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Chapter 13: First Ever Climax.

“M…mo… Ah! En… Ah… Mo…” A woman's whimpering cries echoed through the entire room, and even though the room itself was huge and wide, her screaming were so loud that even the hand-maidens who stood guard outside the room could hear it clearly.

They stood stiffly with their heads down while blus.h.i.+ng furiously at the constant moaning, incredibly in awe and disbelief that the lord, who was infamous for his cold and aloof nature, would be in such a crazed state. Their heart beat quickly in accordance to the screams while their body burnt with longing tingles.

The Lord disliked being served by hand-maidens, hence no one had ever seen his body shape, but it was not hard to imagine his perfectly shaped body and well-formed muscles just by observing him normally, he was the perfect man, strong and dominant.

They would gladly sacrifice ten years of their own lifespan if only to become the woman underneath him, accepting his strong and pa.s.sionate loving.

The hand-maidens started rubbing their thighs back and forth uncontrollably as they imagined their lord's formidable strength on bed, while their half-translucent nectar leaked from their tingling softness.

But come to think of it, the seventh princess was already screaming like crazy just by having one single lord serve her in bed, what would happen when the rest of her husbands take her… Will she be able to endure it? The same singular thought ran through each and every hand-maidens' mind as they imagined the situation, The queen dowager had hand-picked the four infamous lords to take the seventh princess as their wives, but there is no way she could ever handle them all by herself, and if they're desperately in need…

The hand-maidens blushed at the thought, immediately praying for the chance to be able to share the princess's burden as a wife.

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