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Chapter 52

Mu QianQian was now being carried carefully by a tall and handsome man as he slowly made his way back to his room.

It's always like this… being carried around like a sickly person who would drop dead in an instant… She groaned unhappily as she stared up at his chin.

Meanwhile, the expressionless man continued on slowly with her in his arms, not realizing what was going on through her mind. If he knew, he might even drop dead before she did after questioning what her idiotic mind was thinking.

Almost every single women in the entire world would give anything for a hug from him, except for this particular one, who is not appreciating her fortunate life.

But it was to be expected, as she did not know that she was the only woman whom Lord Dong willingly and actually held.

Dong JingMo made his way to the bedroom immediately the moment they had reached his residence.

“I…I can walk myself…” Mu QianQian muttered nervously as she pulled onto his sleeves softly, for she had always thought herself heavy. But still, she was very impressed by this man, who had managed to carry her back all the way from HeLian ZiJin's residence without even breaking a sweat, as if she was as light as feather.

“Alright.” He rumbled deeply as he threw her onto the bed, which was not far from them.

She felt as if all the air within her has been knocked out from her from the impact, because even though the bed was soft, she had been thrown quite a distance from the bed.

I knew it! He's still angry at me! She sighed to herself softly, but at least he had been able to somewhat contain his anger while making his way back, but now that they're alone in his room, his true att.i.tude was exposed once more.

Crawling into a sitting position, she lifted her head and stared at him with her pitiful huge eyes while biting down softly on her lips.

"You visited the Queen Dowager this afternoon?" He asked suddenly after gazing down at her.

She trembled slightly at the thought of the Queen Dowager… and the horrible Miss Feng, who has violated her while slathering aphrodisiac onto her walls.

He immediately knew her answer after noticing her hesitation, before even waiting for her to reply, he continued on softly, "What did HeLian ZiJin said?"

"H…he said I was poisoned by the aphrodisiac and when… when it took effect, I… I will lose myself in it…"

"So you weren't aware of the things you said when he was f.u.c.king you?" He pressed on, somewhat surprised that he was truly bothered about the incident.

When he was… f…f.u.c.king me… Her face flushed bright scarlet at his straightforward words while wondering how can someone of his position speak such vile words so easily… Can't he live up to his reputation?

"Answer." The man, slowly losing his patience at her silence, growled deeply.

Jumping at the sound of his voice, she answered him quickly by reflex, "I…I don't know… I…I thought he… he had r…raped me…" She stuttered nervously.

It was the honest truth, not just a random excuse to survive Dong JingMo's interrogation, but would this man believe her words?

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