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Chapter 641: This Would Be Very Societal

She tried very hard to shout for Ye Ling and shouted until her throat was a little dry. She chased his sports car and kept running in the direction of the castle until he disappeared in the field of her vision. Shen Qianshu’s heart felt extremely sour. She almost cried and shouted out.

The 18-year-old young girl did not understand your vague hint.

Master, be more patient and talk more again. Perhaps, she would understand.

Don’t go!

This scene overlapped with the scene of the charred body. It gave her a fatal blow.

In Shen Qianshu’s dream, she was wailing. Ye Ling had a shock and did not know what she had dreamt of. She kept shouting for Master and looked like she wanted to run but could not move. His gaze darkened as he hurriedly lowered his body, hugging her lightly. The familiar scent of the man surrounded her and fully stabilized her. In an instant, Shen Qianshu was brought back from her dream seven years ago to reality. She hugged him panickingly.

The times when she was beside him were her most fearful and also her most relieved times.

These feelings should be contradicting each other and should not be existing at the same time. Yet, it made so much sense to exist together.

She was fearful of the future but felt relieved for now.

“Don’t leave me.”



Ye Ling was silent. His body was slightly turned to one side. He still felt extreme pain from his breastbone as he turned slightly to her side. She drank the fruit juice, slept deeply, and did not wake up easily. However, in the night, she was always dreaming and did not sleep soundly.

If he did not appear and respond, she would be dreaming the whole night.

If it was a good dream, then it was still all right.

The most frightening thing was to be entangled by a bad dream.

The confused memories and the Ye Ling in her dreams were intertwined together. Shen Qianshu was tortured until she was physically and mentally tired. She slept deeply in his arms. The effect of the medicine was the strongest in the first three hours. After the medicine took effect, all the functions in the body would return to normal. She would then be awake.

Ye Ling accompanied Shen Qianshu and rested there for about three hours. When he got up, it was quite strenuous for him. Ye Tingjun walked over and supported him slowly. Both the brothers looked similar in appearance, and their figures were also similar. Ye Ling looked at the person who was deeply asleep on the bed. His eyebrows were tightly furrowed.

He had to settle the Black Rose’s matter as soon as possible.

Otherwise, there would be no end to the killing.

“Is there any news of the Black Rose?”

“Big Brother, I was just about to tell you. Since the news of your death spread, she disappeared,” Ye Tingjun said. “Back then, she looked for you, and she was determined to win over sister-in-law. Why did she disappear instead after your death when she could have seized the opportunity to come in? This does not make sense.”

It was very obvious that her plan had changed.

Ye Ling’s main motive this time involved the Black Rose and the Ye Family.

He wanted to uproot the Ye Family. Anyone in the Ye Family in the future would not be able to interfere with him.

But the most important one was the Black Rose.

“She was highly suspicious by nature. Perhaps, she is watching from the other side.” Only Shen Qianshu believed he had died. Hence, the Black Rose who had been paying attention to Shen Qianshu also believed that he had died.

Ye Tingjun replied. “Perhaps.”

Ye Ling coughed twice sullenly. Ye Tingjun hurriedly came forward to support him lightly. “Big Brother, there is actually a question that I have been wanting to ask.”


“Why do you want to give all of AG shares to sister-in-law?”

“I will give it to her sooner or later. What is the difference?”

Everything he had belonged to her.

“Aren’t you afraid that she will run away with your a.s.sets?”

“Does she, a jewelry designer, know how to manage a transnational company?” Ye Ling sneered. “Even if she wants to run, she will also bring me along. I can still help her to earn money.”

“… ” Ye Tingjun was at a loss for words.

Yeah, very societal!

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