood outside the Dungeon Lord Main Hall and shouted loudly.

The gamers had prior bad experiences. This time, they wouldn’t run around when the game was shutting down. They returned to put down their things before going offline.

If they lost their equipment, it wouldn’t be worth it.

Arthur followed his companions to the Pioneer Alliance Main Hall. Though the faction of Victoria was newly opened, after serious consideration, they decided not to change factions. The Underworld was interesting, and they could experience the Surface World faction in the future.

According to what they knew about the game, the most important thing was that the city in the Surface World had just started, so the Victorian gamers would have to slog for their lives!

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