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Is it true love?

Turning his head around, he saw Ji Xiao Han looking at her with slightly raised eyes.

Tang You You somehow blushed, only then did she realise that she was still holding onto the door tightly, and quickly closed it.

Without even saying goodbye, she quickly walked towards the main hall.

Ji Xiao Han looked to the side, seeing her fleeing in panic, his thin lips subconsciously curled up.

Weird, he felt that he really was a bit abnormal, right? He actually liked to look at her fl.u.s.tered and helpless appearance?

"Quarterly, can we go now?" Driver brother seemed to have instantly understood the boss's preferences, it was only until Tang You You's figure disappeared into the elevator did he ask softly.

"Let's go!" Only then did Ji Xiao Han reluctantly retract his gaze. Even if his thoughts were seen through by the driver, he did not blush nor jump, he only gave orders in a low voice.

Once Tang You You stepped into the elevator, everyone's eyes were on her.

They were all staff from other departments, and were not familiar with Tang You You either. There was only one who belonged to the same office as her, who immediately squeezed over and familiarly took Tang You You by the arm.

Tang You You laughed dryly and replied with thanks.

Everyone nearby could hear the woman flattering him, and they all revealed expressions of disdain.

Fortunately, the elevator door was opened so quickly that Tang You You had to quickly walk out. The woman behind her also quickly followed, "Wandering, our colleagues have worked together for so many days, you might not remember my name …"

"I remember, your name is Lan Feng, I've asked you for a doc.u.ment before, you directly threw it on my body, I'm very impressed."

The other party suddenly stopped in his tracks!

The corner of Tang You You's mouth hooked up into a slightly naughty smile. Actually, she really hated this kind of sn.o.bbish woman.

Tang You You did not care about the awkward look on the woman's face.

In any case, the words she said did not offend her, but they were a reminder to her that she did not need to do such a flattering thing.

When Tang You You entered the office, the first thing she did was to knock on Liu Xi's door.

When Liu Xi saw her come in, his face revealed a happy smile. "Um, what you told me yesterday …"

"G.o.dmother, Ji Xiao Han has promised to promote you to be the main person in charge of the company. I should congratulate you in advance!"

The reason why Tang You You was so confident that she thought his G.o.dmother had a chance was because on the way here, Ji Xiao Han had already guaranteed to her that the doc.u.ments for today's job would be sent over. Furthermore, that Lam Tung had already been expelled because she was suspected to be in love with her company's female colleague.

When Li Fang Fang was in the police station, she was scolded by Lam Tung. In the midst of her grief and grievance, she also told him the truth, and admitted that the person who framed Tang You You was herself. It had nothing to do with Lam Tung.

When the Lam Tung heard that he had been fired, he nearly had a heart attack. However, he had to face this reality.

When he went to the office to pack his things, he happened to into Liu Xi and Tang You You at the entrance of the elevator.

Liu Xi, I never thought that you would actually be so treacherous, pus.h.i.+ng me down from my seat. Now that you have risen up, congratulations, I hope that my position won't be stuck on yours! "

Liu Xi looked startled. She did indeed yearn for a promotion, but, she thought that he was not sinister enough to go harm Lam Tung, all of this was caused by him tying himself up, she had merely begged Tang You You to recommend his to him.

Tang You You saw that his G.o.dmother's expression was panicking, and immediately said coldly: "Lam Tung, you were fired not because you made any mistakes in your work, but because of your personal style."

"If I have a secret relations.h.i.+p with Li Fang Fang and need to be expelled, what about the Quarterly with you? You guys are subordinates in the company, right? Shouldn't you be staying in the company as well? " The Lam Tung mocked.

Tang You You was startled, but she did not think of this problem.

Seeing that Tang You You was stumped by his question, Liu Xi immediately chimed in: "Quarterly and Wandering are both single, they have the freedom to fall in love. Lam Tung, if I remember correctly, I partic.i.p.ated in your son's full moon wine the year before last, and it has been almost eight years since you married your wife.

Lam Tung choked on Liu Xi's words and instantly choked on them. He could only lower his head and quickly walk forward.

Liu Xi patted Tang You You's shoulders, "Don't take his words to heart. This company belongs to the Quarterly, so what kind of rules are these? This Lam Tung is truly strange, even now I still can't figure it out. He took Quarterly's money, and still wanted to ignore the company's rules, but he's still speaking words of disrespect to you here, it's really weird. "

Tang You You laughed dryly: "However, what he said is also not true. The matter between me and Ji Xiao Han, mother, you know it, we are not serious."

Liu Xi sighed: "It's not bad to be serious. You are so slow, if you become Young Madam Ji, then I can count on you for the rest of my life."

"Mother, can you not speak nonsense?" Tang You You was instantly embarra.s.sed.

At noon, Tang You You received a call from the jade sculpture store's owner, telling her to go get her jade pendant.

Tang You You borrowed a company's car, and then went to get the jade pendant.

The uncle's craftsmans.h.i.+p was not bad. The jade pendant that had been broken into two halves was already completely restored. Although there were still flaws, it was still able to make people feel a little better.

Tang You You went online to find some information about this piece of jade. Unfortunately, he did not have any clues.

Forget it, she wasn't really that determined to find out her true ident.i.ty.

Of course, if there was even the slightest hint of a clue, she would still look for it.

In the afternoon, a group of photos suddenly appeared on the internet.

The t.i.tle was indeed very eye-catching!

The chief executive of the Ji's Empire, Ji Xiao Han, had personally sent his girlfriend to work.

Immediately after, was the scene of Tang You You getting down from Ji Xiao Han's carriage.

He even took the image of her and Ji Xiao Han looking at each other inside the carriage.

When Tang You You saw this group of photos, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

No wonder those people were squatting here, just to release this scandal?

Is it interesting?

Of course, Tang You You did not know about the economic income that the rumours would bring to the entertainment media.

She looked down at the comments and was stunned again.

"This woman looks so rustic, and says that she's Quarterly's girlfriend, it really makes people suspicious."

"That's right. He didn't even get angry as soon as he lit up. He's just like a country b.u.mpkin."

"Could it be that she isn't truly in love with Quarterly? Even Quarterly is unwilling to spend money on her, so my feelings are very weak. "

"Maybe the Quarterly is just putting on a show with her, hehe!"

Tang You You felt a sense of helplessness. Were these people's mouths this poisonous?

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