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Platform no. 7, middle part, masters zone.

The whole of the platform was located in a fenced area with high walls, which were covered by a dome shaped structure over it's top. It completely masked the platform from being viewed from the eyes of the bystanders, from the outside.

" If I am not wrong, this had to do with some thing with this silver token thing. Seems like the content for the masters test is being held confidential, and had to be kept secret for prodigies of later generations to undertake. " mark sighed at the upper management, as they had underestimated his eyes.

Though others may be unable to perceive the things on the inside, even a emperor cla.s.s cultivator with high ocular skills wouldn't be capable enough to see the insides clearly.

Mark, with the support from the system was clearly able to see things, even better than what a emperor cla.s.s cultivator at the scene could examine.

The platform itself was completely surrounded on all sides by an powerful array, imbibed deep into the walls, which made things hard for others to see through it.

The s.p.a.ce on the insides were composed of two floating structures, one big and one small, present on two distal ends of the enclosed s.p.a.ce.

The platform was one such structure, present wide and circular, which was covered by pale white tiles made out of lecite alloy, that were even resistant to blows landed on it by the emperor cla.s.s themselves.
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The platform itself was located a few meters lower in alt.i.tude, than the spectating field for audience, on which mark was able to see less than a hundred silhouette, being seated.

This spectating field was the other structure, present on top a s.h.i.+p like machinery, that bared it's entire weight on top.

The ground below the platform had a rectangular stage holding a strange object, that looked extremely mysterious, even to his eyes of a slayer, which was unable to see through it, showing question marks on his systems interface.


Item's name : ?????????

Item's description : ?????????

He himself knew the answer recieves from her, if he were about to put up this question to his system. So he refrained himself from asking this question to her and being bullied by her again like before. { Hosts cla.s.s is too low to examine the object, suggesting host to upgrade his cla.s.s, by liking mutants! }

Though others were not able to see the spectators or bidders present inside, they were clearly able to sense the presence of high cla.s.s experts present inside. Mostly king cla.s.s and a few emperor cla.s.s experts themselves and their count were limited to less than a hundred in total.

When mark and his co. crossed the preliminary gate, which connected to a narrow tunnel, he had a strange sensation pa.s.sed through out his body.

It was as if, his body was being gazed by several tons of spectators present around him watching him being naked and waking through the tunnels path. It was an extremely disturbing experience for him, which he never wished for to experience again.

The tunnel itself was a couple meters in height and width, with a semicircular in shape that ran across a distance of ten meters.

It was installed with a scanning device, that could scan the bodies of those entering in with the presence of explosive artifacts and alarm the guards present in the inside and let them screen out the trouble makers before they even enter the platform premises.

This explains why, mark had felt that strange experience ran through out his body, and had almost made him lost his cool.

Mark and his co. pa.s.sed through this gate without a trouble, as they didn't had a troublesome stuff with them to begin with.

When they reached the other side which was the area present within the walls, the thing which had completely encircled the platform. They were able to see that flat flying s.h.i.+p, that looked extremely luxuriant on it's outer appearance.

The s.h.i.+ps outer flat floor was an inclined structure, with few seats arranged in rows of ten on top it.

They were limited to a number of hundred, and were the specific place kept for spectators to examine the scenes in detail, from that high alt.i.tude.

The arena had made a special set up on the canvas of the dome shaped structure and arranged artificial sun like rays fall on the ground.

If a person did not know that it was a platform in the arena to begin with, he would consider this scene to be extremely realistic, present in the world outside.

Mark was able to spot five youngsters that were surrounded by experts and appeared to be the center of attention at this platform.

Just like him, each had a silver coloured token, either struck on their shoulder band or held within their fingers.

When mark and his co. were entering the second gate that leaded them to the transport s.h.i.+p, which in turn leaded them to the main s.h.i.+p on the air, where his company could spectate his battles being seated in the luxuriant flying s.h.i.+p, but were shortly intersected by five st.u.r.dy figures.

Each at the peak of king cla.s.s cultivation, leaded by a emperor cla.s.s expert at the middle, that appeared to be present even stronger than Hidan himself were now standing on their way to the inside.

They were fully armed from top till bottom, with copper coloured studded armour which was in a.s.sociation with steel coloured mettalic plates, like a knights armour.

They were carrying a high cla.s.s artifact, which resembled a spear. With their helm which had fully covered their face, leaving a narrow T shaped slit at the front, through which mark could see their breath exit out.

" The guards of the arena! " Reylin exclaimed out in fright. Unless, a person who had directly broken the rules set by the arena, or the situation where the monitoring of these guards were absolutely necessary, they would not be dispatched to make their move.

Since a small team of these guards itself had intercepted them, Mark and his co. went on guard. " Had we broken any rules, or did some one set us up? " He was not sure about that, but things became clear when these guards demanded them to show a thing called entry pa.s.s.

" Entry pa.s.s! Unauthorised entry is restricted! " The emperor cla.s.s leader, of that small scale team stepped forward, slid few words out his mouth. His tone carried no emotions to begin with and was extremely monotonous like a body without a soul.

" Entry pa.s.s! " Since a promotion event of the silver token users was taking place, the arena had to strictly administer the case, without a misconduct from their side to begin with.

The event of supreme elder from cole family, breaking their rules had already decreases their fame for providing protection to their partic.i.p.ants, now if an other such event were to arise, could they still keep their image as a perfect place to provide a compet.i.tive environment for the experts to begin with.

Since trouble makers are to be present everywhere. The arena had tightened the screening process, so that these miscellaneous people are weeded out from entering in.

Heil seems to get a hunch of the events. " Those receptionists! d.a.m.n them, had they set us up!? "

" Heil! What do you mean by that? " Though mark had a gist of the events going on, he wants to have a clear view on it.

" Young master, those d.a.m.n receptionist may had set us up! They did not even bother, handing over the entry pa.s.s to you a challenger. Seems like we aren't able enter inside for now.

Though it's different for young master, with silver token you can pa.s.s through their screening without a trouble. But our escorting... seems to be ending up at this place.

Young master, wait for us on inside, this Heil will for sure find a way enter in later, try to lay low until then. "

From the beginning, when the receptionist at the novice zone, made an exclamation that Mark was exempted from undergoing the arduous journey of a partic.i.p.ant before they become eligible to undertake the masters test, he felt some thing fishy on the decision made by the upper management to begin with.

If it was for a normal test, Heil knew it's entire process, and there wasn't a thing that could harm mark at the least, now that the silver token entered the scenes. Heil started to feel as if he had forgetting a thing, that seems extremely important, since the time the receptionist at masters zone have out the priceless token to mark.

Entry pa.s.s, seems like this was the thing that made him frown from that time.

Since the contents in the inside are extremely, confidential, even a thing that happened on the inside could never be leaked, if a thing happened to mark, which had harmed him in any way, or even if he looses his life undertaking this test, the spectators would never be allowed to reveal it to outside as they were restricted by the rules of the arena to begin with, which imposes certain restrictions on top their body preventing them from exclaiming to the others on the outside.

Even with the protection of an emperor, they could not ensure safety for mark under normal measures, nevertheless if mark was found to be alone.

And when others learns of his status. Wouldn't they make things hard for him, aiming to get hold of his relic, in secret.

Naturally for a event like this the challengers would be presented with limited number of entry, through which the challenger could invite his people to spectate his scenes.

The receptionist though had given him the token, had humiliated his co. by making them not able to enter the area to spectate his battles, or was it arranged by the old timers in the upper management, that had set their eyes over his relic, aiming to get it on theirs hands, even if it takes to bend few rules set by their ancestors themselves.

" Was it intentional, or could it be narrated by the old timers from the upper management. " Mark pondered on it for a little before entering the transport boat, after reveling out his token to the guards that had blocked his way.

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