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Artic didn't expect the woman in front of him to accept it so quickly. Einsi was a little excited about the issue of marriage.

At the same time, Artic realized that the reason she was in such a hurry was because of the power he had. He didn't care much about it. But it was still a little weird.


Einsi was one to hold his breath when she saw Altic staring at her eyes deeply The man in front of him was doing this all the time. Every time he did that, it felt like her soul had been read by him. she thought it was a very strange feeling. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

But naturally, she didn't have the power or authority to prevent it. Sos he just pulled her eyes aside and started thinking deeply. I wonder if my move was too much of an exaggeration.

Maybe the guy in front of him wasn't the kind of guy who liked such movements. she wanted a more traditional wife. In fact, at the time, Einsi realized that she was behaving very strangely with her thinking about it.

Even though the man in front of her was very strong, accepting his offer in this way would not make her a very valuable woman. she should have been colder and a little unreachable. If she was going to do simple moves like this, she should have done it at the right time and when the time came.

Artic stopped looking at Einsi after a while, and after he sat at the table again, he called out to Miga and told him to make coffee. Einsi also sat down at the table across from Artic. The black long suit she was wearing was contaminated by falling to the floor. But this pollution only made artic's appearance even more beautiful in Artic's eyes.

Artic was thinking deeply. Both in his first world and this world, he was often bad with women. The first woman he came here and liked accused him of treason and wanted to kill him.

The other woman cheated on Artic, almost as soon as she started a full relations.h.i.+p with her.

Although he never met many women after that, he was wondering what the path would be like for Einsi, who is now a charming beauty with black eyes and black hair.

If he had the same betrayal as he used to, he was no longer in a position to lose control. After he cleaned and strengthened the spirit of his Origin Energy and Kaiser Flute, these things seemed like a piece of cake to him.


Estam began to go to Lein the Dwarf with the sword in his hand. As he began to move along the roads, constant dark thoughts were pa.s.sing through him. The reason for this was simple.


Because if he didn't like the sword in his hand, he wouldn't have much time to go somewhere else and spend money. All he wanted was for the dwarf to appreciate this sword he got from the strange man.

As he kept walking, he was thinking about other things. One of them was what a strange place the store he went to was. It was also the mystical owner who ran the shop and the probable owner.

You didn't always meet people like that. Even Estam knew only Dwarf Lein in his life. And as far as he knows, Dwarf Lein wasn't such a powerful mystic. It was a show of how rare mystics were.

Estam was inadvertently starting to pa.s.s through it as he kept walking.

«A lot of things are changing. I feel. I hope this doesn't be a problem.»

After his thoughts, Estam took a deep breath and entered the shop of Cice Lien, whom he had seen in front of him. He couldn't wait to show off the sword in his hand.


A man in black, with a great deal of sweat on his forehead, was sitting in an alley resting. He's never felt that kind of energy in his life. He instantly felt he was going to die.

Fargos was an internal spy working for the Black Hand.internal spies investigating the loyalty of their members. One of the people Fargos investigated and studied was an named Einsi.

He first witnessed the events that Einsi experienced in Altic's shop. He didn't report it directly to the Black Hand. He was thinking about whether Einsi would do it or not.

After watching it for a while, he was happy that Einsi had transferred his events to Black Hand. But then he went to the man he was living with and revealed his ident.i.ty. And then he talked about all the events.

Fargos, who heard all this, shook his head. Einsi was a good agent, and now he's supposed to die.

While Fargos was thinking about it, the owner of the Gla.s.s Shop, Altic, looked behind the door as if he knew where he was. And that's when this guy was starting to emit a lot of energy.

Fargos was a mystic working on a Level 3 Shadow Espionage Act. Where could it have been impossible to catch like this? However, the man in front of him was able to see directly where he was and send a great deal of energy.

Fargos, who had felt the energy, had gone straight away and began to flee with all his might. After he'd run away enough, he was in the present state.

"I haven't sweated this hard in a long time."

He thought. Fargos, for the first time in his life, encountered this kind of thing. After a few minutes of rest, he collected more or less himself and quickly sent his information to Black Hand.

Spies like Fargos didn't need people to send information. They had these kinds of ways because of their laws.

Fargos was a Shadow Spy.

Then he would meet the warriors who would come to follow the orders and give them detailed information and ensure the murder of Einsi. He thought he could kill Einsi himself.

After all, Fargos still saw Einsi as a Second Level Dark Sword Law mystical. Before Artic gave the information, he was already out of sight. If he knew einsi was level four right now. The information he was going to send wouldn't have happened so quickly.

He would take away information in a personal way.

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