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Chapter 348: Evil Boss

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Then I shall leave the round Adamantine rock and the intelligence of the Ogres here. If you have any queries, please contact me at any time. I’ll bring new intelligence over tomorrow.”

Sherlock took his outer coat and hat and reminded the dazed Nicholas before leaving his office.

Nicholas, who was shocked to the core, finally recovered, and he swallowed hard.

That was Lord Sherlock, the mysterious and unfathomable superior Devil Lord. He was terrifying. I thought Sherlock had allied with the Ogres. This is laughable… Nicholas thought, laughing at himself.

“Lord Sherlock, how did you know that Nicholas may not trust you? From his tense expression, he was losing trust in you,” Bru said thoughtfully as Sherlock walked out of Nicholas’ office.

“One of the intelligence agents is called Bond, and he is the most experienced intelligence agent in Winterfell. If the gamers defected to the enemy in a bid to obtain intelligence, Bond would report this matter to Nicholas immediately, and he would be doubtful. It’s a simple deduction,” Sherlock said as he walked out of the Dungeon Lord Main Hall.

Sherlock looked left and right before proceeding.

“So Lord Sherlock was deducing? That’s awesome! After your intervention, Nicholas shouldn’t doubt you, but… where are you going?”

Sherlock didn’t return to Eternal Kingdom, walking in the opposite direction.

He didn’t respond to Bru either, walking to the roadside and hailing a Hades Carriage.

“Pa ta, pa ta, pa ta…”

The Hades Carriage slowed to a halt outside the entrance to the bustling downtown area. He could see the pa.s.sersby clearly from the roadside.

Sherlock descended from the Hades Carriage and paid his fees, then adjusted his black gentleman’s hat and entered the marketplace.

This was a wholesale distribution center. Compared to the Winterfell Commercial Area and shopping malls, the goods here were messy, but the prices were lower.

Sherlock wasn’t purchasing goods in bulk. He walked to a garment shop and knocked on the door with his cane.

A Gnome opened the door and received Sherlock warmly.

“Dearest Devil Lord, are you purchasing goods… Oh! Oh my G.o.d, are you Lord Sherlock? Is that you? I’m not dreaming? Oh my G.o.d…”

The boss of the wholesale garment shop recognized Sherlock and inhaled deeply, looking as though he was out of breath due to excitement.

Sherlock smiled and said to the boss, “Don’t worry, I’m here to do an equation.”

“What, what did you say?”

The shopkeeper opened his eyes widely and stared at him in disbelief.

“I’m here to do an equation,” Sherlock repeated himself.

The Gnome nodded and swallowed hard, then waved his hand and beckoned Sherlock deeper into his shop.

The shop wasn’t large, but it displayed various garments and cloth. The Gnome led Sherlock into the interior chamber and said nervously, “I didn’t expect Lord Sherlock to have the same hobby. I don’t mean to look down on you, but I can’t imagine a superior Devil in love with studying. I’m unable to tell a stranger what I like to study. Haha, Lord Sherlock isn’t a stranger. You’re my idol, and you saved me twice. I don’t know how I can…”

The Gnome chatted incessantly, and it looked like he would never stop, so Sherlock smiled and said calmly, “Just open the door.”

“Ah, apologies, Lord Sherlock. I’m too excited, and once I’m excited, I talk nonstop. Just like when my granny brought me here and told me that my biggest problem is…”

Bru’s voice filled Sherlock’s mind. “Oh my G.o.d, the Gnome has been talking nonstop. I think he will click well with the gamers who can chat for an entire day. They can chat using their phones and in games. To them, it’s the same.”

Bru also started nagging. Fortunately, Sherlock had no intention to respond to them.

While the shopkeeper was blabbering, a wall became distorted and turned into a huge mouth.

It was a well-hidden elevator.

“Lord Sherlock, the descent speed is very fast. Please be mentally prepared.”

Sherlock nodded and walked in.

The huge mouth closed. Sherlock was standing in the dim mouth and felt a fast downward movement.

“…like my granny said, there will be a niche for everyone. If you can’t find it…”

The elevator descended while the shopkeeper rattled on. Before long, it stopped, and the mouth opened. Sticky saliva stuck to the upper and lower palate and formed fine threads before breaking off.

“Er, Lord Sherlock.”

The shopkeeper was disappointed that they had arrived at their destination. He hesitated and asked, “Can we take a photograph? And can you sign your name?”

The Gnome took out a handheld Magic Camera, his eyes filled with excitement and antic.i.p.ation.

Sherlock extended his hand and caressed the Gnome’s head as he said, “Do you wish to die?”

Sherlock turned his head and looked at the dark tunnel ahead, then walked into the darkness.

The shopkeeper was dazed for a few seconds as he witnessed Sherlock vanish. Once he was sure Sherlock had left, he returned to the open mouth in disappointment. He kicked the inner mouth and said viciously, “Tsk, is my acting that bad? It’s frustration that I’m unable to make a profit off of such a famous person!”

The mouth quaked and hammered the Gnome with the tip of its red tongue, which came out from the inner wall. Then, a low voice said, “Be careful little one, or I’ll sue you for intentional malice!”

The mouth closed and rapidly moved upwards.

Sherlock counted his steps in the darkness until he arrived at his desired spot, a door that was hidden in the darkness.

Sherlock extended his hand and grasped the door handle, pus.h.i.+ng it open. Before him was an entirely different scene.

Numerous male and female creatures were enjoying themselves, while b.l.o.o.d.y chrysanthemum tea was being served by a waiter.

Light illuminated the Great Hall, and the area surrounding the Great Hall was separated into smaller rooms that each contained a table, bookshelf, bright illumination, and a studious creature.

Of course, there were couples who couldn’t keep quiet.

“You’re bad, how dare you test me with such a question?”

“Hehe, it’s such a simple question. You’re a slow female creature. Prepare to study through the night!”

Sherlock was feeling agitated by their words.

Could they not choose other places to show their affection? And they used such a decadent way to show it, too decadent!

Sherlock didn’t want to stay in such a decadent environment and walked to the other end of the Great Hall. An Orc waiter walked forward and asked politely, “Do you have an appointment? If you don’t, we only have rooms available for mathematics and chemistry. For other rooms, you may have to wait. The shortest wait for a biology room is 30 minutes, and that’s if the customer doesn’t prolong his study.”

“It’s not necessary, I’m a Happy member.”

Sherlock showed his Happy member ident.i.ty card, and the waiter said nervously, “Please follow me. Who would you like for your advanced tutor? We have various kinds of tutors!”

“It’s not necessary, I’m here to look for your boss.”

“Please follow me.”

The Orc bowed to Sherlock and led him to another corridor.

They arrived at a door, where the waiter bowed to Sherlock before leaving.

Sherlock knocked on the door, and a hoa.r.s.e voice said, “Come in, the door isn’t locked.”

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