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Chapter 642: My Mommy Is An Idol

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When Shen Qianshu woke up after a night of semi-consciousness, her whole body was tired. It was as if she had run 10 kilometers. Her heart felt heavy, and it was as if a big stone was weighing on her chest. She felt a tinge of sadness.

The skylight had suddenly appeared. It was grayish-white.

The sky at five in the morning was extremely quiet.

There was no noise at all.

She kneeled as she held on the bed. In these past few days, she had been dreaming of the things that happened seven years ago.

The memories last night had made her feel even more sorrowful in her heart.


She never knew that Master had originally hinted vaguely to her before that she could stay by his side.


As long as she could accept that he was a lunatic.

But she had rejected him.

During these seven years, especially that period when her child pa.s.sed away, she had hated Ye Ling. She hated him until she almost became insane. She lived like dust, and everything did not go smoothly. Regardless of what she did, she was disheartened. She was practically aware that her life had already been ruined.

The confidence she had when she was young and frivolous could not be found back. She also could not find back the cheerfulness when she was dissolute. In her life, she would be immersed in the pain of seeking but not getting it, and getting it but losing it. She could not free herself and did not know who she should hate.

Should she just hate herself?

It was she who had been greedy for the warmth in the mortal world and forced herself to give birth to the child.

She hated that.

Should she hate Ye Ling?

He was the source of everything.

She also hated that.

Once a person had hatred, their life was really ruined.

She had become so clearly aware of the life she would have when she was old.

Now when she looked back, she then realized that it was because of her own stupidity that caused everything to happen.

If she had been a little smarter, and if she could understand Ye Ling better, perhaps everything would not have happened.

Back then, if she had followed him back to the castle, his and her lives would not have been so estranged.

However, she had forgotten that as an 18-year-old, could she accept Ye Ling who had schizophrenia?

She could not return back to being 18 years old.

She could not give an answer.

Her head was in so much pain. Shen Qianshu got herself together. After she washed herself up, she came down the bed and changed into martial arts clothing. She started to train herself. She was someone who was not very willing to exercise. Once she had gone hiking, her legs would get sore for two days. Now, she could run at a uniform speed for one hour and did not stop to rest.

After one hour of weight-bearing long-distance running, there was an agent who came and exchanged blows with her.

During this period of time, Zhong Ran and Ah Da had taught her. They did not exchange blows with her. The injuries on their bodies had not fully healed.

What was shocking was that Shen Qianshu could actually defeat a dark guard within two minutes.

“This is impossible. How did Miss Shen… improve so quickly?”

Most of the people who were chosen to be Ye Ling’s dark guards had more than 15 years of system training. The security personnel also had 10 years of system training. They had been trained since young. They were equivalent to a special forces commander from a special forces unit.

This agent had 10 years of foundation.

But Shen Qianshu had surpa.s.sed him.

“Miss Shen is really unbelievable.”

“She is too strong.”

“She has a strong flair for martial arts. Young Master had praised her before.”

“Young Master really had… trained her well.”

This period of training for Shen Qianshu was not futile at all. When Ye Ling was around, he had also joined the training at night. The intensity was not small. In addition, some solid foundations were added to the training. She was also talented.

The effect gave them a shock.

In the morning, the way the people from the security personnel team looked at her had carried a tinge of wors.h.i.+p. It was as if she was their idol.

Tong Hua thought in his heart, My Mommy herself is an idol!

During breakfast, Shen Qianshu was still immersed in thoughts of uncertainty about whether the agent had made things easy for her. Zhong Ran hurriedly came over and said in a low voice, “The members of the Ye Family have come knocking at the door.”

Moreover, they had ill intentions!

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