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Chapter 1119: Little Angel Was Unable To Stay Calm

Ye Ling said, “No matter how disappointed you all were, it was also based on your own method in selecting the gatekeeper.”

“Yes. Hence, we have accepted it,” Lady White said. “Accepted this kind of ending.”

After a few moments, the captain’s voice was heard.

“All pa.s.sengers, fasten your seat belts. We are nearing the sh.o.r.e.”

Shen Qianshu had fastened her seat belt all along. This can actually go near the sh.o.r.e? Isn’t a submarine always in the sea?

The submarine seemed to have a collision. Their bodies slightly tilted forward. Ye Ling raised his hand and protected her forehead. It stopped after a short while. Lady White unfastened her seat belt. “Alright, follow me.”

The two of them followed Lady White and left the submarine. They entered an underwater city.

Shen Qianshu walked on the gla.s.s bridge. She gasped in amazement. There was a very big underwater city in front of her eyes. While she was walking on the gla.s.s wall and her feet were on the gla.s.s, there was a shark swimming at the bottom of her feet. The shark opened its eyes big and looked at her curiously. When she lifted her head, she could see some colorful groups of fish. They were very pretty. The underwater world was very clear. It was prettier than any underwater world she had seen.

It was like she could miss her footing and land at the bottom of the sea.

Ye Ling, who had a tumultuous life, was also shocked.

How did they build an underwater city at the bottom of the sea?

Lady White said, “Both little gatekeepers, please follow me.”

There were many skysc.r.a.pers within the city, though the tallest building was only 13 floors. The material was very strange, and it did not seem to be reinforced concrete. It looked like a 3D-printed building, but it was very solid.

Within the city, there were people coming and going. There were shops, clothing stores, movie theaters, and even an opera house and a court.

A group of people who were wearing white coats pa.s.sed by them. They greeted Shen Qianshu and Ye Ling very politely. There were a few people among them who wore spectacles. Shen Qianshu pulled Ye Ling’s arm agitatedly. “Look at that old man wearing spectacles. He was the n.o.bel prize winner in Physics last year. That lady was the n.o.bel prize winner in Chemistry ah ah ah ah… ”

What the h.e.l.l, a group of geniuses getting together.

Where’s the killer organization that is agreed on?

Where’s the darkness that is agreed on? Why can we just casually see two n.o.bel prize winners on the way!

“… ” Ye Ling was dumbstruck.

Can you not be so agitated?

And also, when you are agitated, can you pinch yourself?

Why did you pinch me?

It hurts, you know?

“Master, are they wearing masks to make themselves look particularly knowledgeable?” Shen Qianshu raised a reasonable question.

Lady White said, “Qianshu, it’s them.”

Shen Qianshu’s impression of the Rose Society went from 18 layers of h.e.l.l to heaven in an instant. She felt that she had entered an amazing place. It was like the nation’s secret department. “So impressive!”

Ye Ling took a deep breath and caressed her head. He used his gaze to hint to her to keep quiet and not to be agitated.

The little angel who saw less of the world indicated that she was completely unable to stay calm.

The means of transportation in the city was the tram. Three people boarded the tram. There were staff members going to work and knocking off from work on the tram. One after another, they greeted Lady White kindly. “Lady White.”

“h.e.l.lo everyone.”

“h.e.l.lo little gatekeepers.”

Little gatekeeper Ye was expressionless and did not waver at all. Little gatekeeper Shen had just been overwhelmed when she pa.s.sed by two n.o.bel prize geniuses just now. She showed them a smiling face which was extremely cordial, kind, and pretty.

“h.e.l.lo everyone. h.e.l.lo everyone!”

“Are you Aventura’s daughter? Is he Fang Hongxiu’s son?”

“… ” Lady White was astonished.

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