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Chapter 1675 - Altering?

Davis had memory-altering techniques with him after plundering the Soul Palace, and he did manage to learn them out of pure curiosity. However, memories were something difficult to hide or change, especially when the person has less belief towards the caster who uses the technique.

It was precisely because Ancestor Tirea Snow trusted her master so much that her memories were sealed without garnering much doubt to the fallacies that filled the gap of those sealed memories.

But, the people he was facing were spirits and not humans. There was no a.s.surance that these terrifying memory-altering techniques would work on spirits whose soul was stronger than a human's on average. Moreover, they did not have the same structure of the soul as humans did, not to mention that he had yet to seal memories of someone and replace them with fake memories.

It could be said that he possessed zero experience.

The Obscure Ghastly Bind Slave Seal worked on their souls as it was just a bind that limited their actions, warned him about their hostility towards him, and allowed him to punish them through torture or the erasure of the soul, but as for complicated things such as memories, he didn't know if such memory altering techniques would work on them. He didn't even want to try using it on them as there was a chance that he could make them r.e.t.a.r.ded or possibly have their souls collapse from being overly tampered.

Nevertheless, looking at the seven true ice fairies waking up and looking at him hostility before their expressions became aghast, realizing that they all had their souls bound by a dark slave seal, they couldn't help but s.h.i.+ver and retreat a few steps.

"Wha- What did you do to us?"

One of them asked with both anger and helplessness revealed in her expression.

Davis felt like he gave them ample time to recognize their circ.u.mstances before he spoke.

"I enslaved you all, including your Princess Iesha, who pleaded for all your lives."

"You lowly human! You dare enslave our princess!?"

That ice spirit who spoke displayed blatant hostility as she took a step forward when Davis raised his hand and lightly clenched.


She collapsed on the lotus flower that she was staying above, looking at Davis with clenched teeth as she realized that she could not move her body from the dark slave seal prohibiting her movements.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d...! Release me...!"

"Only you seem like you don't seem to understand the situation you're in..."

Hearing the human's cold voice echo, that spirit abruptly stopped struggling and turned her gaze to look at the others, noticing that they were all trembling by their feet.

Only then did reality sink into her mind.

They had all become slaves, the same as they how treated humans in these Spirit Territories, not that she had human slaves as many spirits were willing to serve her and the others present here, but now, they all had become slaves that she couldn't find this situation anymore ironic and sad.

Davis saw that she understood the gravity of the situation they were in heaved a sigh of relief inside as he did not feel like hurting these blameless beauties. He released the pressure he put on this icy spirit as he lowered his hand, causing her to take a breather as she stood up, looking at him with a cautious expression.

"Now then, I'm sure you're all painfully aware that you're all my slaves, but don't worry. I am just a person who wanted this yin spirit pool in this place and greedily wanted to steal it. I don't want your lives, nor do I want your princess. Therefore, as long as you help me escape, I am willing to release the slave seal on your soul... spirits."

"Human, don't you dare lie. I know you're part of the Renegade Human Shelter. Just how did you become this strong when you should be nothing more than a High-Level Soul Emperor? And how did you get inside our Empire!?"

'Oh? There are Soul Emperors in the Sealed Land of the Spirits? Renegade Human Shelter? Interesting...'

Davis didn't know why she mentioned Soul Emperors instead of Law Rune Stage Powerhouses. Could it be that in these lands, it was easier to become a Soul Emperor?

"You're a part of the Renegade Human Shelter?"

Suddenly, Iesha's voice echoed from behind, causing Davis to turn and look at her.


He blinked that her fear became more apparent after a misunderstanding that he was part of the Renegade Human Shelter.

"I'm not..."

He lightly uttered when a voice interrupted.

"Don't try to fool us! Princess Iesha, don't believe this vile person's words. Princess hasn't seen what the world is like. I believe-"

"I'm not the person you're speaking abou-"

"Shut up!"

Davis interrupted, but he was also interrupted by that ice fairy's brazen voice. She appeared deeply offended as she looked at him with hate visible in her eyes.

"You humans even killed the spirits who were kind enough to give you cultivation resources, backstabbing them with your insidious nature. You killed spirits like Princess Iesha and founded this insidious group just like your predecessors have done, Vile Human Trash Emperor. You violated the Seeker Spirit Empire's Ninth Princess two hundred years ago and vanished, and you're here now, trying to dishonor our fourteenth princess. I'd save the princess even if I had to die for it...!"


Undulations began to revolve around her spirit sea as her white pupils were pulling above to roll back.

"Pia, no!"

Iesha screamed as she realized that Pia was going to self-destruct to warn the people outside. However, so what? This meant that she could possibly be taking the others along with her as well.

The six other Frigid World Spirits possibly couldn't survive her self-destruction at such a close range.

"Princess Iesha, it's better for us to die than to be controlled and defiled by this human! Please live for-"

Pia smiled widely, but suddenly, her soul undulations faded as she collapsed again, her arms and legs twitching before she hit the surface of the lotus flower that she stood on.


Everyone became astonished, but noticing that there was still life within her body, they slightly calmed down but still fearfully turned to look at the purple-robed human.

Davis's brows twitched as he had one of his hands lifted up as he pressured Pia into fainting. He could feel some intense hatred from Pia as though she had some personal grudge against him, no, against the Renegade Human Shelter, but still, if these spirits were not cooperative, then how could he arrive at a conclusion that wouldn't hurt both the parties?

He could only kill them to safeguard the spatial tunnel in this location. Or, he also felt like he could simply pa.s.s off as that Vile Human Trash Emperor that Pia hatefully uttered about so that they could all think that he didn't arrive from a spatial tunnel, but he didn't want to be like that person.

"You all... don't test my patience. I'm not the human you say I am. All you have to do is stay quiet about my presence, and I will release you as promised. Are you all really going to sacrifice your lives for this inanimate Frigid Yin Spirit Pool?"

The six Frigid World Spirits looked worriedly at each other while Davis turned around and shot a cold look at Iesha.

"Since you want them alive, convince them yourself. You have half a day till the time limit you spoke of."


Iesha stood shocked before she saw Davis disappear right before her gaze.

"I'll be watching all your moves. Next time, if anyone wants to self-destruct, just say it. I'll send you to the next life myself."

His voice echoed out to all the spirits as they looked around, wondering how he disappeared right in front of their gazes before their expressions became convoluted with various emotions.

Was he telling the truth? Should they believe them?

Iesha's white pupils shook, wondering why he didn't force them, considering he had all of them enslaved. If he so wished, he could, he could...

Imagining the things she heard about the Renegade Human Shelter, Iesha's curvy figure couldn't help but shudder. They were an acc.u.mulation of resentment that wouldn't leave spirits alive, and when female spirits were caught, they would be enslaved and tortured for their eternity.

But the fact that he didn't and wanted her to convince them to accept their fate as slaves to free themselves later?

What did it mean?

Was he afraid of the people who would receive the above, wanting to fool them and somehow escape? Or was he genuinely after this Frigid Yin Spirit Pool?

Iesha was well aware no fool would descend to the depths of their Empire to get a resource like this as there were even much more powerful resources in their Treasury. But considering that their Treasury was well-guarded than this Trial of Frigid Yin that was only a.s.signed to the talented female youths, she could understand why a human would come here.

Perhaps, he needed this resource for someone important. Otherwise, she couldn't see why, as his cultivation was almost incomprehensible to her.

'Ah... what should I do?'

If this human was lying, she would be endangering her Empire, which would be more dangerous than all of them dying here together!

At this moment, Pia woke up again and looked around, unable to see Davis.

"Where did that human go?"

"Ah, princess. Thank the heavens. You're still safe..."

Pia flew towards Iesha before she kneeled before her. But then, noticing that the slave seal was still inside her, she became aghast before she lowered her head and cried.

"Princess. I've failed you..."

Iesha bit her lips. The person in front of her always protected her from a young age.. She was her maid, a person who later became an imperial guard, entering as one of the youngest and talented people amongst the youths who kept up with her cultivation talent.

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