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'Sigh..... I was hoping it wouldn't come to this.'

"Shall I help you get rid of him, husband?"

Shaking his head on the inside, Jian Shen said, 'If I start letting the two of you fight my battles, I will not be able to increase my combat prowess.

'Just, step in and save me in case the situation turns bad for me.'

Since Jian Shen had already made up his mind, neither of the two swords said anything as he pulled both of them from the sides of his waist and immediately started using the Dance of the Wind G.o.d.

Originally, Mo Qing thought that Jian Shen had lost his mind when he suddenly started to dance in the air, but he quickly realized that something was off.

The longer Jian Shen kept on moving around, the gales of wind around him kept on further intensifying until it looked like the boy was a G.o.d and all the wind around him was in his control.

But, Mo Qing wasn't worried in the slightest because even though whatever he did allowed the boy to increase his strength, it wasn't enough to fight against him.

Taking to the skies before Jian Shen kept on growing stronger, Mo Qing used his own sword to intercept Jian Shen's movement.

Jian Shen who managed to reach the peak state of what the boost from the Dance of the Wind G.o.d was capable of giving him used both of his swords to meet the one sword of Mo Qing.


With both of them being pushed back the same distance, it made those who were looking think that they were equal in strength.

But, only Jian Shen who used both of his hands and Mo Qing that used one sword knew that the latter was who had the advantage in terms of pure strength.

Creating a huge sphere of flames around them which was his domain, Mo Qing who wanted to finish the fight as soon as possible began using his full strength right from the start.

Unfortunately, his domain of fire was of no use against Jian Shen whose Bloodline represented the peak of all Yang Type Bloodlines.

Turning the flames around him into his own, Jian Shen's Dance of the Wind G.o.d began looking as if it was the Dance of the Fire G.o.d due to how the flames surrounding him kept on growing and making him look like a giant made of flames.

Adding lightning by using the Wings of Kun Peng, Jian Shen to catch Mo Qing off guard for a single second during which he almost cut the man's arm off.

Leaving a deep gash which showed the bone which was almost destroyed from the sheer force of the impact, Jian Shen hastily jumped backwards but failed to escape the crazy Mo Qing who believed in giving back everything that he took.

Holding both of his swords with one hand, Jian Shen clenched his chest which had blood flowing out of it.

If the attack from Mo Qing was any deeper, Jian Shen was sure that it would've managed to cut his ribs open.

Despite injuring the other one so soon, neither of them showed any expression of proud of pain and only looked at each other seriously.

Taking hold of the Myriad G.o.d Sword with his blood-covered hand, Jian Shen continued doing the Dance of the Wind G.o.d so that his boost wouldn't be reduced.
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Moving close to Mo Qing who had no intention of allowing Jian Shen to do that weird dance which increased his strength, Jian Shen began pouring his Qi into the Sword of Despair to let it release the black miasma of despair while the Myriad G.o.d Sword rapidly changed through the three special sword techniques that Jian Shen had obtained from it.

Similar to Jian Shen, Mo Qing also kept on using all the techniques inside his a.r.s.enal to fight back against the boy who kept on using the same techniques but each of them were better than the techniques he knew.

Wounding each other continuously, the fight which lasted for an entire hour had both Jian Shen's and Mo Qing's body riddled with too many injuries to even count.

With deep gashes which even went as far to reveal the shattered bones beneath them all over their bodies, it was only their faces which didn't have such deep injuries on them.

Panting and coughing up blood simultaneously the two of them kept on looking at each other with the same seriousness as before.

"Impressive... You managed to push me so far.... Ugh!!!"

Unable to even speak without coughing up blood, Mo Qing felt that this trip of his had turned completely useless.

He not only failed to loot that luxury s.h.i.+p but even ended injuring himself for no good reason.

"Hehehehe... I have my crewmates to take me back when I faint... But whom do you have? Your body will sink deep inside the water! Hahahaha... UGHHHHH!"

Smirking a little, Jian Shen said, "Did you forget that your crewmates are pirates? The moment you faint is the moment you die."

Coughing up blood himself, Jian Shen unleashed one final attack on Mo Qing who was stunned from realizing that Jian Shen had spoken the truth.

Managing to wound Mo Qing one last time before he fainted on his own, Jian Shen began falling straight down towards the endless water beneath him.

And Mo Qing also began falling down in the very same way while hoping that Jian Shen's words turned out wrong and that his crewmates had enough loyalty to save him.

Seeing all of this through the telescope, Zheng Niu was just about to fly and try to reach Jian Shen when two women suddenly appeared on his sides and held him from falling down.

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