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Chapter 384: Magic Cannons Firing on the Dungeon

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Good and peaceful days were always short.

On the fifth day of the Dungeon War, as Patrick Star was running out of money to stay in Eternal Kingdom, the Morgan army finally arrived.

That was a normal morning, and Patrick Star was having his common clay and underground water.

The ground shook violently.

At first, Patrick Star thought that it was an earthquake.

However, there were shouts everywhere, and he quickly figured out that it wasn’t an earthquake.

“Take a look! It’s the Ogre army!”

“D*mn, the monsters are finally here?”

“Charge! Charge!”

The citizens of Eternal Kingdom were very excited, and none of them looked worried or fearful.

The reporters packed their belongings in a panic, looking to leave the Dungeon before it was attacked.

Patrick Star was packing his luggage amidst the chatter of a few reporters.

“This was a fruitful trip! The legendary Gnome, Arthur, is in a relations.h.i.+p with some Goblin called Raintea!”

“What? I heard that Arthur and Sylvanas were in love.”

“Who’s Sylvanas?”

“What’s the big deal? Do you know the Black Dragon that was sitting at the door collecting money? He only trims his fingernails once every ten days!”

“What! Once every ten days? That’s big news!”

Patrick Star slowed down. Why did he become a reporter? He wondered why he wasn’t intrigued by the news…

His eyes lit up. He wanted to report on this Dungeon War! A report based on a first-person perspective!

He had made up his mind.

He threw his luggage aside and ran outside the cave as though he was chasing after his dream.

However, he was restrained on the ground by a few guards outside the door. They were deployed to prevent the reporters from running around. Patrick Star shouted, “I want to see Lord Sherlock! I want to be a frontline reporter! I want to report on the war from a first-person perspective! Give me a chance!”

An Orc rushed over and slapped him on the face as he shouted, “Such impudence! Do you think you can see Sherlie anytime you like?”

The Orc then smiled at his comrades and said, “Gosh, it feels good to slap an NPC and deliver such righteous dialogue. Can I perform such Daily Missions?”

“I have Magic Stones, I can give Magic Stones!” Patrick Star shouted immediately.

The Orc raised his palm, but he didn’t slap Patrick Star. The Orc’s expression changed many times as he helped Patrick Star up. He then said gently to Patrick Star, “Dearest, walk slowly. There’s a rock over there. Sherlie’s in the Dungeon Lord Main Hall. Let’s go and discuss things with him.”

Patrick Star spent 50 Magic Stones to obtain the right to stay in Eternal Kingdom as a frontline reporter.

Other reporters left Eternal Kingdom after obtaining basic news. As for news on the war, if they were able to interview a deserting soldier, that would suffice.

They didn’t have to risk their lives.

Though Patrick Star stayed behind in Eternal Kingdom, n.o.body told him what to do or helped him. They were busy with the war.

Therefore, he had to depend on himself.

Patrick Star took out some Magic Stones and stopped a 5-member team. He recalled that one of them was Arthur, the Gnome Dark Rider. He said, “I’m a Winterfell press reporter who is doing a report on the Dungeon War. Can you protect me? I’ll pay you money.”

Patrick Star only had 10 Magic Stones, and he felt that it was insufficient to employ the five of them, so he quickly said, “I’ll only need two bodyguards. Just two of you will do.”

“What?” Sylvanas, who was an Orc, shouted loudly and gave Patrick Star a fright. He changed his tune and said, “No, one bodyguard is enough. Is anyone willing to help me?”

“You asked for five of us, and now you’re changing to one of us. It’s difficult for us. Hand over the 10 Magic Stones, we’ll protect you,” the Orc BurningChestHair said.

Patrick Star didn’t expect to be able to employ five bodyguards with 10 Magic Stones, and they were Orcs! They even had quality equipment. n.o.body would believe Patrick Star’s luck.

Patrick Star was afraid they might change their minds, so he immediately paid the 10 Magic Stones.

He couldn’t hide if he wanted to make a war report, so he followed Arthur’s team to the Dungeon Walls. Along the way, more Orcs, Houndhead Men, and Goblins walked towards Arthur.

They were Guild members of the Pioneer Alliance. It was safer for them to fight as a group.

Patrick Star was surrounded by a group of excited gamers, while NotWearingPants explained the mission of protecting Patrick Star. The other gamers were envious.

The Pioneer Alliance was in charge of guarding a portion of Dungeon Gate. They walked up the tall Dungeon Walls and saw a dense black ma.s.s of Ogres.

The Ogre army wielded a crimson flame flag, which was the insignia for Eternal Fire.

At the front of the Ogre army, there were Ogres who carried s.h.i.+elds, Maces, Pikes, and Axes. They had different weapons and attire since they came from different tribes.

Gathering so many tribes of Ogres was a miracle.

Patrick Star felt chills when he saw the Ogres that numbered in the tens of thousands.

“Why don’t you make a complaint to the Devil Management Committee? It’s strange to have so many Ogres,” Patrick Star said in a trembling voice to the Orcs at the side.

“Complain? Are you complaining about customer service?”

An Orc stared at him with his big eyes, and the Orcs at the side started laughing.

“Can you be more immersive? He’s talking about making a complaint to the Devil Management Committee… Gosh, is that a lead for a Strange Encounter Mission? Eternal Kingdom is surrounded by the Ogres and is in great danger. The heroic me will overcome all dangers to find the Devil Management Committee. Then, a Great Devil Lord will rescue Eternal Kingdom, while Sherlie will die guarding the Dungeon. Our Dungeon Lord will then be that powerful Devil Lord!” the Orc looked at his comrades and said.

“What? This Plot is cool!”

“Are you a hidden mole of the game Plot?”

“What’s that? Sherlie’s going to die? Trying to play the tearing card?”

“If Sherlie dies, I’ll not play the game. I’m here because of my hubby Sherlie.”

“I’ll kill Sherlie now to provide an empty spot in the game. The gamers outside are yearning for a position.”

The gamers enthusiastically discussed Sherlock’s possible death.

Patrick Star had stayed in Eternal Kingdom for a few days, so he understood that Sherlie was Lord Sherlock and that they used it as a pet name for their Dungeon Lord.

“Gos.h.!.+ What’s that? Isn’t that exaggerated?”

While Patrick Star was trying to obtain newsworthy information, he heard a Goblin shouting.

Patrick Star looked in the same direction as the Goblin. In the middle of the Ogre army, five 10-meter-long cannon barrels were transported by tens of Ogres to the Dungeon Gate.

“What’s that? A Siege Ram?”

“I don’t think they need five Siege Rams.”

“For smas.h.i.+ng the Dungeon Walls. Are you being silly?”

“No, don’t they look like cannons?”

“Impossible. Are cannons that long and thick? Are they navy guns being used as artillery?”

“I think it’s navy guns. I’m so happy.”

Patrick Star was as pale as a sheet as he shouted, “Magic Cannons! Five Magic Cannons!”

Patrick Star ran down the Dungeon Walls as he shouted, afraid for his life.

The gamers were taken aback by Patrick Star, laughing as they watched him flee.

The reaction of the NPC was too realistic.

The Ogres had deployed the Magic Cannons within range.

A fully armored superior Devil stood behind the Magic Cannons, acc.u.mulating blue Mana on his body and infusing it into the Magic Cannons.

That was Morgan!

Morgan’s face was illuminated by the blue glow of Mana. When he witnessed more and more Mana acc.u.mulating in the Magic Cannons, he became malevolent.

“Die, Eternal Kingdom!”


The blue Magic Cannons blasted with deafening explosions.

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