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"Do you have an ap.r.o.n? Is it here?"

Wu Tong tied the ap.r.o.n and picked up the two bags of ingredients Meng Fan put on the floor. "I don't know how to cook, so I want to learn. I downloaded several cooking and recipe apps before coming here. What? Are you scared I'm going to poison you?"

Meng Fan's face was stiff as wax, but he decisively shook his head. "No of course not!"

"No? I'll give you one chance to recall that back." Wu Tong opened the bag and took out the ingredients one by one, responding to him coldly.

"Should I be… scared?" Meng Fan remembered that Xing Ta Ge had told him every question a girl asked was a trap. When it was critical, his desire to survive was quite strong, so he immediately changed the subject. "How could your cooking have poison? It must taste amazing! Yes, even if it's your first time, I'm sure it'll taste amazing. No buts!"

Seeing Wu Tong's satisfied nod, Meng Fan let out a small sigh of relief.

After taking out the ingredients, she rummaged around the kitchen nimbly, digging out the seasoning box and packing them full with all the seasonings she bought. Evidently, she had guessed right that Meng Fan's apartment was lacking in seasoning. She then opened the cupboard and took out all the kitchenware she needed. They were already clean, but she washed them anyways.

"Oh, you can work on your drafts," Wu Tong turned and said to Meng Fan. "When I'm done I'll call you, should be done by lunchtime."


Meng Fan nodded, but his stomach began to churn.

"Hungry? I bought some bread for you like dry food, you should eat that first." She pointed to a small bag on the table, not forgetting to say, "Don't eat too much."


Meng Fan took out a piece of bread and ate it while standing outside the kitchen. There was no way he was going back to work.

He couldn't miss out on the warm and happy feeling of seeing Wu Tong bustle around the kitchen.

Meng Fan wasn't that dumb. From Wu Tong's nimble skills and movements around the kitchen, he could tell she knew how to cook. He didn't know if it tasted good or not, but she had at least been inside a kitchen before.

She was pretty, had a great figure, a good temperament, a top A student, and knew how to cook… How could there be such an incredible girl in the world, and he just happened to have met her. Wasn't that infuriating?!

Meng Fan munched on his bread with unprecedented happiness and sweetness while his eyes followed Wu Tong's movements. He was dumbfounded.

All kinds of thoughts rolled through his mind as if he was drunk.

If at this time Meng Cai Wei was on the side, she would stomp over in her high heels and scream. She would say, 'Look at you're shameless expression, are you blind? Are you saying there aren't any girls like this in your family?'

"You're not working?" Wu Tong glanced at Meng Fan, who was still leaning against the kitchen door. She asked him as she continued with her work at hand.

Meng Fan was dragged back into reality. "Huh? Oh. I don't have to be."

"Then come give me a hand." Wu Tong said.


Meng Fan walked over and reached out his hand.

"Don't mess around." Wu Tong smacked his hand. "Wash your hands first and cut the onions."


Meng Fan took the slap on the wrist like a shot of steroids. But in a few moments, he began to cry. Really, he was crying!

Wu Tong began to laugh at Meng Fan's tear smeared face.

"Why do onions exist! You did this on purpose!"

"You don't know onions make you teary?"

"I know, but I didn't believe it!"

"Aiyo. Wait don't use your hands to run it! Wait."

Wu Tong took a tissue and brushed away his tears as she smiled. "I'm afraid of onions too. I used to wear swim goggles when I cut them."

"Why didn't you say so."

"Do you have swim goggles?"


"Then it would have been useless anyway."

"I could just stubbornly raise my head!"

You could say this meal had laughter and tears, and Meng Fan was happy to share all these moments.

"Lunch is ready."

Wu Tong was fast at cooking and had whipped up four dishes and one soup in 40 or so minutes. The colors and fragrances were incredible, and Meng Fan had been drooling for a long time. As for the smell, he had already sniffed it of course. There were more than what he expected!

When the vegetables came out, she took out the bowls and chopsticks. Then both of them were dumbstruck. They had forgotten the rice!

"Give me five minutes!"

Meng Fan flew out the door and ended up returning in five minutes with four boxes of packaged rice. They began to eat.

"Mm, smells good"

"Tastes so good!"

It wasn't just Meng Fan's senses either. Wu Tong had shared several meals with Meng Fan and knew his tastes and preferences. All the dishes had been preconceived. Plus, Meng Fan was very hungry too!

"Why does your cooking taste so good?"

"I began taking cooking when I was in junior high school."

The two ate and talked. Meng Fan ate a bit more while Wu Tong talked a bit more.

"Are you allergic to flowers?" Wu Tong asked.

Meng Fan shook his head as he ate.

"I ordered some flowers and potted plants. I'll tell the store to deliver it to your place? Your apartment looks too bleak."

Meng Fan nodded as he ate with a stupid smile on his face.

Soon, the flowers and plants were delivered.

Wu Tong was already full, so she sat on the side and began cutting and fixing the flowers. When Meng Fan had cleared out the table, she was done too. With the help of Meng Fan, they organized the plants and flowers.

"I've already dealt with the remaining ingredients. You can eat them later. The soup will be done in an hour or so... I'm going to head out now, so you should go back to work."

With the dishes cleaned, she took the garbage back and left like that. Meng Fan wanted to see her out, but she shut the door in his face.

Meng Fan slouched by the window, watching Wu Tong appear and disappear, then… Chen Da Qiang entered his field of vision.

"Fatty, I just saw Wu Tong."

Chen Da Qiang entered and scratched his head. "Uhm, maybe I said something wrong."

Meng Fan's eyes glimmered. "What did you say?"

Chen Da Qiang apologized and said, "I saw her coming out of the community and from this unit too. I'm guessing she came from your place! I was so happy for you, I got excited and accidentally greeted her as sister in law..."

"Sister in law?"

Meng Fan paused for a long time and asked him nervously, "How did she react?"

Chen Da Qiang considered it carefully. "It could be considered an awkward but polite smile..."

Meng Fan let out a small breath. "You're a motherf*cking prodigy!"

"I think there's nothing wrong with this name. Just a bit early, that's all."

"Okay. Well, you already said it anyways."

"Can I call her that next time then?"

"... Why did you come?" Meng Fan's head hurt.

"Oh, I was heading to your studio and left a bit too early last night and forgot to bring my tools." Chen Da Qiang brought over all the equipment he used during their last all-nighter. "Uhm, I'm heading to the studio now. Did you tell professor Qin?"

"I'll call her now."

"Okay, then I'm leaving."

"Oh right." Meng Fan saw Chen Da Qiang out the door and raised his eyebrows. "Last night...How was it?"

Chen Da Qiang shoved his in. "First-Blood!" Then he paused for a moment before continuing, "Double-kill,triple-kill,quadrkill,pentkill… and lastly… Lengendary!"

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