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Chapter 1676 - Princess Iesha

Half a day later, Davis looked at the eight beauties awaiting his presence.

His figure first became a vague silhouette in front of them before he revealed himself.

"What's your answer?"

Davis knew that they were still divided on what to do, although he looked at Iesha, thankful to this female spirit as she took his side on this matter, surprisingly choosing to believe him even though it was quite foolish of her to do so.

Iesha was extremely articulate, explaining the pros and cons of the situation as she tried to convince the others to keep their mouth shut. Despite framing him as bad and that likely they would all die, she spoke that she would take his side out of idealistic notions that all would survive.

Davis was quite an idealist himself, but when push comes to the shove, he knew that he would become a realist. But this female spirit, this woman, was just the opposite. She spoke realistic facts of what would happen in trusting him but chose to be idealistic instead.

"Human, how can we believe that you are not from the Renegade Human Shelter?"


Pia asked as she stood before Iesha, looking at him with eyes full of truth-seeking intent.

Davis thought for a moment.

He wanted to say that he came from the other side of their world barrier, which Iesha initially believed him to be so, but he felt that would make things worse as they would flip and not let him escape because if he came from the other side, then that was something more pressing than losing their lives.

"I, Davis Loret, descended from the... immortal world!"


Iesha and the others flinched exaggeratedly as their expressions became one of disbelief.

"You see the light of calamity above."

Davis looked indifferent as he pointed his finger above.

"People like me have descended down to the other side of the barrier. Unfortunately, I am a human, and no spirit would listen to me even though I come in good faith. They all tried not to listen and went as far as to kill me, a person they couldn't hope to offend, so I no longer both with warning them of the danger. That's why I made a family here and would like to support my wife with this Frigid Yin Spirit Pool's energy."

Davis mixed lies with truth as he possessed a genuine expression on his face. His aura was perfect, taking him to the summit, and the insurmountable gap in their cultivation did not allow them to perceive his true cultivation base.

"You..." Pia appeared shocked, "You really know what this Dark Sky Cavity is?"

'How the f.u.c.k am I supposed to know!?'

Davis inwardly cried, 'I would like to know that myself.'

The whole reason he was caught in this mess was that he wanted to find a safe hiding s.p.a.ce from the Calamity Light's disaster as soon as he could. If he was just half a day later, he wouldn't have been in this mess.

He couldn't help but lament again before he smiled, "Indeed, the others have already warned the world and have started preparations to face the calamity, but since you, spirits don't want to heed my words and tried to kill me, who cares? I'm going to look after my wife for the days to come and escape to the human lands when the opportunity presents itself."

Iesha's eyes shook while the others reacted in a similar manner.

There were many theories about the light in the skies.

Some said it was auspicious, especially the darkness-attributed spirits, but others said it was inauspicious and would bring disaster. Such rumors were spreading near the place where the world barrier was weak, somewhat interconnected with the human and magical beast world.

They truly didn't know and didn't care for the most part, but what if this human saying was true, that he came from the immortal world and tried to warn them, then they felt that they should see this to the end no matter what!


Pia looked at Iesha and nodded her head, who then looked at the others before they all nodded together. The latter took a step forward, arriving in front of Davis as she bit her lips.

"We understand. We'll all cooperate~"

Davis's expression became indifferent.

"Good. Now let me enter your spirit sea so that I can hide..."


Pia cried out in rage while the expressions of the others changed.

Iesha trembled, looking at Davis with shock in her eyes but once she saw that he was confused, she became confused as well.


"How else can I exit this place?" Davis shrugged, "The others can be sacrificed if they knew that I, a human hid inside them, but you, on the other hand, is a princess. If I don't hide inside your spirit sea, I can't leave safely."

"You...!" Pia clenched her teeth, "Do you underst-"

Suddenly, a hand appeared in front of her face, causing her to freeze in place.


Pia's white pupils trembled as she looked at Iesha.

"It's fine."

"You can enter."

Iesha solemnly spoke to Davis before she lowered her head as if showing her forehead to him.

Davis pursed his lips before he turned into a strand of light before he shot inside her. He could feel her entire spirit sea tremble, making him feel rather bad.

'Well, I can understand that no one wants someone else to enter their soul sea or spirit sea in this case, but I need to hide in a safe place, or I'm getting caught no matter what as I sense Peak-Level Ninth Stage undulations above...'

Outwardly, Iesha clenched her fists and teeth so hard that she was shaking immensely. Two drops of tear spilled out of her glowing eyes, causing all the other female spirits to turn aghast.


They had no words to speak or utter, feeling like they had no choice but to follow the decision they took or else their princess's sacrifice and struggle would end in vain.

Pia shed tears for Iesha before she wiped her tears away, looking determined, and Davis, who saw that felt a bit bad but felt that they were rather overreacting. His slave seal was already inside them. Did they have to bother so much about him hiding inside them?

'Oh well, I'll treat them better one day if the opportunity presents itself...'

Still feeling bad, he consoled himself.

Iesha and the others no longer stayed near the Frigid Yin Spirit Pool and walked out.

Light shone at the exit, and when they exited, a world of crystal ice surrounded them, greeting them with sparking and translucent light. The atmosphere was full of chill, but it was perfect for the Frigid World Spirits who walked out, making them feel as though they were fish in water.

What Davis saw was a gathering of powerful people, Spirit Supremes and Spirit Ancestors, waiting for them with smiling expressions on their faces as if they were truly excited.

Iesha and the others looked rather depressed even though they didn't try to show it on their faces.

Today was supposed to be the day where they walked out of the Frigid Yin Spirit Pool and proved themselves, but never in their lives did they think that they would be enslaved.

Suddenly, Davis noticed a change in the atmosphere.

The icy-white faces of the spirits who were waiting for them shed their smiles, replaced with peculiar smiles that he didn't know what to say.

It didn't seem like they noticed his presence or the abnormality of the young female Frigid World Spirits.

It was more like...

'Are those mocking expressions on their faces...?'

Davis couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Abruptly, an icy-white-skinned handsome man dressed in dark blue robes walked all the way towards them before he stood in front of Iesha.

Davis could feel a level of power that equaled the Soul Emperor Zealwonder, no, more than him. At the same time, he heard Iesha's voice.

"Imperial father..."

Iesha's voice was so low as if she needed her father to console her.

Her imperial father heaved a sigh and hugged Iesha by wrapping his hands around her neck and patting her head.

But on the other hand, Davis felt that he was going to be found out at such a close distance.

Last time, the Burning Phoenix Ancestor, Ancestor Cornelia, caught him lurking in s.h.i.+rley's soul sea. He did become vastly stronger from that time but would this Frigid World Spirit Emperor still be able to find him in Iesha's spirit sea?

He didn't know, but he hid deep, almost as if holding his breath.

"My daughter. Being understanding and good isn't enough for you have to prove that you can lead with your cultivation. You have failed me, no, your Empire. Sigh, go to your fourth uncle's room tonight."

'What the f.u.c.k!?'

Davis inwardly bellowed while Iesha s.h.i.+vered on hearing her imperial father's words.

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