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"You are so reckless."

"And you care about me so much that you wasted your rare chance of materializing for this."

"You... "

Not saying anything since she couldn't find the right words, Qingyu who had one of his arms in her grasp began flying towards the luxury s.h.i.+p while Juew.a.n.g also did the same.

"Why go so far for such a meaningless fight, husband? I could've helped you take care of him in just as instant."

"It's fine. There are somethings which I need to do on my own."

"Like showing off to seduce women."

Throwing Jian Shen on the bed while ignoring his injuries with, Qingyu spoke with a face full of anger.

"Don't you dare tell that you haven't noticed that girl looking at you."

"Fighting with your life on line to impress a girl? That's.... That's.... "

"That worked, didn't it?"

As Zheng Niu who followed the three to the room nodded her head, Qingyu and Juew.a.n.g turned to glare at her at the same time and spoke in union, "Leave."

Nodding her head once again, Zheng Niu left the three of them alone in the room.

Sighing loudly, Qingyu said, "Doing such a thing to seduce women, it can't even be considered as recklessness! Don't you already have enough women, anyway?!"

Shaking his head weakly, Jian Shen said, "Just cause a man has managed to satisfy his hunger in the present, he wouldn't stop eating completely in the future, would he?"

Rolling her eyes, Juew.a.n.g asked, "Did you hit your head against something, husband?"

Chuckling while bearing with the pain which caused his expression to turn a little twisted, Jian Shen asked, "Aren't the two of you going to treat me?"

"Humph! Why don't you ask that girl to help you?"

Sighing a little, Juew.a.n.g said, "Your aunt is still inside the World Crest, husband. That's why we didn't want to take you inside the World Crest like we always do."

With a complicated expression surfacing on his face, Jian Shen who still didn't know what to do with her said, "Thanks... But I still need to some outside help to heal."

"We know. I'm going to go and bring the necessary materials from the World Crest, husband. You should try to not exert your body too much until then."

While the two women had angry eyes and looked like they weren't taking the situation seriously, the truth was that their nerves bad been stretched far due to how anxious they were.
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Just one look at Jian Shen's body was enough to show how bad and serious the fight he walked out alive of was.

With injuries that were even showing his internal organs, it was surprising that Jian Shen hadn't already fainted from just the pain.

But, since he kept on trying to maintain that same smile on his face with a lot of difficulty, they didn't want to show their true emotions either.

Going inside the World Crest because she wasn't like Jian Shen who could control everything inside it at his will, Juew.a.n.g went to the warehouses to find all the resources needed to treat Jian Shen.

As for Qingyu, she hadn't stopped glaring at Jian Shen from the beginning.

"Why go far to just seduce a single woman, Jian Shen?"

Smiling weakly, Jian Shen said, "I'd die over a million times if it was for you. So don't the other women deserve to have me at least fight for them."

Once again finding herself at a loss for words, Qingyu could only continue glaring at Jian Shen while trying to not show how much she was affected by those words of his.

Juew.a.n.g quickly came back with too many herbs for the weak Jian Shen to bother counting, and most of them were herbs which he doubted even existed in the Mortal Realm.

Concocting a few of them into pills, a few of them into salves, and applying some of them directly onto his skin after crus.h.i.+ng them, the two women had covered Jian Shen's entire body in one medicine or the other and then wrapped everything but his face in bandages.

"You're obviously doing this out of spite."

"Whatever do you mean? I just care too much about your body to let it remain injured. Now go to sleep."

Staying in the same room and looking towards Jian Shen who fell asleep due to the effect of consuming so many medicines, Juew.a.n.g asked, "Are you fine with using your opportunity to materialize for today?"

"After today, it'll be even harder for you if you want to materialize. Not to mention we don't know where the other fragments of the Myriad G.o.d Sword are at."

Shaking her head, Qingyu said, "It's fine. And I don't plan on wasting this opportunity by just taking care after his weak body anyway."

"So, could you leave us alone after he wakes up?"

Understanding what Qingyu had in her mind, Juew.a.n.g understood why she made her bring those herbs to treat Jian Shen.

She had originally thought that Qingyu wanted to treat Jian Shen as soon as possible but turns out that she wanted nothing more than to bring him back into his peak state so that she could have s.e.x with him.

"Fine. Just make sure to not end up hurting him."

"Oh please, he's not a little kid that needs to be treated with care."

Waking up to find himself completely cured or all pains, Jian Shen easily got to his feet and ripped all the bandages apart to show off his fit naked body whose skin was s.h.i.+ning a little due to how many medicines he had ingested and rubbed on him.

Seems like the herbs were so high in level that they helped him recover in less than a complete day.

Striking various poses towards Qingyu who was sitting in the same place, Jian Shen asked, "How is it?"

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