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"I remember triple kill, quadra, and penta are all kills you have to achieve in a short time!"

Chen Da Qiang, who had already entered the elevator almost pressed the wrong b.u.t.ton. He then reached out his arm from the elevator and gave Meng Fan the middle finger to pay tribute.

"At least think before you bullsh*t."

Meng Fan said sourly. He never thought he would be a seven kill G.o.d, but he felt a little desire to achieve that 'first blood'.


He took a deep breath. Buzz. Seeing Wu Tong's message saying she had returned to school, Meng Fan's half hanging heart was finally at peace.

The "sister in law" comment from that guy almost took half of Meng Fan's life.

He had to pretend he didn't know. Only a dumba.s.s would try and explain it to Wu Tong.

After responding to Wu Tong, Meng Fan gave Qin Jiao a call to let her know he handed over the post-production tasks for his manga to the studio with Chen Da Qiang in charge.

"Wow, you're good at ordering people around. Okay, I got it. If you don't have enough people, I can find more." Qin Jiao said. "We've already settled the publis.h.i.+ng matter by the way. The publisher was very willing to pick up your manga. Oh, and by the way, they also asked, didn't you pay for the publication of "Guide To Campus RoMANce" by yourself? What a dumb t.i.tle… They're asking if you want to reprint or print more of the first volume."

"That'd be great!" Meng Fan wanted to ask about that just now. "Then, I'll leave it to you?"

"No problem, but you're gonna have to pay the labor fees to the studio."

"... Alright."

He hung up and headed to the den in his apartment. Seeing the flower arrangements and succulents on his work desk, Meng Fan was suddenly in a very good mood.

From 1:00 to 5:00 pm, Meng Fan managed to finish two more chapters of "Guide To Campus RoMANce". This was very efficient.

He sent the ma.n.u.scripts to Chen Da Qiang and headed to the kitchen to scoop out some soup. Serving it with cooked rice and a few side dishes, his dinner was solved.

He didn't run that evening and continued to draw.

When he finished another chapter, it was already 8:00 pm. He logged on stream and continued to draw and logged off after finis.h.i.+ng drawing one more chapter. He then took his art tube with a pillow and a stool and left the apartment.

He hailed a taxi and headed for Xi Zi lake's scenic site. He put on his hat and found a corner. He set up his art stand. He sat on his stool and put on his night-vision goggles. He then continued drawing!

Drawing at his place was the same, so why not brush some night tour experience on the way.

Even if Meng Fan was scared of being caught on camera, he could use the live stream a.s.sistant to connect to the CCTV and help him perfectly avoid the camera.

From before 11:00 pm until 4:00 am the next day, Meng Fan finished one chapter and brushed 5-night tour points, straight up bringing his total point count to 51 and completing task phase 3.

"Ding! You've visited 50 tourist attractions at night and completed phase 3 of [Night Touring G.o.d]; Reward: points +50, night owl ability +1."

Meng Fan planned on finis.h.i.+ng the next 40 points in ten days, which would give him a total of +6 night owl skills, +4 observational skills, and +1 aesthetic appreciation. A lucrative reward.

For several days in a row, Meng Fan was deep in this crazy state. Soon, it was November 11th.

By now, "Guide To Campus RoMANce" was completed, and "There's A Spirit Underground" was on its 21st chapter.

As for post-production, the studio also provided him with four a.s.sistants in addition to Chen Da Qiang, which meant that Meng Fan now had five a.s.sistants.

This kind of configuration was not much compared to the manga masters in j.a.pan, but it was considered luxurious in China.

But even five a.s.sistants couldn't keep up to Meng Fan's progress!

Focusing on "Guide To Campus RoMANce", they were able to release the completed manga online. As for "There's A Spirit Underground", the post-production couldn't keep up and could only produce up to 16 chapters, despite Meng Fan having drawn 21.

The amount of updates had already begun to cause a lot of discussion in the manga industry. The name Meng Fan was basically synonymous with demon in the industry. A demon that had "broken the rules of the industry". Who the f*ck updates like this? Let other people live!

Most importantly, he did it through streaming too, so everyone knew Meng Fan hadn't been saving the drafts but were drawing them as he went. And the quality was good too! This was too much pressure. If anyone dragged their production, people would use Meng Fan as a reason to complain. There were already several fans who believed that weekly updates were already too slow!

"Look at your neighbors, then look at yourself. Aren't you ashamed?"

"Can't you update as fast as that one streamer!"

"You're all from the same art academy. Why are you so slow?!"

These were considered polite comments. There were more way vile curses and negative comments, which made these artists very uncomfortable.

"Where did this f*cking guy come from? if you're gonna stream just stream okay, guy was fine drawing ill.u.s.trations, why are you drawing manga?!"

On November 17th, Meng Fan was not able to stop once he began in the morning. After eating lunch with Wu Tong, he hailed a cab and headed for the Huang Long Gymnasium.

On the 15th, Meng Fan had already practiced once here before, but today was the last rehearsal for Su Qing Cen's world tour in Hangzhou.

In addition to singing, Meng Fan was also going to perform as a sand artist and collaborate with Su Qing Cen on one of her songs.

The practice had gone well before, and this dress rehearsal had gone smoothly too.

"You're leaving so soon? Want to grab dinner?"

"I've got some work to do."

Meng Fan really did have work to do. After leaving the Haung Long gymnasium, he headed to the arcade where he competed in his basketball tournament and practiced for another hour. Tomorrow was the provincial final for the CGL basketball tournament in Zhejiang!

Fortunately, the provincial finals began in the morning and would have ended by the evening. Since the venue was in Hangzhou, he would be able to make the concert at night.

Meng Fan valued this provincial final and was determined to win. This was related to him gaining Champions.h.i.+p honor points but also gaining the chance to be filmed on one of the central five television stations, so he couldn't miss that opportunity.

"Fei bro."

Meng Fan had turned on the stream after he began practicing, trying to brush some more viewers. He logged off after his practice ended and took out a few tickets from his bag and gave it to Da Fei and the others who came to see the commotion. "Tickets to Shan Jin bro's concert tomorrow night."

"Tomorrow night? Tomorrow I have to drive back to Wenzhou after watching the game, a friend's getting married the day after." Da Fei was mildly disappointed.

Pao bro chuckled and took the tickets. "If you don't need it, give it to me. Xiao Le and the others have been talking for several days saying they couldn't get tickets."

"They're complaining to you because they want you to ask for tickets from my budday, don't you know?"

Da Fei raised his eyebrows. Why are there so many girls surrounding this guy with such low emotional intelligence?

Meng Fan had a 11/11 gala, and that group of girls Pao had brought to karaoke had watched the whole thing.

Pao thought about it carefully. "That makes sense." He then smiled and waved the tickets in his hands. "I got them here now!"

Meng Fan gave Da Fei a look that said "gotta respect that". This was life!

Buzz buzz.

Meng Fan's phone rang with a call from Su Qing Cen.

"You went to the shooting machines!" Su Qing Cen had seen Meng Fan's stream. "I'm done with my rehearsal. You're done streaming right? Come, let's grab dinner."

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