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The battle with Wodu Vara ended up with Xia Feng losing.

Of course, both of them weren't going all out and Xia Feng was mostly focusing on his water resistance. His punches were soaked in a water qi as if naturally, so it was truly looking as a battle between water cultivators.

There was also a desire to just unleash one of the 'killing' or 'final' techniques of one of his erossu water ladies, but it would tell too much for Wodu Vara and show that Xia Feng has an access to more special techniques from outside the kingdom and their household.

That's why, Xia Feng just continued to spar with Wodu Vara in a show that was rather very beneficial for Xia Feng. 

Not only he showed his strong body, there were a few maids that got charmed by him, so his erossu angel side grown up a little. The ladies are going to have a nice dreams today. Furthermore, his fallen side was satisfied as Xia Feng's talent could make the strongest descendant a little shocked and angry.

It was just that strong resistance yet it was enough.

After all, Xia Feng managed to strike the strongest prodigy rather cleanly which was shocking considering their cultivation gap.

And that punch... was strong one!

"You are a talented individual, Ku Fang."

"Thank you, Mr. Vara."

"You are free to come here to comprehend the water ways."

"Thank you, again!"

Xia Feng bowed as it was the result he hoped to achieve. His smile was wide as if he got something valuable which made him special! Many people believed that Xia Feng is just too happy and they shared his happiness by applauding!

His 'opponent' also had that bright smile, but behind that smile was something else.

It was a vicious intent!


Wodu Vara slowly came back to his waterfalls formation.

The raw natural water began falling down loudly and with even more power! The waterfalls were truly as if a raw beasts here! He was standing composed and just submerged himself in that environment though!

'He is dangerous for my status.'

The handsome man thought inwardly, his water intent becoming as if one with the watefalls. The water drops were falling near him, but the moment it entered his 'area' the water became as dangerous as the waterfall, falling to splash on the lake.

As if mini... waterfall.

This is a cultivation method of Wodu Family in its powerful state.

Every drop of water was a strong weapon around them! It was explosive, powerful and full of pressure. As Wodu Vara fought with Xia Feng, the erossu could sense that not even a drop of water was wasted.

It always tried to fall onto him with a high output!

'I must weaken him and his potential.'

As Wodu Vara thought about it, he quickly headed towards one of his houses! Of course, the threat of high potential of the erossu is understandable. That strong body was enough, but what if he completely comprehended their techniques?

He would be so strong that his father... would make him a next head.

Then using his sister, the father of Wodu Vara would make them a couple and Miss Evelin would give a birth to a perfect Wodu Descendant.

This is what has been going through Vara's mind ever since the battle with Xia Feng.

The perfect descendant that can outs.h.i.+ne him!

This is bad, so Xia Feng's talent must be limited.

"Help me."

As Wodu Vara reached a nice house, his first words stupefied the lady inside. It was his daughter whose status was that of a single. She was a lady without a man and seemed as if not interested in anyone.

But the reason for Wodu Vara to ask for her help was solely because she was a virgin.

He believed that Xia Feng will naturally take a liking to a virgin lady that might help him with a cultivation with that proof of purity! As a lady who practised a body cultivation method and had a strong cultivation herself, Nula should be able to give a good boost to Xia Feng's abilities.

Nula was her name!

And as she would give him a good boost, Nula also could use this chance to poison Xia Feng and wound his talent. In his state of contentment, he wouldn't notice such deed allowing the poison to take away his talent slowly.

"Father, but help you with what?"

"There is a man... that can destroy my status. I want you to... sacrifice."

Wodu Vara wasn't really liking this method himself. His other daughters were all happy in their own relations.h.i.+ps even if most of them were harem! So Nula also deserved a happiness, but a beauty is a weak spot of every man!

Furthermore, there has to be something in a virginity being so valuable.

The women were simply made to be a weapon and perfect support for the men!

"Father! Are you serious?! The h.e.l.l are you talking about?!"

"Ah, come on! Don't act like you don't know what it means to be in a harem! Just spread your legs for him once in a while, then enjoy the benefit of being a woman of a talented individual. We don't want to limit his potential that much!"

Her sisters were in a harem, so Nula had that knowledge. Furthermore, Xia Feng as a talented man is going to have a lot of women. She can keep her life here and just visit him from time to time or be visited by him herself.

That's if she wants to keep her life here!

If not, then she can just go to him if Nula takes a liking into Xia Feng!

"If you make him all over you, then I will give you an antidote and so he will be able to prosper with you next to him! Nula, you must help me! Your life have been so good thanks to my talent and effort."


The lady just bit her lips and let out few tears that came out from an anger and frustration! Her father just told her to go to an unknown man, spread her legs and make him all over her! If he didn't ask nicely, then Nula surely would be shouting even louder!

But she is a virgin and her life was all about luxury and cultivation.

Her friends were similar to her, not caring about other man at all.

How can she do it?!

"Tsk, seriously! Just throw yourself at him and he will know what to do. At the same time, your body will respond and both of you will end up-"

"Shut up, father!"

"Just help me, Nula. After I secure a highest spot, I will give you more resources and who knows, Ku Fang might be not that bad man."

"Just leave already!"

"Yeah, I am going... He will be coming here for sure, so move when he comes here. This is an only place where both of you can be alone without anyone disturbing!"


The erossu surely is popular!

If not the destiny, then strongest descendants are sending him a women!

However, unlike the destiny, the strongest descendants surely have a vile motives! Unluckily for them, the erossu also has... something similar towards them!

And that is... the erossu motive!


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