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Chapter 1121: Little Angel Was Unable To Stay Calm 3

s.h.i.+ Cheng nodded his head. “Yes, our internal department is very complicated. The headquarters is considered to be the technical school of thought, indulging in technology whole-heartedly. The external affairs are very radical, and there will appear some conflicts in the internal department. The situation is very chaotic now. The influence is also not like how it used to be 20 years ago. We would need to have a major reorganization of the system. I’m more in favor of Ye Ling becoming the gatekeeper.”

Beck said, “My intention is the same as s.h.i.+ Cheng. Ye Ling has the resolution and also the capability. Ye Ling, come and reorganize Rose Society. In a few years, it should be able to stabilize.”

Everyone’s gaze was on Shen Qianshu.

At this time, Shen Qianshu felt that they were hoping that she would be a little more understanding of the situation and take the initiative to give in.

Shen Qianshu slightly smiled. “I have a difficult problem. You all possess remarkable abilities and should know the existence of Ye Ling and me. We are your gatekeepers’ successors. Why didn’t you all look for us all along? Suddenly, you appeared now. Even if you felt that I had already died back then, Ye Ling had also been alive all along. He had been active in Europe. You all should know his existence.”

Rui Qiu said, “You ask Ye Ling yourself. Why was his illness triggered back then?”

Ye Ling’s face darkened.

The atmosphere became very awkward in an instant. Ye Ling had never mentioned this matter to anyone before, so Shen Qianshu naturally did not know. She could not help herself from looking at Ye Ling. She was puzzled.

Ruan Miaomiao said, “Ye Ling’s illness has always been unstable. Rui Qiu and I left the headquarters back then and went to Paris to look for him. We wanted to invite him to take part in the selection of the gatekeeper. Who would have known that his illness was triggered? Once I mentioned Fei Er, he went crazy. I laid down for three years before finally regaining my vitality. Both Rui Qiu’s legs were broken. He took nearly five years to recuperate. It was only in recent years that he could come down and walk.”

“… ” Shen Qianshu was dumbstruck.

d.a.m.n, Master, are you so fierce?

It is no wonder that Rui Qiu looked so cold.

“We have always thought that you have died. Hence, our target has always been Ye Ling, and we have been communicating with Luther all along. Due to Fei Er’s matter, Luther has a very bad impression of us. He kept thinking that our place would get people killed and refused to promise to help us. We could only bypa.s.s Luther and get in touch with Ye Ling. We also didn’t know that his illness was so serious.”

“After that failure, Beck and s.h.i.+ Cheng went to Paris again to get in touch with Ye Ling. He was in the mental hospital at that time. He could not control himself. We naturally returned without any achievement. Now… ”

“We have never given up. We had secretly contributed to the treatment at the mental hospital back then. Your attending doctor had been following our ways to treat you. Your illness could then be stabilized.”

Ye Ling’s face fell.

Ruan Miaomiao said, “Ye Ling, don’t misunderstand. We had given Fei Er treatment and were also aware of some treatment cases. We could not salvage Fei Er’s tragedy back then. We only hoped that we could treat you on time. We don’t have other intentions and only want to tell you that we have never given up on you during all these years.”

Beck said, “This kind of illness is very complicated. We don’t have the capability to treat Fei Er. We also don’t have the capability to treat you.”

“Enough!” Ye Ling did not want to think about this matter. To him, it was an extremely humiliating matter. He was not willing to talk about his own past in front of Shen Qianshu.

The others also knew what he meant.

Beck said, “Alright, we won’t talk about the past. We’ll only talk about the future, alright?”

Shen Qianshu reached her hand out and held Ye Ling’s hand. She was by his side. No matter what happened, she would be by his side. She also hoped that Master would not lose his courage and be able to face all predicaments in the future.

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