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In fact, there was a special reason which instigated Bai Long to not try hard and grow to become a righteous hero, who would grow strong to keep those around him safe.

While one of the reasons was because the previous Bai Long had no such relations, the main reasons, however, was due to what happened just after he woke up.


When the newly transmigrated teenager from Earth opened his eyes in a completely unfamiliar place, fear and panic gripped his heart.

But no matter how much he tried to move and run away from everything, his body wouldn't respond at all. Because for some reason almost every bone in his body was broken, and therefore there were many bandaged tied to immobilize him.

Just as he was getting ready to shout, the just opened eyes rolled powerlessly and closed from him fainting.

Once fainted, the boy nothing other than pitch darkness surrounding him. It was so dark that he couldn't even see his own hands.

Suddenly in the pure darkness, a huge red coloured orb originated from nothing.

In front of the perplexed eyes, the orb split into seven different shapes, which for some reason despite seeing for the first time, he knew exactly what they represented.

"Arrogance, l.u.s.t, Greed, Envy, Wrath, Life, Pleasure."

Once he named all seven of them, the boy reopened his eyes to see the same ceiling he saw a while back.

But this time, there was something which changed. His body was no longer hurting, and felt completely recovered. Other than this, there was a lot of unfamiliar information inside his head which explained about what just happened.

"I awoke a Const.i.tution... The Body of Seven Carnal Desires."

As someone who read a lot of cultivation novels, the boy didn't need to ask anyone about what a Const.i.tution was.

However, there was something which surprised him regarding his Const.i.tution. And that was because it was a very special Const.i.tution. In fact, you could say that it was an evil one.

This was because the Body of Seven Carnal Desires literally fed on evil emotions and deeds to make him stronger.

And given how many perverted and evil thoughts he had, his Const.i.tution used them all to completely heal his damaged body.

At the same time, he knew that such a thing would never happen again. It was like a one time bonus, and would only happen once.

From now on, he would need to do actually evil deeds or follow on the Seven Paths of Carnal Desires if he wanted to gain benefits from his special Const.i.tution.


After having used a total of seven days to get used to his new life, Bai Long had figured out almost everything regarding the Seven Paths.

The first path, was the Path of Arrogance. It meant looking down on others, and feeling proud of himself.

The first path could be said as satisfied, when he grows strong and looks down on those around him. And when others adore and respect him.

The second path, the Path of l.u.s.t. As the name implied, this path was satisfied when he satisfied himself from having s.e.x with beautiful women.

The third path, the Path of Greed. This was to want everything he desires without limit. It included both material and immaterial aspects.

Satisfying this was very simple. All he needed to do was collect everything he ever wanted.

The fourth path, the Path of Wrath. The desire for murder and bloodthirst were a part of this path.

Killing others was enough to fulfil this path.

The fifth path, the Path of Envy. This was a special one which was very similar to the part Path of Greed. The only difference was that while both of them included wanting to obtain something.

This path was only satisfied by taking something which belonged to others. Unlike the Path of Greed, which only wanted to obtain whatever he wanted, regardless of what method he used.

The sixth path, the Path of Life. This path was a truly greedy one. One which wanted to obtain Immortality!

Luckily this path was satisfied as long as he grew stronger and obtained more vitality, which increased his lifespan.

The seventh, and final path, the Path of Pleasure. It basically meant, to feel happy and pleasured.

To satisfy this path, meant to feel happy one way or the other. In fact, it could even be said, that this path was a combined acc.u.mulation of the other six paths.

This means, that as long as the other six paths are satisfied, the Path of Pleasure will also be considered as satisfied.

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Along with understanding what each of the Seven Paths were, and how they were satisfied, Bai Long even understood how they were vital to his growth.

As long as Bai Long made sure to keep all of the Seven Paths of Carnal Desires satisfied, he would never have to worry about not growing stronger.

If there was one drawback regarding this special Const.i.tution, then it was that if Bai Long didn't stay true to himself on the Seven Paths of Carnal Desires, not only wouldn't he grow strong, he would, in fact, turn weaker and feel pain.

Which was quite evident from how much pain he felt when he first saw his new mother, and held back because he didn't dare to do what his perverted mind wanted him to.

Luckily, it seemed that if he restricted himself on something particular once, the pain wouldn't repeat itself when he met the above said something and didn't do anything.

Due to this even though he met his mother every day, Bai Long wasn't filled with the same mind numbing pain he had on the first day.


Having understood everything he needed to about himself, his surroundings, his past, and his newly awakened Const.i.tution, Bai along was finally ready to make a move to achieve his first goal.

Which was to get rid of Bai Yu.

But the problem lied with the fact that he was too strong for Bai along to kill on his own, and from how he couldn't employ someone powerful to do it for him.

Because honestly all that would do was serve as a stepping stone to make Bai Yu who had something special with him, grow even stronger.

Therefore Bai Long decided to think like a true villain and used his mind to come up with a plan that allowed him to use his various strengths to their best.

And the idea he came up with, was to use the person who was the closest to Bai Yu, and the one who Bai Yu cared about the most.

His mother.

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