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Chapter 2302 Guile?


A person exploded into a blood rain.

The ascenders couldn't help but tremble as they looked at the rain of blood splas.h.i.+ng towards the ground.

Someone finally lost their patience and caused an immortal ascender to be soulscoured. Unable to withstand the forceful scanning of the soul, he became r.e.t.a.r.ded. Since he was no longer useful, his backer waved his hand, causing him to die in an instant as he exploded.

When they looked at that backer, they saw that it was Level Nine Immortal Stage Cultivator, probably from the wicked path, as darkness energy whistled around him along with the four people behind him who exuded a similar might.

Above them was an Immortal King of their power. Therefore, no one dared to open their mouths, afraid that they might be needlessly implicated.

However, what made their blood turn cold was that because the dead person had been the newest ascender to arrive after the Viridian Lightning Fox, he had been soulscoured to know the events.

Would they have been subjected to the same treatment if they had come later? Surely, their righteous path powers and magical beasts wouldn't resort to such a cruel method, right?

Especially, the Silverwinds couldn't help but silently gulp. They could only silently console themselves that the person killed was also a wicked path immortal, so those wicked path immortals didn't overreach their authority.

"Mhm. It's been three long hours since sunset, but it seems like that arrogant brat doesn't want to show up. There's no heavenly tribulation in the area he lives or nearby area, and neither are there any changes to the status quo of the powers."

That wicked path immortal opened his mouth and went on to say his thoughts.

"It seems what he unleashed was a farce to smoke out trash out like them. This person should be taken seriously."


Everyone couldn't help but raise their brows at this wicked path Immortal's a.s.sessment before they couldn't help but smile.

Take a mortal seriously? Even if he became immortal and came here, so what?

There were multiple Immortal Kings here. If that arrogant brat didn't know how to be obedient, they could teach him how to be obedient!

"I agree."

However, a voice of agreement echoed amidst them, causing everyone to look at the Cyan Soul Rat Immortal that earlier caused a commotion with the Viridian Lightning Fox Immortal.

"I have descended to the Fifty-Two- Oh, is it called the Grand Beginnings Continent now? In any case, I have descended there and painfully know that human is not on the same level as the First Haven World's heavenly geniuses. He's beyond it, having managed to kill two or three immortals all by himself."

"So what?"

"You praise him too far like you're his bootlicker."

"Our heavenly geniuses could also kill immortals when they were mortals."

A few immortals couldn't help but cackle with amus.e.m.e.nt, while some simply shook their heads. They thought that the Cyan Soul Rat Immortal had become rather fearful of its life to be this delirious, almost becoming deferential to a mortal.

However, the Cyan Soul Rat didn't seem to take offense as it simply opened its mouth again.

"Then I hear he killed thousands of Vacuous Beasts and even took managed to grow a Fire Phoenix and Ice Phoenix to that level of battling with an Immortal King Vacuous Beast, which shouldn't be possible. He managed to control both heavenly lightning and heavenly flames, which is a feat impossible even for immortals. He was given the t.i.tle 'Divine' for his achievements in saving trillions of lives, and yet, arrogantly refused to accept it. Is that possible for the First Haven World's heavenly geniuses while being a mortal?"


Instantly, a sharp silence fell over the congregation of immortals.

It wasn't like they tried to ignore this information they heard from the ascenders, but they simply just weren't believable. Only those who had soulscoured would know the truth for sure, even though the majority of the ascenders kept singing the same tune.

But now that the Cyan Soul Rat Immortal emphasized, they couldn't help but feel some trepidation in their hearts.

"Did we check the other Ascendance Monuments?" Someone couldn't help but shout, "Surely, he could pop up from any one of these four Ascendance Monuments, as we couldn't say for sure."

"Heh! What do you know?" The Cyan Soul Rat Immortal openly sneered, "When I crossed the heavenly tribulation from my area, I ascended to the East Ascendance Monument. Yet, when this Torrential Wave Lion and Devilish Flame Fox ascended at the same time as me, they appeared in the North Ascendance Monument. From this and a few other ascendances as references, I could tell where ascenders would appear as long as I know where they're going their heavenly tribulation."

"The other Ascendance Monuments are practically crowded at this moment. If he wants to live, his only chance is to ascend to the West Ascendance Monument, where the humans of the righteous path are the highest and choose a power. I'm sure he knows that very well with the aid of his immortal ancestor."

'Tch, cunning rat...' Everyone couldn't help but narrow their brows further.

Even the Immortal Kings frowned.

This information was not exactly only privy to the aboriginals of the Grand Beginnings Continent, and not everyone was interested in the ascenders. After all, the ascenders didn't only comprise the beings from the Grand Beginnings Continent, as there were isolated mini-realms out there.

Depending on their spatial coordinates or nodes, they could appear anywhere within those four Ascendance Monuments. They couldn't say for sure where the Emperor of Death would appear, but the Cyan Soul Rat Immortal claimed that he did, even giving out reasons that seemed fairly acceptable.

The Cyan Soul Rat Immortal claimed that he knew but who knew where the Emperor of Death was having his heavenly tribulation or if he had just made a fool out of them all?

Just as they wanted to ask that wicked path Immortal who soulscoured, the Cyan Soul Rat Immortal loudly spoke.

"Cunning?" He cackled as he turned to look in a direction, "That compliment should go to that Light Sky Wolf Immortal who's hovering there."

Everyone turned their gazes to look at a white-winged wolf in the distance. That Light Sky Wolf Immortal wasn't too far nor too close, maintaining an appropriate distance from the Ascendance Monument.

"She tried to save the Emperor of Death when the wicked path immortals antagonized him, and her descendant has an amicable relations.h.i.+p with him, even becoming a subordinate I heard and yet, look at her remain all silent ever since she arrived here..."


The Light Sky Wolf Immortal snarled, her sharp fangs revealing her killing intent even though she tried not to be conspicuous. Instantly, she could feel a plethora of immortal senses locking on her, causing her body to freeze.

At that very moment, she knew that she had become public enemy number one. Davis had too many enemies, divided into two categories. One group that he offended and another group who didn't wish for him to grow. As for who was who, it was hard to tell.

However, the Cyan Soul Rat Immortal made both parties become scared of the Emperor of Death and pointed toward her, completely making them turn against her.

Just who was truly cunning in that regard?

Was this revenge for protecting the Magical Beast Sanctuary from him?

"So what if I helped him? That young human protected my descendant and my power from your vile power's claws. It's only natural that I would help him survive immortal-level attacks until I knew that he didn't need my help in the first place. Hmph!"

The Light Sky Wolf Immortal didn't bend her knees even with all the pressure threatening her to collapse. There were even some Immortal Kings applying pressure with their gazes alone, but they didn't go too far.

"Tsk, tsk. Whether you helped him out of grat.i.tude or not doesn't matter. What matters is that we can use you to trap him. After all, since he seemed to have seen through what this group of trash thinks, we can only resort to targeting his weakness, which I heard he was a person of integrity, which also means that he wouldn't forget you helping him in a pinch and would come to save you if you're in danger."


The Light Sky Wolf Immortal didn't respond, only having a disdainful expression on her face.

"What do you know about that arrogant brat?"

"Would you obediently tell us, or are you willing to undergo a soulscour?"

"Even Immortal Kings have come here, wasting their precious time on an arrogant brat. You better give us a satisfactory response, or else…!"

Many immortals demanded as they looked at the Light Sky Wolf Immortal. However, she didn't respond, staying there as though she rooted to the spot even though it was mid-air.

"My entire power in the mortal realm has been slaughtered by him. You better open your mouth, or don't blame me for becoming merciless."

A white-robed immortal suddenly descended in front of the Light Sky Wolf Immortal as he released his Level Nine Immortal Stage undulations, his gaze brewing with killing intent.

Everyone recognized that immortal to be from the Vast Sky Palace that had an Immortal King, causing them to smile as they knew that a show was in store as this immortal was the only remaining survivor from the Vast Sky Palace after the terrifying attacks of the Vacuous Beasts decimated his entire power!

"Sigh… it seems like some random survivor of a fallen power could think of threatening someone from my power. How amusing…"


A lazy voice fell when the white-robed immortal had just turned but abruptly exploded into a rain of blood as a resplendent jade-green light overwhelmed his figure.


This sudden turn of events caused every immortal's scalp to turn numb as they retreated. When they turned their heads to look at the green-haired individual dressed in a black robe, their hearts couldn't help but almost leap out of their throats!

"… Starlight Jade Wolf King…!"

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