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"The city itself is split into four regions. They are the Cui, Dong, Wu, and Qi Region."

Nodding his head while looking that he was seriously thinking about something, Jian Shen looked around and asked, "If I pay to enter one Region, can I only stay inside it as long as I'm in this city?"

"Yes. If you want to enter another Region inside the city you'll have to pay the fees once again. If not, you can only stay inside the region you first paid entry for. You can't step out of the boundaries and enter another Region even if it is for just a minute. As long as you get caught, they'll kill you instantly."

"So it's fine as long as we don't get caught?"

Caught off guard by the question, not just the scholar looking man but even the guards were looking towards Jian Shen as if he was an idiot.

With so many cultivators in the Soul Splitting Realm as the soldiers patrolling and even a few special ones in the Spirit Beast Manifestation Realm there to maintain order, who could possibly evade them?

Ignoring the weird looks of scorn and disdain, Jian Shen didn't bother waiting for an answer and asked, "Where is the Cui Clan?"


It seems like he didn't expect this question either, but the man quickly answered by pointing at a mountain range I'm the distance.

"The Cui Clan doesn't live inside the city, you can find them on those mountains."

Nodding his head, Jian Shen then paid all the four soldiers and obtain four badges which allowed him to travel in and across the four regions inside the city.

After all, even if he could hide and sneak around, what use would that be off?

The real pleasure and happiness of enjoying himself in a new city was only there when they travelled all around it, not when they sneaked around like thieves.

Going to the Dong Region since it had the most luxurious hotel in the entire Lee City, Jian Shen barely looked at anything else since his mind was filled with the thoughts of meeting Cui Yan.

The last time he met her in the Mortal Realm, she looked like an angel who descended from the Heaven. Will she still look the same to him now?

Lost in such thought, Jian Shen came to his senses when Xifeng suddenly pinched him.

Glaring at him while ignoring the naive and innocent expression, she said, "Stop thinking about other women when I'm with you."

Saying so she wrapped her arm around Jian Shen's arm and continued walking while trying to keep him conversing.

"Why would you think that I was thinking about other women?"

"Humph! We women are special that way. Look! Those look so tasty, and those as well... "

Smiling and not saying anything else, Jian Shen chose to focus on the two women he was walking with.

And like this, even before they reached the hotel they stopped at multiple restaurants and ate quite a lot of delicacies along with stopping and purchasing all the items which were only available inside the Lee City.

"Hahahahahahahaha.... I can't believe there exists a treasure which makes women look like they have bigger b.r.e.a.s.t.s."

"Not all women are naturally blessed like me."

"You mean like me, little"
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Interfering and pressing her against Jian Shen's back as she hugged her, Meirong said, "I saw how you were looking at that ring. You wanted to buy it to make your look bigger didn't you?"


Snorting and not saying anything else since she didn't want to continue talking about that ring, Xifeng only sneakily compared her own b.r.e.a.s.t.s with Meirong's.

'Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s are only a little bigger than mine... Humph! Once I find a way to make my b.r.e.a.s.t.s bigger naturally, then I'll show her!'

Making up her mind, Xifeng said nothing else and began thinking of the ways to make her b.r.e.a.s.t.s grow.

"Don't think too much, little Ugh. I meant Xifeng. Don't think too much Xifeng. You are the perfect the way you look right now. You don't need to change anything about yourself."

Glaring at Jian Shen while pouting Xifeng didn't know if she shod feel happy or angry.

In one side he called her little, but he also said that she looked beautiful and didn't need to change anything about her.

While Xifeng was thinking about this, the three of them arrived at the hotel which had various luxurious courtyards as the rooms in it.

And depending on how much someone was paying for the day, the courtyards only looked even more luxurious with even arrays and formations around them to a.s.sist in cultivation.

This, however, wasn't what made these courtyards so well sought after.

Instead, it was the women inside the courtyard which made them so special.

After all, depending on which courtyard they bought, the guests would not just obtain personal maids for as long as they stayed inside them, but also alchemists, blacksmith, doctors, cultivation trainers, and so on.

Yup. Inside all of the courtyards were women of various professions waiting to a.s.sists the guests in any way they needed.

Unfortunately, Jian Shen who finally felt that he found something worthy enough to pay his full attention to wasn't even given the chance to see all the women inside the courtyard he purchased because Xifeng and Meirong as soon as they stepped inside the courtyard kicked all of them out saying they weren't needed.

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