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Artic began to move forward with slow steps towards the shop. It was pretty crowded. that he had to go in through people, sometimes, he walked through the shop door and started looking at the old man sitting on the couch.

The inside of the shop was full of maps. In general, there was nothing different. It looked like a parchment shop. After the old man saw Artic, he stood up and started coming up to him.

Artic turned his face into a slightly older person for a little bit of that reason. In general, there was little trust in young people, and they were known how they behaved at a lot of things they had.

For this reason, in the image of an old man, traveling in this world gave him a very good reputation. Besides, being 50 wasn't that old anyway. The very old man started talking after he approached Artic.

"h.e.l.lo, what kind of service I can help with you ?."

Artic looked around after the man's words and started talking with a full voice.

«I want to buy myself a shop s.p.a.ce At the same time, Naturally, I want to a shop license.»

The Old Man nodded his head after Artic's words and went behind his desk, He signaled Artic the come close to him. After Artic went to the table, the man pulled out a leaf made of leather and after he took out a pen, he started talking.

«Your name ?»

Artic answered the questions.

«Altic» (Altic is a fake name)


«How old are you ?»


"I'm 50 years old."


After the old man finished his questions, he gave the scroll to Artic and began to speak.

«Mister Altic, your license has been prepared. As a license fee, the Gebin Government is demanding 1 silver from you.»

Artic, after nodding his head as a sign of confirmation, took out one of the silver coins he had already placed in his pocket and gave it to the man. The guy took the silver money and threw it at the part under his desk. And then he started talking again.

"There are currently a total of 3 shop places for sale. There are also 10 rental shops place What kind of place did you look at.»

Artic started talking after thinking about it for a while.

"It would be better if there was a place with a garden that I could use as a house and a shop. I don't want it to be in a very crowded place. But naturally, I don't want to be in a small s.p.a.ce too.»

Listening to Artic's words, the old man pulled out one of the city maps hanging on the walls and began to speak.

«Three places fit you what you want Mister Altic. Two of them are for rent and the other one is for sale.»

Artic told the old man to tell him all about it. After Artic's words, the old man started talking about the shops. and the first rental shop was just off the entrance to the city.

It wasn't that crowded, but people were still pa.s.sing by. He had his backyard. At the same time, the lower floor of the shop could be used as a house on the upper floor.

The weekly rent for this place was 10 silver.»


The other rental shop was a little more inland, with not many people crossing the generally quiet place. But recently, they were better off financially.

The house was made entirely of stone. But there was a floor.the first entrance was the shop, and there were two more rooms at the back door. These rooms served as a home.

The garden could be seen in the same way when entering through the back door.

The weekly rent was 7 silver.


The last place was for sale. This place for sale was neither in the center nor an outcast. In general, not many people pa.s.sed here, and it was made of two-story stone.

There were three rooms on the top floor, and two of them could be used as houses.

The other room was like a warehouse.

When exiting the back door of the house, it had a garden with a very large area. In general, this is the best place Artic has ever heard.

The price here was about 10 Gold Coins, as the old man told him.

Without thinking, Artic turned some of the silver ones in his pocket into gold and began talking to the man.

"I think I'm going to buy the last one you mentioned for sale. Can we see the shop.»

Although the old man was uncomfortable at first, when he saw the gold coins in Artic's hands, he began to think that the man opposite him was a rich man. For this reason, he tilted his head slightly and called back.

«Hey Miga, come here!»

With the old man calling out, a blonde teenager in his 20s appeared through the door inside the shop. This young man quickly came to Artic and the Old Man. The Old Man angrily slapped the young man. And then he started speaking in a strong voice.

"Show this gentleman a shop made of stone for sale, You know it. It is on the silver street."

A young man named Miga looked at the old man with a look of anger in his eyes. But within seconds, he was directly outraged. After he took the 10 copper coins the Old Man had extended, he looked at Artic and talked.

"Here, sir, follow me. I'm going to introduce you to the house.»

Artic had different thoughts at the time. He saw the b.l.o.o.d.y look in the young man's eyes. He wasn't treated very well here. After Artic and Miga left the store, they rented a carriage outside. His car would take them to the aforementioned shop, moving them faster in the city.

That's when Artic started talking.

"Young man, my name is Altic, and I understand you don't get along very well with the old man."

When he saw artic talking to him, a blonde young man named Miga, he was a little embarra.s.sed and began to talk.

"Things were good between us at first. But, after I had trouble with a few n.o.bles, the old man had a lot of trouble after that. After that, he started behaving like this all the time.»

Artic closed his eyes and confirmed them. And then he didn't say anything. But even though he didn't say anything, he started to have different signs on his head. It would be good for him to act like a normal person and live in a city like this. He felt like he was going to have fun.

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