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Chapter 2756 Making Sure

After some time, Davis and the others eventually calmed from the adrenaline they experienced with Fraser Herrion's appearance.

He began to slowly think what else he could've missed, causing him to have Myria check Tia for any seeds of influence, and Tia accepted the soul check without any hesitation whatsoever, fearing that she could have one as she stayed with Mystic Diviner Hailac for a long time, learning divination arts.

Fortunately, the result turned out to be negative.

"Big brother... I... I wasn't... taken advantage of in any way..."

After a check-up, Tia couldn't help but suddenly mutter in a soft tone as she looked down, causing Davis to smile as he patted her head lightly.

"Of course. If that psycho did anything, even Hailac would've found him, and all his plans would've failed before I even made a move. Since his main body isn't here and those seeds are malediction-based, they are most likely illusory and wouldn't last long if they fully activated."

"Oh?" Myria appeared to be intrigued, "What makes you say that?"

"If not, I think he would've already made a move against us with possessing so many influential people, don't you think? And 'last long' could be subjective, ranging from anywhere between days to months or even years depending upon his comprehension and the cultivation of the victim."

"Mhm. You have a point." Myria nodded, but the whole time, she didn't even deign to look at him.


Davis wondered if this was the correct time to talk more about their relations.h.i.+p, but the heavy aura around her sure did put a dense wall around her, not knowing if he should make a move or not, but in any case, he wasn't in a hurry.

He was satisfied for the time being as long as she didn't leave his side, as he didn't even have time to look after his other halves.

Davis then wondered if Fraser Herrion could've affected someone else, but that seemed unlikely, leaving him nodding that everything should be fine before he turned to look at Clara.

"I apologize in Myria's stead for doubting you, but we basically used you as bait as well."

"I understand." Clara glared at Myria before turning to look at Davis, "Still, it seems like I have to work on my Transcendent Truth Eyes. I was able to perceive any lies and falsehood from Mystic Diviner Hailac, but I was unable to perceive the hidden truth behind the layer of her soul."

"Haha." Davis couldn't help but laugh in response, "That's going too far even for you. That fool was only influencing her. Unless you dwelled into her soul and could interact with him, it's pretty much impossible to find the ultimate truth, but of course, if you asked her if she is hiding anything in her soul like a precise question, the ultimate truth would've been revealed to your eyes at that moment, but that fool would've made a move to escape. Therefore-"

"I don't think so."


Clara shook her head, causing Davis to raise his brows. However, she frowned, appearing hesitant over something.

"Strange... I don't want to keep secrets between us, but... something is telling me that it's not wise to divulge my powers to anyone here..."

"..." Davis stared at her, raising his hand to pat her shoulder, "Don't worry about it. It would be like that as you grow in cultivation. Don't be hard on yourself, okay? Evelynn is making progress in finding a method to seal the pa.s.sive influence on you."


Clara let out a hum of agreement, lightly smiling as she looked away towards Myria but seeing that s.h.i.+rley was talking with her, she didn't seem to want to disturb and went towards Evelynn.

Davis was also about to talk to Evelynn, but looking towards his allies, his brows narrowed.

"I saw nothing~"

Vereina raised her hands in surrender, her beautiful eyes blinking innocently.

"That won't do. I'm going to have to lock you up here."

Davis grinned as he approached her, causing her to jump and run to hide behind Zahara.

He appeared before them but made a turn, circling around Zahara to capture Vereina, but she slipped like a snake.

"Ah~ Help~"

Vereina ran around while using Zahara as a s.h.i.+eld, causing the latter's expression to twitch. Zahara reached out her hands and stopped the both of them as she gazed at Davis.

"Aren't you going to restrict me?"

"I know a majestic phoenix such as yourself wouldn't deign to divulge things even in death, but this sneaky woman here will do anything to survive."

"I'm not as majestic as you cl-"

Zahara looked at him with a complicated gaze before she opened her mouth, wanting to say something when she was suddenly pushed by Vereina, causing her to fall into Davis's embrace, which caused her to freeze.


Davis scowled at Vereina, who ran behind Myria this time, displaying her tongue out as she possessed a teasing smile on her face. Her semi-transparent veil did almost nothing to hide her playfulness in this case, leaving Davis stumped by her ability to not take this situation seriously at all, as though she knew he was not going to do anything to her.

He held Zahara's arms, but for some reason, Zahara remained like that, not moving away from him even after two seconds. Feeling that it was too long, Davis pushed her away, looking at her seriously.

"Are you fine? Should I have Myria check on you?"

"No, it's fine..."

Zahara lightly brushed his hands away and turned to look at the other side. However, she turned to look back at him, her expression flickering.

"I haven't said thanks for saving me yet. You have my grat.i.tude~"

Saying that piece, Zahara hurriedly left, leaving behind Davis looking at her with a complicated gaze.

Nonetheless, he raised his hands and clapped twice, gathering the attention of everyone present even though they were all looking one way or another.

"Everyone, I need you to cooperate. My funeral rites would begin shortly in a day or two, so... cry and badmouth me in murmurs while taking part in the funeral procession. Make it look real."


Davis gave them a thumbs up while revealing his teeth, causing Evelynn and the others to find this amusing but also distasteful.


"How can we bring ourselves to do that?" s.h.i.+rley shook her head, appearing unwilling.

However, Davis answered, "Ah, everyone must have some kind of grievances like I'm not giving you enough attention or something like that, which is true, so just amplify those feelings in your heart but keep it in control and keep murmuring something occasionally. The more you act sad and aggrieved, the more it is going to be believable that I died without fulfilling my promises to you. Otherwise, if you people walk as though you're stone-faced, the crowd wouldn't be able to come to the conclusion that I truly died."

Evelynn and the others couldn't help but look at each other. They found that the plan was sound and good, but was it really necessary?

"What do you have in mind?" Isabella squinted her brows, wanting to hear his plans for the future.

"Well, we still have four days before the banquet. With the death of Feng Chu, I think it's time for the resurgence of Dead End and Mo Tian."

"Wahh! You're leaving!?"

Everyone's expression couldn't help but change, while Mingzhi also yelled out in disbelief. He had just come out of seclusion, and they had gathered in the hall to discuss and plan things for the future, perhaps have some fun and bonding time before the banquet began, but he was leaving already?

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